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Leomotion/Neu/P29 Motor Mount - 38mm

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The PNC Innovations 38 mm Leomotion/Neu/P29 Motor Mount is a beautifully CNC machined motor mount for securely attaching Leomotion and Steve Neu brushless motors fitted with a P29 6.7:1 gearbox to the front of 38 mm diameter fuselages, like the Supra F5J, the AVA Pro, Egida and many F5J fuselages.

The mount has 4 M2.5 holes on a 23 mm diameter circle

Leomotion/Neu/P29 38mm Motor Mount
Fuselage outside diameter 38 mm
Fuselage internal diameter 36 mm
Predrilled holes 4 holes on a 23 mm circle
Motor mounting hole diameter 2.5 mm
Weight 4g

  • Easy to install.
  • Very strong.
  • Superb machining.
  • They look great!

To attach these CNC motor mounts to carbon/kevlar/glass fuselages a strong high temperature glue is required. We recommend this glue or JB Weld. Epoxy can be used but the strength is impaired at high temperatures.

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A smart product

Fuselage of recent gliders is becoming extremely skinny. I tried to install normal front mount motor on RCRCM glider, but there was no enough clearance between the motor and the fuselage to rout the harness.
Instead, I chose a geardown motor and this CNC milled aluminum mount. It fits with the nose by cylindrical plain, giving substantial stability. Wide opening and the material itself may help cooling of the gearbox and the motor. Circular notch at the front end enables precise alignment, like placing a cap on a bottle.

 Review by:

This motor mount has several features that I feel make it a great choice for ALES and F5J gliders. I appreciate the front ring that butts up against the front of the fuselage for added strength and to aid alignment, the long fluted and grooved insert ring designed to hold a generous application of glue, and the thickness of the actual mounting tabs - beefy! Additionally the CNC machining is first rate, and the unit is very strong but light. A great product.

 Review by:

Very well made, nice machine work. Highly recommend.

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