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Easy Fit Mini DLG Throwing Blade

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An easy fit throwing blade suitable for small discus launched gliders, as supplied with the Malibu 1m DLG. This throwing blade/peg is beautifully molded from carbon fibre. Use abrasive paper to shape the blade to an airfoil and sweep back the leading dege to maximise launch height and comfort. Almost symmetrical, so it can be used for right handed and left handed throwers.

Much easier to fit that more conventional thowing blades using tangs. Glue the horizontal mounts over the tip of the wing with epoxy or good quality thick CA. To eliminate the chance of it coming loose drill a 2 mm hole all through the mount and wing and peg it in place with some 2mm carbon rod. The weight can be decreased by reducing the thickness of the carbon towards the ends of the blades, and by profiling the edges, to approximate to a thin ellipse.

Easy Fit Throwing Blade Specifications
Weight 1.0 g
Max thickness of carbon 1.9 mm
Height of both blades 40 mm
Max width 10 mm
Length of tangs 20 mm
Height of a single blade 20 mm

Also called a contoured DLG launch blade, a seagull throwing peg, a curved launch blade.

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Well made, a little small

These are nicely made blades. Like all blades you'll still need to sand the edges to your liking. With the double tang I guess they can be mounted outside the wing skin, but I plan on mounting it inside the wing like a regular T-blade. They are a little smaller than others I've used, like the Snipe blades. But should be fine for my 1m build.

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