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Spinnin' Birdy with Ailerons 1m

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Many pilots who took our two axis DLG Spinnin' Birdy with them when travelling the world wished for a DLG that glided as well, but was even better against a stronger wind. Spot landings were also high on the wish list. :-)

OK, so we proudly present you our new "Birdy-Baby", a Spinnin’ Birdy with ailerons. But this is not even the most striking difference to his two axis brother: For the first time, there is a Birdy with a completely sheeted wings. For two reasons: first, it looks impertinently good, and secondly, this construction cannot be beaten for torsional stiffness.

Honestly, without our laser system sheeting would be a pain, but thanks to the precise laser parts - and thin CA with a cannula the planking is a children's game. You'll see!

Since the achievable DLG throwing heights do not really have much to do with the ailerons, every Spinnin 'Birdy has launches about the same. However, as the aileron Birdy is somewhat heavier it is better off against the wind and can search further for a thermal.

Also if you add camber (droop the ailerons 2 mm) the flying speed and sink rate is reduced, allowing faster climbs in a thermal and a longer hang time.

When landing deflect the full span ailerons fully down and you will be amazed how well the model slows down.

You aren’t interested in discus launching? What are you looking for is a great model for a small slope? Then the Aileron Birdy is definitely a hit! Thanks to its take-off weight of about 200 g, the Birdy flies even in mild conditions early in the morning or in the evening. If your buddies have long since given up you can carry on flying because the single cell LiPo will fly it for hours, with approx 60 mAh consumed every hour (average current 60 mA).

Kit Contents:
CNC-Milled and laser components
Multi-colored full size plan
German-language building instructions
All small parts....

Spinnin Birdy Aileron Specifications
Wing span 1.00 m 39 in
Wing area 14.4 dm2 223 sq in
Length 85 cm 33.5 in
Flying weight from 200 g 7.1 oz
Wing loading 13.9 g/dm 4.6 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 6.9
Wing airfoil Proprietary
Dihedral angle 5.0º
Centre of Gravity TBA mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons

Spinnin Birdy Aileron Typical Weights
Total structure 160.0 g 5.6 oz
Receiver 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Rudder servo 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 4.5 g 0.2 oz
Aileron servos (2) 9.0 g 0.3 oz
Battery 12.0 g 0.4 oz
Noseweight 5.5 g 0.2 oz
Flying weight 200.0 g 7.1 oz

Recommended R/C-nano gear only
Elevator & rudder servos Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Hitec HS-40, KST X06
Aileron servos (2) Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Hitec HS-40, KST X06
Receiver Spektrum AR6260*, AR6100e, AR400, Futaba R6004FF*, Orange DSM2 compatible, Jeti Duplex R4 & R5, Multiplex Mlink RX-6-DR Light*, FrSky D4R II
Battery HyperLipo 2S 175 mAh, HyperLipo 2S 300 mAh, 150 mAh 4.8V, Radient 1S 600 mAh, Radient 1S 700 mAh, 1S 300 - 700mAh LiPo

Reviews 5  

 Review by:

Flies very well indeed

Mine came out about 25g overweight mostly I think because I stuffed in a 300mAH nimh & AR620 rx, but despite that the performance seems very good. I spent a decent amount of time on the wing - the full sheeting and careful shaping for an accurate aerofoil pays off I think. Build was straightforward once i'd scanned the manual and uploaded to google translate, but do check which end of your aileron servos the cable exits from, you may consider changing the default cable routing in the wing for a straight run and to avoid awkwardly bunched cables (v tight space) and/or stress on the cable exit from the servo from tight bends. Other than that, it's a super little model.
Brilliant service from hyperflight too.

 Review by:

Spinnin Birdy

Received this small very well packet parcel from Hyperflight, first class kit first class service.
This kit has all balsa lazer cut precise pieces with very little or no sanding to fit.
Still to finish the kit as work tends to get in the way.
Would i buy from Hyperflight again YES
Hyperflight Thank you

 Review by:

as usual, Neil provides a first class service. great communication and excellent packaging. if anyone can help with a build log thread that would be great. this is my first foray into ailerons, having only ever built RE previously

 Review by:

Fantastic service to Melbourne, Australia , thanks hyperflight.
I bought this cuz I have an old Callistic that is still a great plane to fly.....
Researching the build, the manual is in German with the kit, but between photos on the German rc forums and the DS Birdy English manual and very good plans it looks like a straight forward if a little unconventional build, will report back.....
Michael D

 Review by:

Super speedy delivery

Ordered at 14:08 yesterday and delivered at 09:00 today. Excellent service and well packed. Kit looks amazing canít wait to get stuck in. Review soon👍

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