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Powerline Micro 1025/3S 99g, up to 2000g model

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The Powerline Micro 1025 is an extremely light and compact 3S LiPo power system for competition F5J electric gliders weighing up to 1600 g. It is strong enough to power a 1760 g (62 oz) Maxa 4e - getting it to 200 m in around 22-25 seconds.

The powertrain consists of a powerful Lehner 1025 ultra high efficient brushless motor fitted to a 6.75:1 high reduction ratio planetary gearbox. The gearbox is both efficient and tough, so will withstand F5J competition arrivals.

See this RCGroup thread for lots of info and experience of this powertrain.

Powerline Micro 1025 Specifications
Motor name & type Powerline Micro 1025/F5J geared inrunner
Motor diameter 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Motor length 48.0 mm 1.89 in
Gearbox diameter 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Gearbox length 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Motor+GB length 70.0 mm 2.76 in
Motor+GB weight 103 g 3.64 oz
Lead length 6.0 cm 2.36 in
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm 0.20 in
Mounting info 4 M2.5 holes on a 17 mm diameter
Gearbox Ratio 6.75
Planet bearings Ballraced
Estimated GB efficiency 95 %
Estimated Rm 31 mR
Estimated Kv 4900 RPM/V
Estimated geared Kv 726 RPM/V
Estimated Io 1.2 A @ 10 V
Max efficiency (10 V) 85 % @ 20 A
Operating efficiency (10 V) 75 % @ 40 A
Motor+gearbox Km 20
Motor+gearbox Km/Kg 194
Recommended battery 3S LiPo
Rec max LiPo capacity 1.3 Ah (any bigger and the motor could overheat)
Recommended prop 15x8; 15x10 16x8
Input power 450 W on 16x8 prop
Current 45 A on 16x8 prop
Supplied accessories 4 mounting screws, 4 washers, 3 3.5mm plugs & sockets

Reviews 12  

 Review by:

Powerful and compact

I needed to replace the motor on my 3.5M F5j model, and this motor has proved to be perfect for the task.(Sonoran laser arts Yellow Jacket)

 Review by:

Excellent motor for Volo and MaxA. Small, light and powerful. Models balance well with 850 mah battery.
Outstanding service and very fast delivery.

 Review by:

Got this for Nan shadow as I needed something small and light. Don't require competition performance so proped down to 15 x 8 GM with spinner, (very neat job) to keep amps and heat down. Only using 850mah lipo to get CG without adding tail weight but manage 3-4 climes of 20 seconds and even when no lift about comes down barely warm. Good choice for narrow fuselage.

 Review by:

Excellent F5J Motor

I purchased this for my Xplorer F5J and have to say it has exceeded all expectations. It is thin and light and provides a powerful pull to take the model to 200m in around 20 sec. Neil was very helpful, as always. Thank you

 Review by:

Light and powerfull

Very nice fit in my new Avenger f5j. Small motor, gives nice room for battery. Light weight together with 850mAh 3s battery. Enough power👍🏽

 Review by:

Fantastic motor for the Maxa 4 m... Outstanding service
and fast delivery from Hyperflight all the way to Sweden.

 Review by:


I am very impressed with this motor. It's a high quality geared inrunner. The included hardware (mounting screws/washers) were well received. It will be going into a new Supra Pro Competition E with forward mounted elevator & rudder servos. The delivery time to Australia was very prompt (less than a week). Thank you for a great service.

 Review by:

Powerline Micro

I am very impressed with this little motor, very light and very powerfull. Modified my Xplorer F3J for this motor setup, even with servos still up front only 6 grams of ballast was needed in the tail. RFM 16x8.5 prop a little hard to find though, currently running a 14x9.5

 Review by:

Brilliant little motor. Perfect for my eSupra where the low weight of this motor helps keep overall flying weight down. Neil delivered promptly.

 Review by:

What a superb device.

Super light weight, tiny, and perfectly powerful enough for a 4.0m F5J ship.

One is singularly impressed!

 Review by:

A lot of Power for my Avalon! works great with a RFM 16x8 propeller and Vladmirs Hyperspinner. Used mine with a YGE 60 ESC and Turnigy Nano Tech 1300Mah 90C battery wich gives me around 4 takeoffs in the air.
Light and priceworthy!

 Review by:

What an extraordinary little motor!

Following a run without prop, I installed the motor in my Hyper Ava and fitted a 15x6 prop; with a 1300mAh 3S LiPo. I operate the motor from a switch, so there is no gentle ramp up to max rpm as when using the normal throttle stick.

Switch on and OMG! Stuff blown everywhere. Astounding, scary even. I have now fitted a 13x8. The reduced thrust will be welcome for the maiden flight, which should happen in a couple of days.

You might guess that I do not require a high rate of climb for my calm conditions F5J.......

This motor is tiny, light, and amazingly capable!

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