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32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3.17mm (1/8") shafts

Product Code: HYPERSPIN-32-317-PWR
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Vladimir's Models Power HyperSpinner for 8mm root folding propeller blades, suitable for all models requiring a 32mm spinner. The machined alloy yoke (centre piece) in this Power version has a centre boss to provide a better attachment to the motor shaft. Two polished steel hinge pins securely mount the prop blades and unlike other designs do not have stress raisers where the thread ends. Two grub screws are used to securely attach the assembly to the motor shaft.

  • New Power design has a centre boss providing more metal adjacent to the motor shaft, allowing the spinner to be used in higher power application.
  • The rear of the cone is in line with the rear of the yoke which is better for most geared applications.
  • The accurately CNC machined aluminium yoke ensures smooth operation and good power handling.
  • The cranked yoke design allows the prop blades to fold closer to the fuselage than with a conventional design, reducing drag.
  • Supplied with a tough black plastic spinner cone that absorbs hard landings without cracking.
  • Other colour spinner cones available as spare parts.
  • The spinner front hole reportedly allows "turbo" motor cooling, if suitable holes are drilled in the firewall.
  • Supplied with an Allen key for easy fitting.

Hyper Spinner Specification
Diameter 32 mm
Motor shaft 3.17 mm
Prop twist
Distance across hinge pins 27 mm
Prop hinge pin diameter 3 mm
Prop blade root width 8 mm
Weight 11.6 g
Max power 1000 W

Note these products come complete will all screws and a black spinner cone. No other items are required apart from the prop blades.

Reviews 6  

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32mm HyperSpinner Power for 3.17mm shaft

Received quickly over the pond. Am converting a Sophisticated Lady to electric. Am using 9x6 VitaProp along with this HyperSpinner. Great looking spinner paired with the folding prop. Have not used as yet but hoping it will bring airplane to altitude in a hurry.

 Review by:

Nice Spinner

The spinner is a perfect fit on the shaft. The grub screws leave a tiny mark on the shaft when tightened which showed me where to file small flats before final fitting. The shape of the yoke allows the blades to fold neatly against the model for minimum drag so I'm well pleased.

 Review by:

Great Spinner and Yoke

This is my 2nd and I'm very happy with them. The "Power" version allows mounting on a very short motor shaft and is secure.
Be sure to read Neil's comments on blade stress and 1 vs. 2 grub screws.

 Review by:

My favorite spinner.

 Review by:

Good product

These are the spinner I now use as my standard after decades of Aeronaut. I always found having to select the correct middle piece and match it to the spinner was a pain but gave you a great deal of flexibility. I prefer the collet fixing type or, even better the clamp system used by some manufacturers. The GM spinners are even nicer and have the collet but are more expensive. All spinners have to be modified to suit the prop you are using by trimming the plastic above the boss of the propeller otherwise the prop does not open fully.
For value/performance/ruggedness the Vladimir spinner is hard to beat

 Review by:

Perfect fit on the shaft and on the fuse

Lovely little assembly that fits perfectly on a 1/8" shaft (I'm using an Axi 2212) and the pins suit the Graupner CAM blades no problem.

I had to do a small amount of 'relieving' work on the spinner plastic and prop blades to ensure no fouling and free movement of the blades, but I'm sure this is quite normal.

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