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Medina F3L/F5L 2m

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Want to enjoy the performance and ease of flying of the 2-meter Medina RC glider, but prefer to do the build yourself? The Medina kit is here! The kit includes hardware for the Medina to be built for either F3L (pure glider) or F5L (electric). F3L and F5L are the new names for F3-RES (glider) and F5-RES (electric) competion classes.

Created by Armsoar in partnership with Performance Models in Australia, the Medina uses new airfoils purpose-designed for the flight envelope of modern F3/F5-RES competition flying. The wingtips are specifically optimized for great tip-stalling characteristics and could handle high variations in angle of attack. The result? A glider that turns tighter and more efficiently than similar designs, perfect for low-level thermal flying

The properly-sized and removable V-tail is designed for control and great low speed handling, crucial during soft thermals and the landing phase. And of course, the V-tail not only looks good, but helps minimize the overall drag of the Medina for better L/D in all aspects of the flight envelope.

The fuselage is minimalistic, further minimizing overall drag from the completed model.

Wingspan: 2 meters
Wing area: 36.2 dm²
Wing airfoils: MS series
Root chord: 200mm
AUW: ~ 440-450 grams
3 to 4 channels: V-tails, Spoiler, optional Motor

Recommended Gear
Tail servos: 2* KST X06
Spoiler servo: 1* KST X06H
Battery (F3L): ArmSoar 1S 500mAh LiPo
Battery (F5L): ArmSoar 3S 380mAh LiHV
Motor: ArmSoar 1806 Powertrain
Spinner: CN 25/5
Prop: CN 6x4
Covering: Oralite

What's Included
High-quality laser-cut wood parts
Carbon tubes for the wing leading edge, wing spars, joiners, tail pins, and tail boom
Servo trays
Rubber bands for spoiler
Control horns
Tail springs
Pull-string wire
Crimps for pull-string wire
Wing bolts and nuts
Spoiler servo arm protector
Covering material, glue, RC gear etc is NOT included

See this RCGroups Medina thread for more info about the ARTF version.

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