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White Polypropylene Tape

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White Polypropylene Tape is rather translucent and really only works well over white foam. It is fine for the Libelle, Ahi and Alula but not over blue or pink foam as used on the Vick models.

The White Polypropylene Tape is ideal for adding colour to models and/or covering foamie models. It adds strength and colour for a minimal weight gain.

When taping a wing run the tape spanwise, starting from the trailing edge and working forward. The tape over the leading edge should stick over both the bottom surface and the top surface tapes. This way all the ridges are facing downwind.

White Polypropylene Tape Specification
Length 66 m 216 ft
Width 48 mm 1.9 in
Thickness 25 micron 0.001 in
Colour White
Material Polypropylene

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 Review by:

I have to agree with Pierre in that this tape is very translucent. I had intended to use this on my Big Vick's wings but quickly abandoned that idea in favour of the red tape because the pink foam was very clearly visible through the white tape and so it looked terrible. It stuck just fine though. I think that this tape would only be suitable if the underlying foam is white

 Review by:

Utter crap

All the faults of the other coloured tape (awful adhesive that only stick well to tape), but is VERY transparent. Requires 2-3 layers to remotely approach "white".
Don't waste your time.

HyperFlight Reply
Sorry that you found this so poor. Can other customers please give their experiences? Should we stop selling this tape?

 Review by:

Sticks well.

Covers and shrinks well. Will use again.

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