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Mini Graphite e Hotliner

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The Vladimir's Models Mini Graphite-e is a 1.9m super fast, fully moulded hotliner for high speed fun flying. The design gives excellent performance as a fast electric glider and as an all weather thermal soarer. The Mini Graphite is very happy at high speed aerobatics, yet also slows down well and thermals like a much larger model. Its well-balanced flight performance and excellent thermal soaring capability make it an outstanding model.

The fuselage and removable nose cone are constructed from a specially woven carbon/Kevlar cloth producing an extremely strong yet light fuselage. The MH32 section hollow moulded wings have carbon spars and curved wing tips, which improve the flight performance and add to the sleek appearance of the model. The model is easily transported with its two-piece wings and removable V tail.

The underwing fuse opening is 34mm > 27mm x 85mm (big enough for a 3S 2.2ah LiPo). By removing the nosecone a suitable 4S 2.2ah or 3S 3.3ah LiPo battery can be fitted.

See this RCGroups Mini Graphite-e build thread for building tips and flight reports.

Download our Mini Graphite Assembly Guide (4mb) to see how easily and quickly the Mini Graphite goes together.

Mini Graphite e Specifications
Wing span 1.9 m 75 in
Wing area 35.8 dm2 555 sq in
Length 116 cm 45.7 in
Flying weight from 1261 g 44.5 oz
Wing loading 35.2 g/dm 11.5 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 10.1
Wing airfoil MH32
Dihedral (EDA) 2.2º
Spinner Diameter 38 mm
Centre of Gravity 98-102 mm from wing leading edge
Controls V tail, ailerons, flaps

Mini Graphite e Typical Weights
Fuselage 147 g 5.2 oz
Wings 524 g 18.5 oz
V tail 66 g 2.3 oz
Accessories 40 g 1.4 oz
Total structure 777 g 27.4 oz
Glue; mounts etc 4 g 0.1 oz
Wiring 25 g 0.9 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
V tail servos 16 g 0.6 oz
Aileron servos 20 g 0.7 oz
Flap servos 22 g 0.8 oz
ESC 35 g 1.2 oz
Motor 140 g 4.9 oz
Spinner & Prop 32 g 1.1 oz
Battery 3S 2000 mAh 180 g 6.3 oz
Flying weight 1261 g 44.5 oz

Recommended Control Throws & Mixes
Ailerons 20mm up, 8mm down
Aileron-crow brakes 12mm up
Ailerons thermal 2mm down
Ailerons speed 1.5mm up
Flap Crow brakes 70-80 degrees down
Flap thermal 3 mm down
Flap speed 2 mm up
Rudder 10mm up, 10mm down
Elevator 9mm up, 9mm down
Elevator crow brake mix 3-4mm down
Elevator thermal mix 1mm up
Elevator speed mix 1.5mm down

Recommended Servos
V tail* MKS DS65K, MKS DS75K-N, KST X08N, Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-A10S, Blue Bird BMS-101AMG, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG
Flap MKS HV6130, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, KST DS135, KST X10, Blue bird A56V, Blue Bird BMS-105HV
Aileron MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, MKS HV6110, MKS DS75K, MKS HV75K, KST X08N, KST X08, Corona DS843MG, Blue Bird BMS-105HV, Blue Bird BMS-106HV, Ripmax SD150

* The rudder-vator servos are in the front of the fuselage in the glider version, and in the V tail for the electric version.

Mini Graphite e Powertrains
Kontronik Kira 480-34 with 5.2:1 box 14x10 prop, 4S 2.5ah LiPo (81A, 5500 fpm)
Kontronik Kira 480-34 with 5.2:1 box 16x10 prop, 3S 2.5ah LiPo (75A, 4800 fpm)
Hacker B40 8L with 4.4:1 box 14x8 prop, 3S 2.2ah LiPo (78A, 4400 fpm)
Hacker B40 8L with 4.4:1 box 13x8 prop, 3S 2ah LiPo (62A, 3500 fpm)
Hyperion Gs3020-08 direct drive 12x8 prop, 3S 2ah LiPo (61A, 3300 fpm)
Hyperion Gs3020-08 direct drive 12x6 prop, 3S 1.5ah LiPo (48A, 2800 fpm)

Mini Graphite glider YouTube video

Electric Mini Graphite build log

Reviews 12  

 Review by:

Simply excellent quality and service. Thank you!

Comment by:

the best service, anywhere

I have only had a chance to unpack and marvel at the quality of the mini graphite, the order was placed on the 12/10/17, 9.00 pm west coast Australian time, it was dispatched on the same day, and arrived on 18/10/17, to the North West of Australia. Things take longer to arrive from the East coast of Australia than this package did from the UK.
thanks Hyperflight for the outstanding service and quality of packaging, i am looking forward to dealing with your business again.

regards Damien M

Comment by:

Mini Graphite Tail

Replacement tail ordered for Mini Graphite - took a while to obtain (from Ukraine), but from then on, service was excellent!

 Review by:


Got this Mini-G shipped from England across the Atlantic in 6 days! Nuts! Well protected, quality is beautifully fit and finished, can not wait to get it flying. Ferrari red with wide white stripe undersides (wings and V-tail), white top, yellow topside wing tips. A piece of art. Ridiculously lite and stiff. Adorns my ceiling while waiting for parts. Beautiful. Well done Vladimir!

 Review by:

I have been out of regular RC flying for some time and did not wish to carry on with petrol and glow aerobatics so selected to have a go at this new-fangled electric power.
I purchased the Mini Graphite some 6 months ago and finally got around to assembly November. The quality of the components are 1st class and having read all available from the instructions and e build threads decided on the setup below.
Kontronik 480-38 5.2 : 1 gear
Hyperion controller 90A
Hyperion Lipo 4s 2600
Aeronaut 13 x 8 folding prop
Had first flights last week set up with recommended throws and mixes and it flies like a dream. Once trimmed in all flight modes I was amazed at the pure soaring ability and wide speed envelope of this model. It is just as at home soaring gracefully or tearing up the sky. I have adjusted the C of G to 107mm which gives the feel and reaction that I am comfortable with for thermal sniffing and aerobatics. Crow braking is a revelation, as I have never used it before, I donít think that I will ever tire of the sight of this delightfully sleek model gently and very controllably settling back to earth.
Great job Vladimir.

 Review by:


Recently purchased the Mini Grapite-e hotliner, it arrived in a huge well packed box.
Was delighted with the with the quality and finish of this model. Even the hardware pack is second to none, if the biuld quality and finish are anything to go by, this model when completed should fly like a dream.

 Review by:

Mini Graphite E

Still in the process of assembling this model might speed up a bit now the nights are drawing in...
Many years ago I had the F3b Graphite glider when they first came out, it was absolutely amazing, in build quality, finish and performance. I was very pleased to see that the build and finish are still just as good & I am sure the performance won't be a disappointment.

I got a Kontronic KIRA 480-34 5,2:1 + JAZZ 80LV speed controller Direct from Kontronik in Germany. Motor calc is predicting a 3900ft/min climb rate with a 14" Aeronaut prop using a Thunder-power 3s 2500 lipo. I think I will use a smaller prop 13 X 7 for general flying as the previous set up will get the Graphite VERY small VERY quickly.

When I picked up the glider from Neil along with one of the glider bags I bought 4 X Hyperion DS09-AMD metal gear servos (2 for the V tail & 2 for the Ailerons) and 2 X Hyperion DS095-FMD servos for the Flaps. As a side note the DS09-AMD does fit in the V tail, they do protrude a couple of mm but the carbon fibre servo covers are con-caved so clear the servo body nicely.

 Review by:

Mini Graphite - Mini in size, Large in Performance

The Mini Graphite (Mini G) is my second composite electric sailplane after the Eagle 5 by RCRCM.

The first thing I noticed about the Mini Graphite-e was its exceptional build quality.

Not wanting to spend more on electronics, I transferred the power plant from the Eagle 5 into the Mini G and boy was I impressed by its performance.

Slight shimming of the V-tail was required for optimum performance. With the V-tail mounted at it's original position, I noticed that the glider had a tendency to pitch up during dives. To eliminate this, a tape was repeatedly folded till it was approximately 1mm thick and wedged in between the the front of the tail assembly and the fuselage. After that, it flew like a dream!

The Mini G is currently my favourite model and it is always brought to the field . It is capable of high speed dives but is yet also capable of "floating" ever so gracefully.

My setup:
Motor: MVVS 5,6/960 Redliner
Prop: Aeronaut Cam 14X9
ESC: CC Ice light 75

 Review by:

Mini-Graphite e

After a break from F3J type modeling of more than 10 years I wanted to get back into the hobby by trying an electric glider. I never did like IC power but my memory of electric ships was that it seemed that only the curvature of the Earth that allowed them to climb. However I have heard that brushless motors and lipos have changed all that. I selected the MG as it looked like a robust, no nonsense and fun model. I also need something with good breaks as the field that I fly from is only about 80 metres with mature oak trees at both ends and a steep slope so it's only one way in and out.

The extremely well packaged kit arrived promptly complete and in perfect condition. I had an immediate impression of a very high quality and beautifully finished product. I suppose I was a little surprised that the tail flying surfaces did not have wipers.

Without previous experience of brushless motors I had intended to go with the recommendations but just as noted in the previous review, the unit suggested is no longer available. I went with an E-Flite 25 outrunner which actually turned out to be a little tricky to accommodate so for this reason I am not recommending it. However with a 4 cell 3000mah 35c lipo (which I found to be a perfect fit for the fuselage) and a 14/6 prop I have a model with vertical out of sight performance. The HS-81/82 servos for the wing surfaces and the Ripmax SD100's for the tail have all worked out just fine in my opinion.

After a 2 minute rig I'm ready for flight. If you nurse the model around the sky (but you won't will you..) flights of an hour are possible without lift. I have found that it is the perfect model just to muck around with; fast beat ups, huge loops, rolling circles, etc. It will thermal but so does anything in strong lift - try inverted thermal soaring for a change.
On the cooling front, I fitted a cool nose spinner and cut air holes in the motor bulkhead which proved adequate. Even if I "ring its neck" for 20 minutes I have found the drive set to been only warm.

I think I have about 40 hours of air time now and I can honestly say that it is my favourite model at the moment and I've yet to fly her on the ridge. By the way I did have one big moment when flying in the field I have already described in very windy conditions. Basically landing deep downwind, as it's one way, I caught a wing hard on a tree which crushed the tip completely. However Hyperflight were able to provide a replacement port wing which proved to be identical to the original in every aspect so I still have a pristine machine.

In short, it is a first rate product and a first rate service from Hyperflight and I'm sure the MG will provide you with hours of fun!

J Barber

 Review by:


Having been absent from "high end model flying" for a few years I decided it was time to start again. Rather than go for a really hot ship after my layoff I opted to ease my way back in to flying with the Vladimir Mini Graphite E, an ideal choice because the model can be set up to fly docile or fairly hot depending on power train, c of g, etc,..,

The model arrived from Hyperflight very well packaged in a stout card box and all parts were in perfect condition.

The fuselage is a light and strong glass/kevlar moulding with carbon re-enforcement, it comes with a removable nose cone, this (I presume) enables the model to be used as an electric model or pure glider. The wings are very strong hollow moulded items, control surfaces are live hinged and have wipers built in. As supplied both wings weighed in at 530 g and both balanced perfectly in relation to each other. The V Tail is moulded to the same standards, however there are no built in wipers on the control surfaces.

The building notes are comprehensive with excellent photo's, but be aware they are a little out of date.The recommended motor is no longer available, I have used a KIRA 480-34 which is very close to the recommended Fun 480. I opted for a 3S Lipo set-up turning an RFM 13 x 11 propeller and this has proved to be a very good choice. Static tests with my motor show a power input of 457 Watts and just under 44 amps current draw at full throttle but any 500 Watt motor/gearbox combo should be suitable. The limiting factor for the power set-up is battery size, space is definitely at a premium in the Mini Graphite. Hitec HS81/82 servo's are recommended for ailerons and flaps. In my opinion these do not centre well enough to be used in this type of model, especially if you utilize speed and thermal trim. I have used Hitec HS125 servo's on the flaps and Hyperion DS09AMD servo's on aileron and V Tail. Towards the end of the building notes the author recommends cutting cooling holes in the models nose. This I feel shows the authors lack of experience with electric's. Hole cutting is totally unnecessary. Use a "Turbo Spinner" to increase cooling if necessary.

I set the C of G of my model at the forward point for the first flight and everything went without a hitch. The model climbed with real authority on half power so I didn't bother to explore a full power climb on this flight. On the glide my Mini Graphite had a very solid but nose heavy feel which inspired confidence. Speed and thermal trim settings were explored and the stated control throws in the manual all seemed about right except for elevator. 8mm up and 7mm down is just too much so I switched to my backup settings of 4mm each way, this was much more to my liking. With reduced elevator F5B style turns and aerobatics were performed with ease. The only thing I didn't try was "snap flap" in tight turns...... For subsequent flights I moved the C of G back by 3mm to 4mm. The model is still slightly nose heavy but very stable which is fine for me.

Overall the Mini Graphite is a terrific model which has done everything I've asked of it. So far it's been totally predictable in all aspects of flight which in turn has inspired loads of confidence in the pilot.

Nice one Vladimir. Nice one Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Mini Graphite-E review update

My transmitter timer for the Mini Graphite-E now shows well over 30 hours airtime! I just dont seem to get bored flying it as I sometimes have with other similar models. It's just over a year now since my first flight with the Mini Graphite and I really can't find anything to criticise.

The only change i've made to the original spec is to upgrade to 2.4Ghz for safety reasons.

I've just built another excellent 2 Mtr moulded sloper and did'nt fly the Mini Graphite for quite a few weeks. When I finally did, I realised just how well the Mini Graphite performs and handles. It immediately felt just right when I got it back in the air and confirms my preference for the MG over my other models in this class.


 Review by:

most fun and the most well behaved model

Just thought I'd let you know that I'm flying my Mini Graphite regularly and can honestly say that it's probably the most fun and the most well behaved model of this size and type that I've flown.
I've fine tuned my set-up now and its a peach. I fly it almost as much from flat fields with the motor for blasting around as I do of the slopes.

I've thrown it of the biggest and scariest sea cliffs that North Wales has to offer and it just sucks it up. I've thrown it of the Great Orme in extreme conditions with ballast and it seems to hang in the air at the top of huge 500ft half pipes before plummeting down to race back along the edge like a missile. Great fun :-)
I can also relax with the MG as its so stable when trimmed to fly slowly.

My TX timer for the Mini Graphite now has 17 hours on it, more than any other model I've flown this year!



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