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Mega 16/30/2 Brushless Motor 135g 2100 RPM/V

Product Code: MEGA-16-30-2
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The Mega 16/30/2 Brushless Motor is a longer Speed 400 sized brushless motor that is powerful, efficient and reliable. Highly recommended for electric gliders and sports planes on 3S, or pylon racers on 4S up to 6S.

  • Hardened steel shaft, diameter 3.2 mm.
  • Two precise ball bearings
  • Dynamically balanced
  • Neodymium magnet rotor
  • Handmade stator, lightweight rotor allows high revolution.
  • Kevlar bandage rotor
  • Motor mount has 2 holes on a 16mm diameter and 2 on a 19mm diameter, all M3 threaded
  • Efficiency up to 91%

Mega 16/30/2 Specifications
Motor name Mega 16/30/2 inrunner
Motor weight 135.0 g 4.76
Motor diameter 28.0 mm 1.10
Motor length 51.0 mm 2.01
Lead length 0.0 cm 0.00
Shaft diameter 5.0 mm 0.20
Mounting info 2 M3 holes on 16mm & 2 on 19mm diameter
Estimated Rm 16 mR
Estimated Kv 2100 RPM/V
Estimated Geared Kv 2100 RPM/V
Estimated Io 3.50 A @ 10 V
Max efficiency (10 V) 86 % @ 46.8
Operating effic'y (10 V) 84 % @ 70.0
Motor Km 35.9 Nm/W^.5 X1000
Motor Km/Kg 266 Nm/(W^.5 Kg)
Recommended battery 3S LiPo
Rec max LiPo capacity 3 Ah
Supplied accessories None
3S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 8x5 for climb or 8x8 for speed
Input power 670 W on 8x5 prop
Current 67.0 A on 8x5 prop
Rate of climb 12 m/s for 900 g glider
4S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 7x6
Input power 980 W on 7x6 prop
Current 81.0 A on 7x6 prop
5S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 6x7
Input power 1250 W on 6x7 prop
Current 82.0 A on 6x7 prop
6S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 5.5x5.5
Input power 1350 W on 5.5x5.5 prop
Current 73.0 A on 5.5x5.5 prop

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