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KST Servo Programmer - Tool #5

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The KST Tool #5 is an advanced programming device specifically engineered for precise tuning and adjustment of KST V6 and V8 Servos. This tool empowers users with complete control over their servos, ensuring optimal performance and customization. Replacement of Tool #1.

Key Programming Features:
  • Adjust Right Servo Travel: Fine-tune the servo's right-side travel precisely to achieve the desired motion range.
  • Set Servo Center: Fine-tune the servo center for optimal alignment and responsiveness.
  • Adjust Left Servo Travel: Precisely set the servo's left-side travel for desired movement deflection.
  • Servo Reversing: Quickly and easily reverse the servo for different applications or requirements.
  • Soft Start Function: Toggle the soft start option on/off for smooth and controlled movements.
It's crucial to not exceed the servo's maximum allowed supply voltage.
Use a 5V supply or a 2S LiPo.

The KST Tool #5 Professional boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating straightforward and accurate programming of your KST servos for diverse applications in model-building and robotics control systems.

Optimize your servo performance with the precision control offered by the KST Tool#5 Professional, ensuring tailor-made motion applications for various user needs.

See the Instruction Manual PDF below for more info.

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