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Orastick Adhesive 100ml

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Orastick is a liquid form of the adhesive coated onto the back of Oralight and Orafilm covering film. It is useful for ensuring excellent adhesion to very porous or uneven surfaces.

When applying additional heat to remove wrinkles a common problem is that the glue no longer works well as the wood fibres originally adhered to have torn away from the piece being covered. Thus the glue layer can no longer stick the covering to the structure. If Orastick is used before covering the liquid adhesive soaks into wood, gluing loose wood fibres permanently to the surface. This prevents the fibres tearing off under stress and the covering coming loose, which is the usual cause of wrinkles and other problems.

To use brush a thin coat (just 20g/m2) of Orastick onto the wooden structure. Wait for it to dry - it is important to let the adhesive dry thoroughly before covering, to prevent incompletely evaporated solvents from gassing off during ironing, thereby causing bubbles. Then apply the Orafilm or Oralight covering as normal.

If the Orastick has dried out a bit you can restore the original viscosity by adding the Orastick Thinner product.

Supplied in a 100 ml tin.

Sorry this can only to be supplied to European counties.

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Oracover recommend iron-on-adhesive (ref no. 0960) for Oralight. It is clear and less viscous and when dry it is not tacky. A much smoother surface is achieved.

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Orastick, the good, the bad and the ugly!

Although I finally was very pleased with the results with Oralight covering after painting the stuff on I feared Iíd ruined the wing and tail. It does seem too thick (next time if used Iíd thin it) and areas were over generously painted whilst other sparsely. After drying for several days it was still sticky and like Brer Rabbit and the Tar Baby I couldnít put fingers anywhere and had to prise them off. Too easy for stray wood shavings to get where they shouldnít. That aside to my surprise the covering could be easily repositioned before tacking and shrinking and Iím extremely pleased with the final results. Basically itís stressful and a devil to deal with but the end result was worth it.

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Orastick adhesive

It is the first time that I have used this adhesive, and it certainly is a good adhesive. I would prefer it to be less viscous, so that a smoother surface could be achieved.

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Much better than other film covering adhesives that I have tried. leaves a slightly tacky surface when dry which holds the film in place before applying heat

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Orastick Adhesive

I would not recommend this product but would suggest a water based "heat-seal" adhesive.

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