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Leomotion L3013-4550 F5J 6.7:1 137g

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The Leomotion L3013-4550 F5J 6.7:1 is a light weight and very powerful electric motor for F5J models.

It weights approx 137g and is capable of 600W for 15 seconds on 3S LiPo's or 800W on 4S batteries.

  • Very powerful motor
  • Can be used on up to 4S LiPo batteries
  • Dynamically balanced 4 pole rotor
  • Hand wound stator
  • Carbon fiber reinforced rotor for max. 60,000 rpm
  • 6 mm shaft for perfect rotation
  • High end ball bearing
  • Geared 6.7:1 for high propulsive efficiency

Leomotion L3013-4550 F5J 6.7:1 Specifications
Motor name / GB name Leomotion L3013 6.7 geared inrunner
Motor+GB weight 137 g 4.83 oz
Motor diameter 30.0 mm 1.18 in
Motor length 31.0 mm 1.22 in
Lead length 4.0 cm 1.57 in
Shaft diameter 6.0 mm 0.24 in
Mounting info 4 M2.5 holes on a 23 mm diameter circle
Manufacturers Rm 13 mR
Manufacturers Kv 4550 RPM/V
Manufacturers Geared Kv 679 RPM/V
Est Io 2.1 A @ 10 V
Max efficiency (10 V) 90 % @ 40 A
Operating efficiency (10 V) 89 % @ 60 A
Motor+gearbox Km 123 Nm/W^.5 X1000
Motor+gearbox Km/Kg 900 Nm/(W^.5 Kg)
Recommended battery 3S or 4S LiPo
Rec max LiPo capacity 2 Ah
Supplied accessories 4 mounting screws
3S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 16x8, 15x10; 15x9; 15x8; 14x12, 14x9.5 on 3S
Input power 630 W on 15x10 prop
Current 63 A on 15x10 prop
Rate of climb 12.2 m/s for 1600 g glider
4S LiPo Performance
Recommended prop 14x9.5, 14x7; 13x9; 13x7 on 4S
Input power 840 W on 14x7 prop
Current 63 A on 14x7 prop
Rate of climb 14.4 m/s for 1600 g glider
Gearbox diameter 27.0 mm 1.06 in
Gearbox length 32.0 mm 1.26 in
Motor+GB length 63.0 mm 2.48 in
Gearbox Ratio 6.7
Planet bearings Ball raced
Estimated GB efficiency 95 %

Indicative performance info with a 15 second max motor run only.
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Leomotion L3013 F5J

Good all round service, the motor is well made and runs well, not flown with it yet

 Review by:

would have liked this motor

Unfortunately I cannot review this motor. It has been a Month since I ordered it and I have not yet received it

 Review by:

Leomotion L3013-4550

Beautifully made motor and gearbox and performs superbly in my new F5J Osprey. Running on 3s it effortlessly pulls the model up to 200m in well under 30 secs. Fitted to the Osprey with ali motor mount.

 Review by:

This is a very high quality and powerful motor gearbox combination. At this time I have been flying one for a year in a Euphoria for ALES competition. It will easily pull the Euphoria to cut off altitude in 20 - 21 seconds, allowing plenty of extra time to punch out upwind or cruise around looking for thermals. I am very pleased with the power for weight, efficiency and overall power of this unit. I also recommend pairing it with the CNC aluminum motor mount for durability under contest flying conditions.

 Review by:

A short time ago, I purchased the Leomotion 3013 for my Supra. I wanted to let you know how happy I am with the purchase. I now have my power set up with a:

14 x 9 prop
3S 1300 mah Lipo
50 Amp ESC

My 64 oz supra (I have a couple of telemetry sensors on board for my Jeti radio) climbs between 8.8 and 10 m/s (depending on how fresh the battery is). Neither the motor, battery, or ESC gets warm. With this set up, I can get 3 power on's and I'll use up less than 750mah of the battery.

Thanks again for your help and patients with me! I'm a VERY happy customer!

Best Regards, Jeff

 Review by:

Beautifully engineered motor. The substantial front bearing requires an unacceptably large clearance hole in the firewall if a normal fibre glass plate is used. I made up a nylon spacer on the lathe but soon changed it for the PNC Innovations motor mount. Worth every penny and gives a very secure and attractive mounting.
The claimed outputs seem a bit optimistic considering the manufacturers 45A rating. However I got 470W on the bench on a 14x10 using a good 3S which I hope will be sufficient in my ALES Optimus EL.

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