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HyperLipo 2S 175 mAh LiPo Battery

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The HyperLipo 2S 175 mAh LiPo is a small battery suitable for the Elf discus launched glider, and other very lightweight models. Comes with a 2 pin Molex power connector plug and a JST-HX balance plug. It will probably be best to remove the Molex plug and replace it with a normal RC servo plug.

HyperLipo 2S 175 mAh LiPo Battery Specification
Chemistry Lithium Polymer
Number of cells 2
Voltage 7.4V nominal, 8.4V unloaded
Capacity 175 mAh
Discharge rating 20 - 40 C
Weight 12.3 g
Length 33 mm
Width 20 mm
Height 9.5 mm
Power lead length 4 cm
Power plug 2 pin Molex
Balance lead length 2 cm
Balance plug JST-XH standard balance plug

This battery works very well with the many modern RC components that work directly with 8.4V (2S) battery supplies. We get at least 2.5 hours of flying time on our test Elf, fitted with a Jeti Duplex R5 receiver, two SD100 servos, and a Jeti Vario sensor. The very small loads on the servo mean that the battery's small capacity is ample for this model. All these components worked fine on the 2S unregulated battery.

We use a Jeti Box on the transmitter to check the receiver battery voltage - stop flying when the receiver voltage goes down to 7V. Charge at 100 mA - 200 mA (max) using a suitable LiPo charger.

Postal Charges

Due to a new restriction on posting batteries we cannot mail loose LiPo batteries by air. Also within the UK all LiPos have to be sent by courier, which adds to the delivery cost.

England, Wales & Scottish Lowlands
Adds approx £3 to the postal cost.

UK Islands, NI & Scottish Highlands
Adds approx £13 to the postal cost.

Mainland Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Nethlands, Spain
Can usually be sent by road-only courier at extra cost.
Other EU/EFTA COUNTRIES NOT AVAILABLE. We cannot ship LiPo batteries to Switzerald, Denmark or other European countries as these may be sent by air.

Rest of the World
NOT AVAILABLE. Note we cannot ship LiPo batteries anywhere out of the EU.

Reviews 10  

 Review by:

Great little battery for my elf plan to use in other model builds. First class service from hyper flight.

 Review by:

Excellent battery

Bought as a backup for my Elf. Good physical fit in the nosecone, great little packs!

 Review by:

Perfect fit for Elves

A perfect fit for the Elf DLG and quick delivery from Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Good for your ‘elf!

Super little 2S, running super little SD100’s, in a super little Elf. Battery at 3.7v per cell after 1.5hrs flight in buffety conditions! Ensure to mount square so as not to foul the nose cone. I didn’t and had to live with a 1mm gap between cone and body joint. Good online ordering/ dispatch service with neat packaging. Thanks Neil.

 Review by:

Good batt for elf

This batter just fits in the front of the elf. It's a tight fit though. I took the blue cover off it to save a gram and to make the fit easier.

 Review by:

Good battery for the Elf

I bought this battery for the Elf DLG and it is just about perfect. A bit of a squeeze but the battery fitted into the nose cone without removing the balance plug after I shortened the leads to the main connector so it could lie under the servos. I charge it on the 150mAh setting as none of my balance chargers have a 175 setting.

 Review by:

Like everything I have from Hyperflight these are good quality and easy to obtain

 Review by:

Good as an alternative

Does what it said on the label, nothing more nothing less. Was a millimeter too wide for my Elf nosecone and the sharp corners slightly deformed the nosecone when in place (and yes the battery was as far back as possible. A good battery for the price but my recommendation would be to break the piggy bank and go for a Smart LiPo - you won't regret it.

 Review by:

Great battery for Elf

Bought this for my Elf after my SmartLipo starting giving me poor flight times of <30 minutes before beeping.

I stripped off the heatshrink, unsoldered the connectors and soldered my own connector onto a short flying lead, epoxying it to the non-tab end of the battery. I then epoxied a mating connector to the top of one of the servos in the Elf avionics bay, allowing me to plug-in and un-plug the battery with ease, and without fiddling with any wires.

The battery seems to be performing very well, and based on the flight times I've had so far, I should get around 1h30m to 2 hours per charge. With the batteries this cheap, I bought two, which should give me plenty of flying time per session!

I'm using a FrSky FASST-compatible TFR4-B 4-channel micro receiver and two Ripmax SD100 servos - both of which can run directly off 2-cells.

 Review by:

Little battery

Great for the Elf. Fits as is above but you can shave off 3 grams by taking off the cover and soldering a lighter connector on. (Not neccessary but it was fun!)

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