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Snipe & Snipe 2 Setup Template

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This product consist of a clear plastic (probably perspex) gauge to help in setting up the control throws for the Snipe, Snipe SNT and Snipe 2 DLGs.

Very nicely made.

Reviews 7  

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Great tool for setting accurate surface throws. I traditionally use a ruler but this tool is a lot easier to use and more accurate, plus it has the elevator throw for easy setting of zero. Well worth buying.

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Makes life simple

This is a very simple and economic way of setting up the snipe and for me you can have it at field as i tweak and try different settings. recommend

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Snipe set up gauge

purchased with my Snipe 2 , just to make setting up easy and accurate , it certainly does exactly that , well worth the small outlay.

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Wing Template

Works like a charm.

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Very well don, for precise set up of snipe

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snipe template

Fantastic service from hyperflight and one very handy and accuraute tool for a beginner

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This precision protractor is the perfect tool for setting up the flaperons and elevator of the Snipe and Snipe 2. Beautifully made from acrylic, it is marked in degrees (0 - 30 up, 0 - 60 down for flaperons, +/- 20 for elevatpr). Being a precision fit over the upper surface of the wing or elevator, the possibility of minor errors or disagreement between the flaperons is eliminated.

I found it particularly useful for the elevator. At least on the wing there is a central reference point, but on the elevator there is none, consequently it is all too easy to believe the elevator is set at the zero point when in fact it may be a fraction of a degree out. (I was surprised to find this was the case on my Snipe SNT). The smallest error here will obviously have a big impact on the CG setting and therefore on performance. Vladimir's set-up template ensures absolute accuracy.

Although it cannot be used on the Blaster 3.5 wing, it is worth getting just for the elevator. It costs no more than a budget servo, and I am glad to see Neil stocking this device, which is surely essential for Snipe owners. It goes without saying that the Hyperflight service is outstanding.

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