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Powerline Micro 1015 - 2S LiPo Version

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The Powerline Micro 1015 2S Version is a 2S version of the 1015 ultralight and ultra-compact power system for smaller competition F5J electric and sports gliders. It is strong enough to power a 1100 g Ultima F5J or even a 1200 g Infinity F5J - getting it to 200 m in 20 to 28 seconds.

This powertrain consists of a special higher KV Lehner 1015 12 wind ultra high efficient brushless motor fitted to a 6.75:1 high reduction ratio planetary gearbox. The gearbox is both efficient and tough, so will withstand F5J competition arrivals.

The weight of the complete F5J power system using a Powerline Micro 1015/F5J is only about 197g! See the table below. In addition to the low weight the 2S flight battery can be used to power the RC directly (if using HV servos like the MKS HV6100) so that there is no danger of BEC failure, and 2.4GHz receiver voltage telemetry can be used to indicate flight battery voltage too.

Powerline Micro 1015 2S Weights
Powerline micro 1015 2S version 78 g
RFM propeller 16 x 8.5 12 g
RFM 30mm Turbo Spinner 13 g
Lipo 2s 850 60C 55 g
YGE40 ESC 36 g
Firewall CFRP 1 g
Plugs and screws 2 g
Total 197 g

Powerline Micro 1015 2S Version Specifications
Gearbox diameter 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Motor diameter 22.0 mm 0.87 in
Motor+GB length 60.0 mm 2.36 in
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm 0.20 in
Motor+GB weight 78.0 g 2.75 oz
Lead length 6.0 cm 2.36 in
Motor Lehner 1015/12
Manufacturers Kv 6666 RPM/V
Manufacturers Geared Kv 988 RPM/V
Recommended battery 2S LiPo
Recommended prop 16 x 8
Input power 380 W
Max LiPo capacity 1.2 Ah
Supplied accessories 4 mounting screws, 4 washers, 3 3.5mm plugs & sockets

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After an earlier good review, I must add something to it. 16 plus flights, I burned up motor and the ESC. Using recommend prop, 2 cell lipo. The problem is that in sending it back to Germany, the bill for repairing it (including all fees, shipping, customs, 5% added to paypal etc) is 205 euros. Ouch. Be very careful using this motor and let it cool down between launches. When I get it back, I'm going to use in in a 2 meter glider and under prop it to keep the heat down.

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A jewel of a motor

Used to motorize a Pulsar 3.6S Pro due to small diameter of motor and needing only 2 cells. Uses about 330Mah to get to 150 mtrs. in about 20 seconds on a 16/8 folding prop.and a 10 min flight after. Using a 1000mah Turnigy Graphine battery. A jewel of a motor. Recommend.

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