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Pico Switch RED/F5J Backup System & Magnetic Switch

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The PicoSwitch RED is a lightweight battery backup system and magnetic switch and is ideal for RC gliders and F5J electric soarers. This device has two power inputs and allows the radio control gear to be powered from ether battery/power source. It is switched on and off by holding the supplied magnet close to the switch for three seconds.

The PicoSwitch RED has two standard RC (JR) sockets at the battery end. The receiver end is fitted with a standard RC (JR) plug, as used on servos.

If the switch is mounted under fuse skin the magnet can be outside and the switch inside, so the RC can be switched on without removing the access hatch. Careful firmware design ensures that stray magnetic fields cannot toggle the switch incorrectly.

The device defaults to on when first powered up - this safety feature means that if there is a brief voltage drop caused by a bad connection or low battery voltage the device will stay on when the voltage returns. It also means that the model can be flown if the magnet is lost, just unplug and re-plug the receiver battery to switch it on.

The benefits of this backup system and magnetic RC on-off switch

  • Backup facility will run the RC from the highest voltage power source.
  • Can be powered from 1S & 2S LiPo batteries, 4-6 cell NiMH batteries, and an ESC BEC.
  • Batteries/ESC can output different voltages, the RC will be powered rom the highest voltage source.
  • The lower voltage battery will not be reverse charged, so 1S LiPos can be safely used as the backup battery. This will allow a battery voltage telemetry warning to tell the pilot that the system has switched to the backup battery.
  • Clever firmware indicates when the switch is sensing the magnet to give instant feedback.
  • When switched on the LED flashes indicating the RC is now on.
  • The flashes are very brief to keep the switch's energy usage to a minimum.
  • The magnetic switch utilises a Hall Effect Sensor (no mechanical switching parts).
  • Safe and reliable :
  • Default to on - if the battery is disconnected and then reconnected the output will turn on every time.
  • The magnetic switch is programmed to ensure the magnet is over the sensor for 3 seconds without interruption and only then will it toggle the switch state.
  • Extremely resilient to magnetic interference due to the algorithm used.


When the switch is plugged into the power supply for the first time the output will turn on and the LED will flash.
  • Place the switch as close to the fuselage or wing surface as possible.
  • Use a thin piece of double sided tape to hold the switch in place.
  • To locate the sensor simply sweep over the approximate sensor location area, when the Hall effect device sees the magnet the LED will turn solid on indicating the perfect position.
  • Use a marker pen and mark where the sensor is located.

Magnetic Switch Operation

  • To turn the switch off place the supplied magnet over the sensor and the LED will light up continuously. Hold the magnet in place for 3 seconds without interruption. Tip: count 1, 1000, 2, 2000, 3, 3000.
  • To turn on the RC hold the magnet over the sensor again, keeping it still for three seconds, as above.

Please ensure a full range check of the model is undertaken prior to use. The pack includes the switch and two small neodymium magnets - one needed plus a spare. It does not include the Magnetic Keyfob and Lanyard shown in the related products sidebar. To mount the magnet and make it more visible cut some balsawood to the required size, make a hole for the magnet, and cover it with sticky tape.

PicoSwitch RED Backup System & Magnetic RC Switch Specifications
Weight 6 g - 9 g (0.2 oz - 0.3 oz)
Dimensions 28 mm x 14 mm x 6 mm
Overall length inc leads 14 cm
Max cont current @ 25°C 7A
Max current for 10s 8A
Max burst current 20A
Supply voltage 3.5V - 9V (1S to 2S LiPo, 3 to 6 cells NiMH)
On Vdrop @ 2A 30 mV
Off quiescent current 16 - 35 µA
Operating temperature -40°C to +80°C

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I have not used yet but looks good. Very fast delivery.

 Review by:

ordering from the UK

Neil was quick in sending but due to customs it took a while (Brexit). My AVA has a detachable nosecone (old lady). Now I switch on and off during a flightday without unscrewing the nosecone. Ok, I'm a bit lazy. Or in English: economical with my energy!

 Review by:

Works well

Very small and light i am using it on an explorer f5j as i am stretching the yge esc (bec set to 7.4v) to its limits and wanted a backup in case it fries. I have a tiny 260 mah two cell lipo and a tiny 5v 6g bec, plenty to get through a flight safely. Seems to be a good solution.

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