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Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & eSoarers

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Pure or electric glider lightweight pod, as used in our Sapphire electric glider. Can be supplied with the nosecone intact or removed and a 32mm firewall fitted, for use with an inrunner or small outrunner electric motors.

Supplied with a removable carbon canopy. The 18.5mm boom is not included in the base price and should be selected using the Tailboom option. The Blaster V mount fits this boom and can be purchased separately to make a complete Drela type pod-boom-tail mount fuselage.

Suitable for use on Allegro Lite and Bubble Dancer type models. For a 2m size model the boom can be cut down to about 60-70 cm. A 1m boom is the perfect length for a Bubble Dancer, making this a very nice option for that classic design.

Sapphire Pod Specification
Pod length ex spigot 41.7 cm 16.4 in
Pod length inc spigot 48.2 cm 19.0 in
Nose to wing LE 19.3 cm 7.6 in
Wing root chord 17.5 cm 6.9 in
Max wing chord No limit
Weight 53 g 1.9 oz
Spinner diameter 32 mm
Boom spigot diameter 17.5 mm
Recommended boom wide end OD 18 mm

Reviews 24  

 Review by:

Excellent spare part

Nice as it comes with the motor mount for electric flight (if one orders the option) and also the wing mount captive nuts all glued in place as well as a new canopy. Has breathed new life into my very well used and abused Sapphire.

 Review by:

Sapphire Fuselage

Ordered and delivered in about 1 week to South Australia. Perfectly packaged. Fuselage and tail boom is perfect for my needs. Very reasonable price. Would easily consider a second one.. I will be using an 84 inch wing as a thermal soarer. Highly recommended Great work Hyperflight.!

 Review by:

Sapphire Fuz pod

A good product, well made and light weight. Great service as usual from Hyperflight, well packed for transport.

 Review by:

Sapphire fuselage and boom

Great quality items promptly delivered and well packaged. I look forward to the build.

 Review by:


I ordered this from the States on the 2nd of July. I had it on the 7th of July. I am so impressed with your service! And, the items look great, I cannot wait to get started. I will be back! Thank you!

 Review by:

glider fuselage and boom

Recently purchased a glider fuselage and boom. Top quality, light and strong Sapphire pod, ideal for my plan. Great service, fantastic delivery time aprox 2 days, service is faultless thanks guys.

 Review by:

as ordered - perfect

 Review by:

Nicely designed and finished

Received both fuselage and boom quickly, well protected. Nice finish, bits went well together. Wood inserts for wing mount bolts a nice touch

 Review by:

Thanks Hyperflight

The pod and boom arrived safely. I was impressed with the quality of the product and look forward to my winter project with it. Also impressive was the post and packaging -well protected and delivered exceptionally well and very quickly( next day) after placing the order. Great job thanks. Rob

 Review by:

Great little pod

First time I have ever ordered one of these fuselages. It is for an own build. Really delighted with the high quality finish, and the reinforcing on each side of the canopy and wing openings, that goes all the way to the the boom spigot.
The packaging was perfect. Thank you Neil

 Review by:

Saphire Fuselage

Bought for an Allegro Lite. Perfect fit on wing mount. Well built and properly reinforced. I will shop here more! Found you on RC Groups.

 Review by:

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m gliders & e

bought by mistake but when saw it threw my old balsa fus away and used it much better

 Review by:

Great Product

Bought this pod and boom with a tailplane mount for an own design 1.5M glider.
Impressed with the overall quality and very light weight.

 Review by:


 Review by:


 Review by:

Perfect for your homebuilds

Just a little update. Still really happy with these fuselages. On my latest builds I've used Kevlar tape for reinforcement, although I've had no radio signal problems using carbon tape.
This fuse combined with the 18 - 8mm tapered carbon boom makes a perfect base for various set-ups.
So far I've used the fuse for a Super Gee 1.5m and a 2.3m version of the Allegro.

 Review by:

Perfect for my home builds

I've bought two of these fuselages, one normal and one with the nosecone cut and firewall fitted, which for the extra 3.00 is more than worth the money and effort.
I'm scratch building a 1500 (60") DLG and an electric version too, along the lines of the SuperGee II. Originally I was going to make my own fuse but this Sapphire fuse takes care of everything, "why reinvent the wheel?"
The wing position and wing seating are taken care of along with the tapered spigot which the 18-8mm boom just fits right on to. The Blaster 2 & 3 V mount fits the boom giving you an 'all moving tail'
On the 'cut nose' version it looks like the guys have already taken care of the 'down' and 'right' thrust fitting the firewall. I've fitted a little D2822-14 1450kv outrunner motor which slots straight in perfectly. I'm going to be using a 8x6 folding prop, 2s Lipo with a 30A ESC. It's only for initial altitude.
The 'cut nose' fuse also came with pre-drilled plywood wing mounts already fitted. The fuse is super light but I felt it could with a little stiffening and added a carbon tape on the inside along the bottom and both sides. This stiffened the fuse significantly and added very little weight. (in hindsight I probably should have used Kevlar for radio purposes)
The fuse already comes with stiffening around the top edge at the canopy opening, wing seat and down through the inside of the spigot where the boom fits.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the Sapphire fuse and am planning to use it as my base pod for gliders up to 3m.

The service from Hyperflight was superb and they were very helpful with their aftersales information over the telephone.

 Review by:

.. it seems I can't edit my last review so here is an addendum.
The reinforcement I used was 2 layers 3oz s glass and 1 layer 3.5oz Inegra. Stiffened up the fuselage nicely. Will see how it holds up when I have finished the wing.

 Review by:

Lovely pod, overall proportions are just right for an Allegro (and Allegro Lite) clone. Needs a bit of extra reinforcement if planning to use a towhook. Wrap tang with either carbon or kevlar cloth or tow to get correct fit for 18mm ID boom.

Good price, great service, well done again Neil and colleagues.

 Review by:

Sapphire Fuselage-suitable for 1.5m-3m

This is the second of these pods and booms that I have purchased. I am so pleased with the results from the first model using this fus I am building another.

Hyperflight's speed of delivery and care with packing etc always pleases.

The moulding is clean, very light and suits my 2 metre design very well.

 Review by:

great fuselage for the money!

 Review by:

Good quality item & as usual very well packed.

 Review by:

Light glass fuselage with some carbon reinforcement; motor mount easy to fit after cutting nose off. I used colloidal silica and epoxy fillet at rear. 18-8 boom fitted simply and quickly. I reinforced frontal area with inner kevlar doubler because Im hard on gliders. Ended up with an easy to build and light 2250mm span esoarer assembled very quickly .

No criticisms currently. Excellent product and knock out pricing.

 Review by:

Sapphire fuselage pod review

Great quality lightweight fuselage pod. Good size balance - big enough for 28mm outrunners, RC gear and batteries but still small and streamlined.

Used with Hyperflight 18mm boom and Topsky 2 wings for an electric powered DLG.

See this RCGroups discussion for more info:

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