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38mm HyperSpinner Power for 6mm shafts

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Very limited supply. Sales strictly limited to one only per order.

Vladimir's Models HyperSpinner/HyperSpinner Power for 8mm root folding propeller blades, suitable for AVA-Pro, Supra, Sprite, Mini Graphite and all models requiring a 38mm spinner. The machined alloy yoke (centre piece) in this version has a centre boss to provide a better attachment to the motor shaft. Two polished steel hinge pins securely mount the prop blades and unlike other designs do not have stress raisers where the thread ends. Two grub screws are used to securely attach the assembly to the motor shaft.

These 38 mm spinners are currently being rebranded from Hyperspinner to Hyperspinner Power as they have a central boss similar to the other Power HyperSpinners. No actual change has been made to the design, and we will be selling them under both names until the old stock is exhausted.

  • This 38 mm HyperSpinner yoke has a centre boss providing more metal adjacent to the motor shaft, allowing the spinner to be used in higher power application.
  • The accurately CNC machined aluminium yoke ensures smooth operation and good power handling.
  • The cranked yoke design allows the prop blades to fold closer to the fuselage than with a conventional design, reducing drag.
  • Supplied with a tough black plastic spinner cone that absorbs hard landings without cracking.
  • Other colour spinner cones available as spare parts.
  • The spinner front hole reportedly allows "turbo" motor cooling, if suitable holes are drilled in the firewall.
  • Supplied with an Allen key for easy fitting.

Hyper Spinner Specification
Diameter 38 mm
Motor shaft 6 mm
Prop twist
Distance across hinge pins 25 mm
Prop hinge pin diameter 3 mm
Prop blade root width 8 mm
Weight 15.4 g
Max power 1000 W

Note these products come complete will all screws and a black spinner cone. No other items are required apart from the prop blades.

Reviews 13  

 Review by:

Spinner is of great quality, looks and works perfect. Great quick service 1st class thank you

 Review by:

Superb quality, well balanced and clever design for retaining blades. Needs a decent size flat on prop shaft but grub screw attachment feels very secure

 Review by:

Muy lijero y eficiente

Esta Z y cono lo utilizo en los veleros de F5J . son muy lijeros 9,5gm,me dan gran resultado, una pena no los haya de 42mm

 Review by:

Perfect fit for my Pike Perfection F5J! These are quality spinners and far better in price than RFM.

 Review by:

High quality product

 Review by:


This is an excellent product from an excellent suppler. Thanks Neil!

 Review by:

Vlad spinner

These are excellent spinners! The captured propeller axels are a brilliant design .

 Review by:

nise spinner,very good quality, fast shiping

 Review by:

38mm HyperSpinner for 6mm shafts

Nice product , timely delivery and good value . I'm planning on purchasing more in the future . Tolerances are good . My only concern is that the plastic spinner flexes just a little bit when attached to the hub . Not a major issue though .

 Review by:

Hyper Spinner

This is the very best spinner affording the closest and secure fit. Great balance and light.. Very cost effective.

 Review by:

Does what it says on the tin

Lightweight, but well engineered. Perfect for situations where you want minimum weight up front.

 Review by:


Very good and lightweight product, half the weight of an Aeronaut spinner and great service too!

 Review by:

I love these spinners. The only issue I have is that after putting on and off a number of times the plastic of the cone where the screws go in gets a bit soft and the screw keeps turning. My fix has to been to put a drop of CA in the hole and let it dry then use. If you've been using a regular spinner this will decrease your effective prop diameter while bringing the props closer to the fuse when folded back. (A good thing).

HyperFlight comment:
We do sell replacement plastic cones quite cheaply!

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