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Spin Electric 1m including powertrain and wing bags

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The Spin El is a new molded 1m electric glider from Vladimir's Models. Supplied with Vladimir's Models Elf Pro El & Spin Powerset and Spin Wing Bags. The Spin is probably the most advanced and best flying all composite 1m electric glider available anywhere. It is also the lightest four servo full house 1 m electric glider ever put in series production.

The Spin's wing is a fabulously light all molded carbon fibre miracle of construction. Despite its excellent ultra smooth finish and extreme stiffness it only weighs 54 g, just 2 g more than the Elf's film covered wing. The great finish and low drag section provide a great all round performance improvement. The ailerons/flapperons allow better control and camber adjustments vastly improve the speed range. The specified aileron servos fit in a beautifully engineered pocket in the root underside of the wing.

The Spin's pod and boom fuselage is shared with the Elf Pro design. It uses attractive plastic moldings for the pod and removable nosecone. These are an excellent fit and follow the wing underside contour for a gap free fit. The tailboom is a tapered wrapped carbon tube with a pre-cut slot for the fin, and a flattened front section for mounting the R/C equipment. The fin is made from rigid foam with carbon spars and has smooth vac-bagged glass covering, and incorporates the rudder with a very free living hinge. The foam/carbon/glass tailplane has a separate elevator and is mounted above the boom using a tiny standoffs to minimise interference drag. All pushrods and control horns are included.

The Spin does not include the RC (servos, receiver, transmitter) and is probably not suitable for a beginner, as some experience will be required to get everything to fit in the very limited pod space. The model comes with a complete accessory pack and servo trays designed for Ripmax SD100, Dymond D47, H47, KST X06, Blue Bird 101DMG or Blue Bird 101HV servos. We do not recommend different servos are fitted. We are not aware of any Sprektrum receiver that will fit, but a Lemon, Orange or FRSky compatible may be okay.

An instruction manual is not available but there is some useful info here. Please don't try to order direct from VM, they will refer you back to us. The models comes with a complete accessory pack including even special extension leads for the wing servos.

The model is suitable for use with 2S LiPo batteries only (not 3S or you will fry the RC) with capacities between 175 mAh and 300mAh. Our HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo battery can be squeezed in behind the motor if the instllation is carefully planned.

The speed control has been modified to optionally output 5V or unregulated 2S LiPo battery voltage to the receiver and thus servos. As supplied the ESC outputs the unregulated 2S Lipo battery voltage (approx 8.2V initially unloaded). This is good when using high voltage servos, and especially if using receiver voltage telemetry, as you can see/hear the battery voltage on the transmitter. On the other hand if you are using normal voltage servos you will need to extricate the wire marked 8.4V and insert the wire marked 5V into the RC plug.

The powerset and wing bags are supplied with the model and included in the price shown. We recommend that the throttle channel travel is reduced to 60% on the transmitter to limit the current and avoid overheating.

See this RCGroups Spin thread for lots of useful info. Note the colour option images are indicative only and may not be identical to the actual model supplied.

Spin El Specifications
Wing span 1.0 m 39 in
Wing area 11.9 dm2 184 sq in
Length inc spinner 70 cm 27.6 in
Flying weight from 155 g 5.5 oz
Wing loading 13.0 g/dm 4.3 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 8.4
Wing airfoil AG12-14 mod
EDA (dihedral) 7.5º
Spinner Diameter 25 mm
Centre of Gravity 50-64 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Ailerons, rudder, elevator, throttle

Spin El Typical Weights
Fuselage 26.5 g 0.9 oz
Wing 54.4 g 1.9 oz
Tailplane 4.7 g 0.2 oz
Fin 2.4 g 0.1 oz
Accessories & glue 9.5 g 0.3 oz
Total structure 97.5 g 3.4 oz
Receiver 5 g 0.2 oz
Rudder servo 4.7 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 4.7 g 0.2 oz
Aileron servos (2) 9.4 g 0.3 oz
Elf Pro El Powerset 16.7 g 0.6 oz
Battery 17 g 0.6 oz
Flying weight 155 g 5.5 oz

Recommended R/C-nano gear only
All servos (4) Ripmax SD100, Dymond D47, H47, KST X06, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV
Receivers 4+ channel rx to suit your transmitter, eg FrSky G-RX6, FrSky X4R, Futaba R2106GF, Orange DSM2 compatible, Jeti Duplex R5, Multiplex Mlink RX-6-DR Light
Electric battery 2S 175 mAh - 350mAh LiPo, HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo
Motor; Prop; ESC (supplied) Elf Pro El & Spin Powerset

Spin Control Throws & Mixes
Rudder 8 mm each way
Elevator 9 mm up / 7 mm down
Roll ailerons 12 mm up / 11 mm down
Landing ailerons As much down as possible (30 mm)
Snap-flap mix
Full up elevator gives 2mm increased camber
Recommended aileron camber settings. Down=Flap TE down.
Speed 1 mm up
Cruise 0 mm
Slow cruise /thermal 1 mm down
Recommended throttle limiting mix Full throtttle stick gives 60% max throttle throw (1.6mS)

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Vladimirs spin

Beautiful little glider, extremely well made, arrived in Australia very promptly, great service from the team at hyperflight, will buy again, Thanks

 Review by:


The model comes in a very sturdy cardboard box with all the components taped to the sides to prevent damage. I started with the wings and would suggest that ONLY the recommended servo's are used as all the mountings have been designed for them. Although small and a bit of a fiddle there is nothing an average modeller cannot do. The same goes for the the fuselage and it is a real help to have all the paperwork from Vladimir's site to look at to make sure that you get everything the right way round or in the right place. I found that the rudder pushrod was a fraction long to enable correct movement but was very easy to shorten ( 2mm). Even using the smallest Futaba RX i still had to remove half of the case to get it in and still be able to fit/remove the battery.
I would be very wary of flying using the recommended CG as this makes the model extremely sensitive, mine was approx 10mm forward and even this is on the limit for relaxed flying. The model climbs well but you will need to hold some down on with motor and then start looking for the slightest bit of lift. This is an amazing model that will stay up in the lightest of breeze on those calm mornings/evenings and the quality is superb. It is not hard to assemble but you you do need to take your time and refer to the pictures as you are are working in a very small space and things have to go in specific places to fit and then it is tight !
All in a superb model with outstanding quality that is a joy to fly if a little fiddly to assemble.

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