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Mirai F3-RES F5-RES 2m

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The beautiful Mirai 2m RES glider kit is one of the most rewarding aircraft models for modellers - nothing compares to relaxation flying in weak conditions, circling under clouds and flying quietly in the evenings where you can sit back and watch your elegant model almost fly itself. The Mirai is a built from a nicely CNC cut balsa and ply kit, and is an upgrade from the manufacturer’s previous well acclaimed Circle Dancer 2000 model.

These 2m models, launched using a hi-start and controlled only by rudder, elevator and spoiler have their special competition category, now called F3L, in which is not about showing off, but about flying with similarly like minded model fliers. There is also a category F5-RES for two-meter gliders with electric propulsion.

The Mirai 2m is also ideal for anyone who wants to start building their own model the classic way out of balsa, plywood and spruce. It's fairly quick and there isn't much to build - MIRAI is easy model to build, though it's not suitable for absolute beginners.

The Mirai can be built as a pure glider or as an electric glider, and is available in V tail and conventional X tail versions.

Miria F3L / F5-RES Specifications
Wing span 2.0 m 79 in
Wing area 36.0 dm2 558 sq in
Length 121 cm 47.6 in
Flying weight from 420 g 14.8 oz
Wing loading 11.7 g/dm 3.8 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 11.1
Wing airfoil HB RES
Dihedral (EDA) 12.0º
Spinner Diameter 30 mm
Centre of Gravity 78-82 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, spoiler

Miria F3L / F5-RES Typical Weights
Pod 60 g 2.1 oz
Boom and pushrods 30 g 1.1 oz
Centre panel 100 g 3.5 oz
Wing tips 100 g 3.5 oz
Tailplane 13 g 0.5 oz
Fin+Rudder 12 g 0.4 oz
Accessories 20 g 0.7 oz
Total structure 335 g 11.8 oz
Receiver 5 g 0.2 oz
Rudder & elevator servos 10 g 0.4 oz
Spoiler servo 5 g 0.2 oz
Battery 65 g 2.3 oz
Flying weight from 420 g 14.8 oz

Recommended RC
Rudder & elevator servos Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X06, CHA DS06, EMAX ES09D
Spoiler servo Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, KST X06, CHA DS06, EMAX ES9051
Receiver 4 or 5 channel receiver to match your transmitter
Glider battery Radient 1S 700 mAh LiPo, Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH, HyperFlight 650 mAh 4.8V NiMH, Dream-Flight 700 mAh 4.8V NiMH, 1S 2600 mAh Li-Ion, 2S 300-600mAh LiPo
Elektro battery 2S 450 - 600mAh LiPo, 3S 300-450mAh LiPo

Control Throws
Rudder 17 mm each way
Elevator 10 mm up, 10 mm down
Spoilers 80º up
Spoiler mix 3 mm up elevator with 45º up spoiler

Electric Powertrain Recommendations
DYS D2225-19 2S 450mAh LiPo, 9x6, 10x5
DYS D2225-19 3S 450mAh LiPo, 7x3.5, 7x4, 8x4
Dualsky XM2225EG-23 2S 450mAh LiPo: 9x5, 10x5, 10x6
Dualsky XM2225EG-23 3S 400mAh LiPo: 7x4, 8x4, 8x5
Hacker A10-7L 4.4:1 3S 450mAh LiPo, 12x8, 13x8
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first upon arriving I was amazed by the beautiful wood but disappointed by the lack of instructions and been looking at the images and figuring it out slowly wish I spent more on something more well known my other modelers. needs better instructions

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Mirai F3-RES

I built the cross tail, I also built the Cloud Dancer the mirai has a longer nose for better balance with less nose rterweight. The twin spoilers also gives better yaw control when deployed.Since the build is lighter than the cloud dancer the crank in the tail boom is needed for down thrust. The plans need to have more detail and clarification utter wise I would given it a 5 star rating. Model weight 14.5oz vs 17 for cloud dancer.

 Review by:

MIRAI Electro

Purchased this as the V-tail option which I powered with a DYS 2225-13 motor and 28A ESC. The build is complicated by not having part numbers on the V-tail Option plan so the manual was equally cryptic. The wing joiner boxes are simple to build but took the most time. The motor fit is straight forward with holes pre-drilled to suit my DYS motor. The V-tail is correctly sized and responds well. I put my tail servos under the wing as per plan and the RX in the front compartment. The CofG came out at 78mm with a 550mAh GNB lipo for power. Flying weight is 488gms. Performance in light winds has been excellent and responds well to lift. The model deserves 5 star rating but is let down by documentation.

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