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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cranked hub?

It is the offsetting of the blades, when looked at from the front. For this reason some manufacturers call them Offset Hubs.

What is the benefit of a cranked hub?

It helps the prop blades sit closer to the fuselage, reducing drag.

What is a twisted hub?

All of our hubs are cranked, but some are also twisted. This is when the hinge pin is set at a small angle to the disk of rotation, to alter the average pitch of the prop blades.

What is the benefit of a twisted hub?

It is to change the effective pitch of the prop blades. All our HyperSpinners that have twist have a positive twist, so the pitch of the blades is increased. This is useful if you cannot find a prop with a high enough pitch. This is the only reason for using a hub with a twist.

Does the cranked hub put any extra stress on the blades?

Yes, there is some evidence that the cranked nature of these spinners DOES increase the stress on the blades. To be on the safe side we recommend that the max safe RPM of the blades is reduced by 25% below the manufacturer's normal recommendation.

What folding prop blades are these spinners compatible with?

They are compatible with the great majority of folding prop blades produced, including those by Aeronaut, Graupner, and RFM. The 8mm blade root and 3mm hole size are a standard that is used by prop blade manufacturers for most or all of their range.

Why don't the prop blades open fully?

Sometimes the plastic spinner cone stops the blade fully opening. This can happen because the blade root is thicker than usual, and it may cause the prop to vibrate or operate at lower efficiency. To allow the blades to fully open cut away the spinner cone with a sharp modelling knife, until the blades can swing freely. They should be able to open at least 90 degrees to the prop shaft.

How do I secure the spinner to the motor shaft

Sometimes the spinner keeps coming loose on the motor shaft, even though the Allen key grub screws have been tightened fully. In this case it is best to file or grind a "flat" on the motor shaft using a grinding wheel or good quality file. It is best if the flat does not extend all the way to the end of the shaft, so even if the grub screw comes a bit loose the spinner won't be able to come off. At HyperFlight we are not sure of the benefit of having two grub screws opposing each other, giving two points of contact. We think one grub screw may be better giving one point and one surface contact. Hence we only use one screw, and file one flat on the motor shaft. Keep the other grub screw as a spare.

What colour cone is supplied & available?

All spinners are supplied with black cones, not white as shown in many of the illustrations. Extra cones are available in yellow, red, and orange, to match the Vladimir's Models standard gel coat colours. Get them from the Spinner Accessories section.

Which spinner cones fit the various yokes?

There are three sizes of yokes
30/32 - for 30 mm and 32 mm spinners - fit 30 mm and 32 mm cones
32P - for 32 mm Power spinners - fit 32 mm cones only
38 - for all 38 mm spinners- fit 38 mm cones only

What is the spinner cone material?

The cone is made from high strength glass/carbon reinforced polyamide plastic.

How do I work out the pitch of a prop with a twisted yoke spinner?

The new pitch of a prop blade when used with a twisted yoke spinner is dependent on the diameter and original pitch. We wrote an online spreadsheet to calculate the new pitch, you can access by clicking here.

Are spinner accessories and spares available?

Yes. Get them from the Spinner Accessories section.

What does the "Turbo" front hole do?

Tests have shown that a rotating spinner acts as a centrifugal pump, expelling all air at its periphery. We have heard of instances where a rotating spinner pulled air backwards though the fuselage, and out through the spinner gap. However the main benefit is when the motor has stopped, by letting pitot pressure air get into the fuselage, improving the flow of cooling air though the fuselage, as long as adequate exit vents have been installed. These should preferably be backward facing, in low pressure areas - not under the wing. Of course there must be suitable holes in the motor firewall for this to work.

I have another question, can you answer it?

Yes. Please use the contact form or email us.

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In my opinion these are the best spinners on the market, and at a very good price.

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