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KST DS125MG Wing Servo - 0.12s 27g 10mm

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The KST DS125MG Wing Servo is an amazingly good metal cased wing servo. It is exactly the same size and has 90% of the performance and build quality of the market leader, for less than half the price. Like the more expensive servo it has no geartrain slop. Unlike the other it comes with a well fitting anodised alloy output arm.

At only 10mm thick this great wing-servo can easily fit in thin glider and jet wings. With a massive torque the KST DS125 is appropriate for F3F, F3B, F3J, F5J, all fast gliders, and jets.

KST DS125MG Servo Specifications
Dimensions 30 mm wide x 10 mm thick x 35.5 mm high
Stall torque (4.8V) 6.0 83 oz in
Stall torque (6V) 7.0 97 oz in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.15 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.12 sec/60°
Operating voltage 4.5V to 6.0V
Lead length 16 cm 6.3 in
Weight 27.5 g 0.97 oz
Bearings Dual ball bearings
Gear material Bronze
Motor Type DC motor
Driver type FET
Programmable No
Supplied accessories 1 metal output arm, 3 substantial plastic output arms, 2 output arm retaining screws, 3 mounting screws
Optional accessories Frame for MKS DS6125, KST Plastic Servo Arm Set, KST Metal Servo Output Arm, KST DS125 Gear Set

Tags: High performance metal case 10mm thick mini wing servo. MKS DS6125 Glider, HS-125MG, HS-5125MG wing servo copy clone.

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Reviews 24  

 Review by:

great Servo from Hyperflight

Product is as ordered and arrived within good time. Very accurate and powerful & good response & centering

 Review by:


 Review by:

Used in my 5 mtre vortex good value and performance will definatly use again

 Review by:

servos look good, nice smooth operation, very fast delivery,,,pleased

 Review by:

KST DS125mg wing servo

An excellant servo at an amazing price, bought to replace a damaged similar servo in an older non HV model. Usual top class service from Neil that we are so familiar with.

 Review by:

Great performing servo at a competitive price

 Review by:

KST DS 125 Great servo man enough for the ailerons and airbrake in a 5mtre woodie glider, no gear box slop. Great service

 Review by:

Good quality reliable servo at an affordable price backed up by a great service.

 Review by:

These servos are an excellent combination of performance and quality.
Very reliable service from Neil

 Review by:

Utilisť comme servo de volets sur Xplorer 3, fonctionnement impecable.

 Review by:

This is the second batch of 4 KST DS125MG Wing Servos I have bought from Hyperflight which I intend to use in my Valenta models Freddy. I am very please with the performance of the DS125MG servos that I installed in my Schwing last month. I intend to use the KST DS125MG Wing Servos as my preferred wing servos. Good performing servos at a reasonable price.

 Review by:


I bought 4 of these off Neil for my Nan models Orion and wow, value for money, amazing!

Brilliant servos, powerful, no slop and very efficient.

They fly my machine around like nothing else I have had before.

 Review by:

KST DS125MG Wing Servo

I recently bought a 2.3m Schwing. My standard wing servo choice for such a model would be a Hitec 125mg however I decided this time to look for something with a higher torque and faster movement for the Schwing. Looking at the data of the KST DS125MG wing servo it was similar in size and the speed was 0.02 seconds faster than the Hitec 125 servo. However the torque was double that of the Hitec 125. At on £1 extra the decision was made and I ordered 4 from KTS 125's with the servo frame and bearing kit from Neil. Receiving the usual excellent service from the Hyperflight team the ordered arrived 36hr later (it was a Sunday when I ordered). The servos are very well made and operate precisely. They were easy to install into the wing using the frame bearing kit which will allow my to remove the servos for repair or replacement even on the slope. I have yet to complete the fuselage on the model and fly it but I am very happy with the servos during installation and bench testing. Over all great performance and value.

 Review by:

Tough little servo

Seems to be a very high quality servo with plenty of power in a compact sturdy case

 Review by:

very nicely made and for it's size to be able to handle 7.0Kg is fantastic.

 Review by:

new zefiros

Really nice servos, the only criticism I have is that the metal
servo arms were rather loose on the splines. I cured this by
carefully squeezing the outside of the splined bosses with a
large drill chuck, worked really well but sounds brutal!
I would certainly use these servos again in future.

 Review by:


Overall well made with powerful torque without compromising speed. Slight play in one servo, and had to get Neil to send me another aluminium arm, as the one supplied was burred.
As always, great service.

 Review by:

Solid servos

Fitted to my 2.75m Floater as a strong wing servo only 5 hours air time as yet but good tight and reasonably fast servos. Time will tell. As an aside, just gone over 120hours fly time on my Mini Graphite the SD100 tail servos are still going strong!

 Review by:

Bargain substitute for MKS

I bought this to replace an MKS DS6125 mini servo that had developed oscillation. The MKS was being used as a flap servo on a 4 servo wing and the oscillation seemed to be as a result of a tiny amount of play that had developed in the gears. The KST dropped straight into the servo frame and seems to be equally good as the MKS it replaced.

 Review by:

kst flap servo

Nice powerful servo and at reasonable cost happy to be fitting them into my LET Ventus cx 6mtr

 Review by:

KST DS125MG Servo

A really good servo. Well made with good centering and resolution. Be careful that all linkages are free for their full travel and do not bind as I have managed through my own fault to burn a motor out (the motor brushes are very delicate).

 Review by:

These are good, they are accurate, powerful and well built to stand the stresses of a larger model on the slope, this means I will have to buy more, couldn't bear to use anything less in my mouldie.

 Review by:

So far the KST DS125MG wing servo's have performed perfectly, they are fitted to a new Maxa4e.

 Review by:

Have not yet had chance to use this servo type but recently purchased 8 of them for an upcoming project.
I have however found that there are considerable differences in the amount of play in the gear train from one servo to the next. I had to send back 5 out of 8.
Excellent response from hyperflight in changing the servos for slop free ones.

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