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MicroMax Pocket F3F 1.15m

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The MicroMax Pocket F3F is a great new fast slope soarer capable of extreme fun flying. The concept was inspired by Henning Plemo Schmidt, and with aero design by Christophe Bourdon. Structural design and implementation is by Anton Ovcharenko so this model is of the highest pedigree. Its inspiration was the lack of high performance small gliders optimised for fast slope flying.

Although discus launched gliders can be fun on the slope on a low wind day they are too stable and too light to be optimal, especially when the wind gets up. Anton makes the very high performance Strike range of 1m DLGs, and was the first manufacturer to make a full house 1m DLG with performance to challenge 1.5m ships. Christophe's job was to marry Anton's highly regarded DLG technology with the performance requirements of a great slope soarer - high L/D at speed, well damped and linear control response even at extreme DS speeds, while retaining nice handling and low min sink to allow scratching when the lift dies.

The MicroMax is ultra-new so there isn't much real-world feedback yet, but by all accounts Henning, Christophe and Anton have pulled off the impossible and made a small model that achieves this and flies like a much larger thoroughbred slope racer. MICRO size with MAXimum performance and fun.

The MicroMax has flying surfaces beautifully made from spread carbon with a solid Rohacel core, to ensure its excellent surface finish doesn’t degrade with time. The fuselage is carbon fibre with a 2.4Ghz transparent glass nose section, to allow the receiver aerials to be kept internal. The fuse is tiny but has been designed to accept a custom ballast system, allowing the model's weight to be doubled. This very wide weight range allows the model to be used in most flying conditions, from light airs to strong conditions. For good DS performance we recommend the model is ballasted to at least 400g, preferably 500g to allow it to punch through the rotor turbulence. The wing is easily strong enough to cope with DS speeds at this weight.

Read this great RCSD MicroMax Review and this RCGroups build log for a lot more info.

Due to dealership terms we cannot supply this model to customers in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

MicroMax Specifications
Wing span 1.15 m 45 in
Wing area 13.5 dm2 209 sq in
Length 74 cm 29.1 in
Flying weight from 245 g 8.6 oz
Ballasted weight 500 g 17.6 oz
Wing loading 18-37 g/dm 5.9-12 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 9.8
Wing airfoil C Bourdon custom
Dihedral angle 3.0º
V tail angle 110º
Centre of Gravity 61-66 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons

MicroMax Typical Weights
Fuselage 40 g 1.4 oz
Wings 105 g 3.7 oz
Fin 6 g 0.2 oz
Tailplane 6 g 0.2 oz
Accessories 5 g 0.2 oz
Total structure 162 g 5.7 oz
Wiring 10 g 0.4 oz
Receiver 6 g 0.2 oz
Tail servos 16 g 0.6 oz
Wing servos 16 g 0.6 oz
Battery 30 g 1.1 oz
Noseweight 5 g 0.2 oz
Flying weight 245 g 8.6 oz

Recommended R/C-nano gear only
V tail servos CHA LV06, KST X06, KST X08, KST A08, MKS DS65K, MKS DS75K, MKS HV75K
Aileron servos CHA LV06H, KST X06N, KST X08N, KST A08N, MKS DS65K, MKS DS75K-N, MKS HV75K-N
Receiver Small 4-5 chanel rx to suit your tx
Battery 1S 400-600mAh LiPo, Radient 1S 500 mAh LiPo (Short)

Reviews 8  

 Review by:

First time customer

Very happy with my MicroMax purchases. Everything was shipped fast and packaged very very well making it to the USA in perfect shape. The models arrived just a few days after ordering! Thank you Hyperflight. (Neil)

 Review by:

Micromaximumed Pocket Rocket

The MicroMax, I was amazed by few light DS and hard-core DS videos on YouTube initially. I'm kind of new starter to slope soaring, I decided to enter the playground from this pocket f3f.
Only 3 working days from order to HongKong arrival, thumb up for Neil again! Finishing quality is superb, it's absolutely worth for the money even it's a 1.15m wingspan. The stiffness of wing is beyond my acknowledgement. Believe it will handle light or heavy condition of slope and a little thermal flying.
It's a nicelooking and convenient model to keep and fly. Great toy great fun.

 Review by:

Overall very impressed with the flying qualities. It flies great especially with ballast and copes fine in over 40 mph. I recently took it down to the cliffs with waves crashing against the rocks and sending spray up into the air. It’s fast, very agile, very responsive. The wing is especially stiff and responsive with an excellent roll rate, and the model is very grippy with excellent energy retention in turns.You can tell it’s a small model due to its lack of momentum, but overall the flying qualities really are very ‘F3F’ with a very nice vice free feel to how it handles. I really like flying it ballasted in challenging conditions because it’s small size makes it easy to walk with and hand launch if you’re on your own.

There were some build issues with the RTF version, I’d recommend others save money and install yourself. The aileron servos were installed out of centre and one aileron servo hadn’t been tested for good centring and this had to be replaced. It was challenging as the servos were glued to the wing skin. The back of the horns also scraped against the wing skin adding to centring issues.

Overall I’m happy now but initially didn’t find it very good value due to the build issues. But it’s a lot of fun to fly now.

 Review by:

Great Product and Greag Service

The glider has an amazing quality, very stiff, and the details are amazing.
Hyperflight has great service as well, highly recommend.

 Review by:

Absolut klasse Flieger für kleine Hänge und wenig Wind. Geht mit Ballast aber auch bei ordentlich Wind.
Vor allem bei hyperflight im hübschen Design und nicht so langweilig wie bei uns. Versand ging absolut problemlos und war in 5 Tagen inklusive Wochenende bei mir.

 Review by:

Lovely little flyer in unique quality.
Fast shipping as ever.
Thank you very much.

 Review by:

Kleiner Hangsegler

Super Service, super Qualität, Vorfertigung und Passgenauigkeit

 Review by:

Micro Max

First review of this lovely model, so here goes. It's so tiny and everything needs to be handled with care during assembly. A five year old's fingers would suit better than a fully grown mans. Or tweezers. Very fiddly to build and time consuming thinking things through. In fact my wife said "if that plane came almost ready built, why have you spent hour upon hour in the workshop on it?" Enough said.... Instead of the 1 mm wire supplied for the aileron push-rods, I decided to use the same system here as for the the vee-tail push-rods, and found some 0.81 mm music wire and PTFE tubing. I had second thoughts after gluing the tube between the servo aperture through the spar web and out the back to align with the aileron horn, but was too late. In hindsight it was the right decision - very precise and zero control surface slop. There is so little room at the front end, that when all is installed, there is barely 1 mm clearance between the elevator servo output arms and the slip on nose section. I used a 600 mAh 1S Li-Po that fitted snugly but the MPX Rx 5 Light had to sit behind the wing L/E in the fuselage void. All a bit tight especially as I was at a loss to understand how to wire up the aileron servos to the 4-pin connector, so I did it traditionally passing each servo lead through the small aperture back under the wing and into the Rx, fixed as far forward as space allows. Needed 29 gms lead up front to balance at 60 mm root chord and AUW is 266 gms. Don't skimp on servos, just stick with what Neil recommends.

Flying. Maiden flight this evening. From Colley Hill, south west of London. Not quite the Rhone Alps, but nice anyway. Part of the Surrey Hills ANOB. Wind was perfect out of the south west at 10 Kts and very smooth. I had set the control surface throws exactly as recommended by Pierre Rondell [see link to his piece above], to the mm. Flew straight off as if on rails, couple of clicks of down trim and all perfect. Thanks Pierre. Quite some plane. It just goes where you point it and fast, but because it's small and light, not at all scary like a full size F3F screaming around the sky. Just lovey and so pretty - I waited till Neil got in some in stock with pink honeycomb design. The 2 mm camber change to thermal setting really does slow it down, but it didn't need quite the amount of elevator / flap compensation, so I've now dialed most of that out. Simply stunning performance. As it says on the tin, Micro plane, Maximum fun.

It cost a shed load of money, but I love it already. Drove all the way home with a happy smile on my face. GM.

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