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Snipe 2 Offset Throwing Blade

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The Vladimir's Models throwing blade, as used on the improved Snipe 2 DLG, incorporating the popular bird wing shape, but with ooffset blades to better match the shape of the hand. It is ideal for most discus launched glider. Beautifully molded from carbon fibre, and contoured to maximise launch height and comfort. Not symmetrical, so better for right handed throwers.

Note the tang has a trapezoidal cross section, not an oblong shape. Mount the wider end to the wing leading edge, and the thinner to the trailing edge.

The price of the Snipe 2 Offset Throwing Blade is not a mistake. Vladimir's Models considers this to be one of the great benefits of the Snipe 2, and is pricing it accordingly. We are not allowed to sell it at a lower price.

Snipe 2 Throwing Blade
Weight 3.2 g
Max thickness of carbon 2.2 mm
Height of both blades 53 mm
Max width 12.9 mm
Length of tang 58 mm

The weight can be decreased by reducing the thickness of the carbon towards the ends of the blades, and by profiling the edges, to approximate to a thin ellipse.

To fit, open the end of the model's wing, and glue the tang inside the wing with epoxy or good quality thick CA. For excellent installation instructions see this great RCGroups thread.

Also called a contoured DLG launch blade, a seagull throwing peg, a curved launch blade.

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Feels comfortable in my hand

I think it's worth the money...

 Review by:

received the peg today. Unfortunately not the feel I was looking for.
I love more original Snipe peg feel. Me personally I do not recommend this!

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