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32mm HyperSpinner for 3mm shafts

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Very limited supply. Sales strictly limited to one only per order.

Vladimir's Models HyperSpinner for 8mm root folding propeller blades, suitable for Blaster2 and other models requiring a 32mm spinner. Comes with a machined alloy yoke (centre piece) and polished steel hinge pins for mounting the prop blades. Two grub screws are used to securely attach the assembly to the motor shaft.

  • The accurately CNC machined aluminium yoke ensures smooth operation and good power handling.
  • The cranked yoke design allows the prop blades to fold closer to the fuselage than with a conventional design, reducing drag.
  • Supplied with a tough black plastic spinner cone that absorbs hard landings without cracking.
  • Other colour spinner cones available as spare parts.
  • The spinner front hole reportedly allows "turbo" motor cooling, if suitable holes are drilled in the firewall.
  • Supplied with an Allen key for easy fitting.

Hyper Spinner Specification
Diameter 32 mm
Motor shaft 3 mm
Prop twist
Distance across hinge pins 27 mm
Prop hinge pin diameter 3 mm
Prop blade root width 8 mm
Weight 10 g
Max power 600 W

Note this spinner comes complete will all screws and a black spinner cone. No other items are required apart from the prop blades.

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Amazing Order Turnaround

Very prompt delivery. Right size for my model.

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Ok, on the good side, the metal yoke seems to be good quality and well made so I don't doubt it will work OK. The plastic spinner is available separately I believe.
Not so good, The bottom of the spinner extends below the metal yoke so you need a reasonably long motor shaft . I'm going to have to trim the spinner down for it to fit on the shaft properly which will mean that the spinner diameter is reduced a little. . Next, the blade retention pins appear to be held in solely by the the side of the spinner pressing on the end of the pin. I presume this will work but it doesn't fill me with confidence.

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32mm Spinner for 3mm shaft

The Spinner assembly with a 3mm aperture for the motor shaft was well manufactured, the need for bolts to hold the prop blades is eliminated, pins are held in place by the body of the spinner, clever.

 Review by:

Nice spinner

It took some time but finally I received this small, nice spinner.
It fits well and looks good. So I am very pleased with it.

 Review by:

A well made and robust hub unit. The propeller hinges are held in place by the spinner, which is secured to the hub by two screws. The offset blade geometry ensures neat folding.

 Review by:

A fine product. Works as claimed. Very light. Well designed and built.

My only complaint is that its hinge pins are do not screw into place. They rely on the spinner edge to keep them from falling out. When the spinner is not attached, the pins fall out, which makes working with the propeller blades awkward. The pins are easily lost, and because they are unique, you will not be able to get them locally.

 Review by:

Fantastically well engineered piece of kit

 Review by:

Great products and amazing service. Ordered Monday, received Hong Kong!
Thanks guys!

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