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MKS DS6125 - discontinued, replaced by MKS HV6130

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Price: $75.75

Discontinued, replaced by MKS HV6130


This servo is DISCONTINUED and will never be available again - use the MKS HV6130 instead.

The MKS HV6130's mounting lugs are compatible wih the DS6125 Glider servo, it operates at a wider voltatage range, and has approximately the same torque.

MKS HV6130 Wing Servo

MKS HV6130H Horizontal Lug Servo

The MKS DS6125 Glider Wing Servo is one of the best wing servos currently available. Its unbelievably good geartrain, strong alloy case, and excellent feedback system interfaced to brilliant firmware that drives the FET output staged amplifier, all make this the wing servo of choice for competition and all fast saiplanes.

At only 10mm thick this superb wing-servo can easily fit in thin wings. With a massive torque the DS6125 is appropriate for F3F, F3B, F3J, F5J and all fast gliders.

The MKS hallmark CNC aluminium alloy case adds rigidity and crash resistance to the servo. The gears are pre-loaded to remove all slop or backlash from the geartrain, allowing a level of precision unequalled by other manufacturers.

MKS DS6125 Servo Specifications
Dimensions 30 mm wide x 10 mm thick x 35.5 mm high
Stall torque (4.8V) 6.6 92 oz in
Stall torque (5.5V) 7.6 106 oz in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.15 sec/60°
Operating speed (5.5V) 0.13 sec/60°
Operating voltage 3.8V to 5.5V
Lead length 15 cm 5.9 in
Operating temperature -10 to 60° C
Weight 28.8 g 1.0 oz
Bearings Dual ball bearings
Gear material Chrome-Titanium alloy
Position feedback Direct drive potentiometer
Driver type FET
Programmable No
Dead band 1 us
Feedback frequency 333 Hz
Supplied accessories 2 substantial plastic output arms, 1 output disc, 2 output arm retaining screws, 6 mounting screws
Optional accessories MKS Plastic Servo Output Arms, MKS Short Metal Servo Output Arms, MKS Long Metal Servo Output Arms, Frame with bearing for the MKS DS6125 Mini, Integrated Drive System for MKS DS6125 Mini, MKS 1.5A SBEC, MKS 2A SBEC, MKS Frame for DS6125, Frame for MKS DS6125, MKS RDS Adaptor

Reviews 4  

 Review by:

DS6125 RIP

I'm glad they're discontinued, I've had several fail in F3B/F ships.

I hope the new altrernatives 6130 are better.

 Review by:

great servo

Very good equipment, great shop, fast shipping, you can trust.

 Review by:

MKS 6125 glider servo

What can I say about these servos, they are the best servos I have used, I mainly use these on 2 meter and up, great servo for the flaps with high torque and super strong gear train, use these with the wooden servo frames, and you'll love the way they work.

 Review by:

Great servos with plenty of torque and pretty much zero slop. Quick delivery to New Zealand

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