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Samba RES 2

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The Samba RES 2 is a new, lighter version of the very well liked Samba RES 2m F3-RES high-start launched glider. Like the previous model it is beautifully cut from the best quality balsa and ply, however this version can be built to a weight of approx 455 g, giving a lower wing loading an even better duration and light lift capabilities.

The fuselage uses a nicely shaped balsa pod with a carbon tube boom to minimise weight and wetted area. The wing has a fully Dbox sheeted wing to keep the low laminar and minimise drag.

The Samba RES 2 comes with all hardware and a superb full size plan and build manual (in German). Due to the clear photos and well thought out design the model can be easily assembled by any modeller with a little experience.

The photos and plans on this page show the original Samba RES model, we will update it with new info as it becomes available.

Samba RES 2 Specifications
Wing span 2.0 m 79 in
Wing area 38.0 dm2 589 sq in
Length 108 cm 42.5 in
Flying weight from 455 g 16.0 oz
Wing loading 12.0 g/dm 3.9 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 10.5
Wing airfoil S3021 mod
Dihedral (EDA) 10º
Centre of Gravity 72 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, spoilers

Samba RES 2 Typical Weights
Total structure 360 g 12.7 oz
Receiver 7 g 0.2 oz
Rudder servo 5 g 0.2 oz
Elevator servo 5 g 0.2 oz
Spoiler servo 8 g 0.3 oz
Battery 70 g 2.5 oz
Flying weight 455 g 16.0 oz

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator servos Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Blue Bird BMS-A10H, Power HD DSM44, Gening D531BB, KST X08, Ripmax SD150, Corona DS843MG, Graupner DES 261
Spoiler servo Blue Bird BMS-A10V, Gening D541BB, KST X08, Ripmax SD150, Corona DS843MG
Receiver 4 or 5 channel receiver to match your transmitter
Battery Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH, Dream-Flight 750 mAh 4.8V NiMH, HyperLipo 2S 300 mAh, 4 cell Eneloop 500-800 mAh NiMH

All information subject to correction and change.

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Samba Res 2

Although not started building yet I am very pleased with the quality of the parts I have inspected which come completely cut out and bagged up. I chose the Samba 2 over the Evo Because of the strength of the D box wing and have been pleasantly supprised that many of the design features of the Evo seem to have been used in the Samba 2, Tail, Airbrake, Wing mounting etc. I expect a fairly easy build although have spent some time translating key word of the German instructions using Google translate.

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