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Red Shift

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We hope to get a few of James Hammon's new Red Shift F3F racers soon.

This 3 m plane will make a great sports model or a good intro to F3F slope racing. With a long thin wing with an aspect ratio of 19 this plane looks great in the air and has a very low drag when pulling high G F3F turns, allowing speed to be maintained on a pylon (F3F) course or when big air flying aerobatics.

The video shows an early glass wing prototype but we will be getting single carbon and tripple carbon versions only. Tripple carbon ones are recommended for racing and the single carbon ones for sport flying.

Span: 3.0M (118”)
Length: 1.395M (55.8”)
Wing area: 48Dm/2 (744” Sq)
Tail area: 5.8Dm/2 (89.9” Sq)
Total area: 53.8 Dm/2 (833.9” Sq)
Wing Loading at 4Kg (8,8 Lb) AUW 74.39g/Dm/2
Aspect ratio: 19:1
Wing aerofoils: JH3580, JH3575, JH3570
Tailplane aerofoils: JH10SYM
Controls: Ailerons, Flaps, V tail
Max V tail & flap servo thickness: 12mm
Max aileron servo thickness: 10mm

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