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Hyper AVA Pro-e 4m

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The Vladimir's Models Hyper AVA Pro-e is an improved and further stretched version of the world renowned electric Super AVA-e thermal soarer. Probably no rudder-elevator-spoiler (RES) eSoarer has a better reputation and a more illustrious contest record than the AVA series, so improving this already superb model is no mean feat. However Vladimir has incorporated these very significant upgrades in the Hyper AVA Pro-e:

- The electric fuselage pod has been totally redesigned to use a beautifully executed canopy hatch rather than a nosecone, allowing the battery to be inserted and connected easily, improving usability on the field. Also the very slim pod has a carefully engineered wing pylon to reduce interference drag.

- The Hyper AVA Pro-e wing mid section and tips have been stretched, bringing the span to 4m, decreasing induced drag, lowering the already low sink rate, and increasing visibility.

- The single central spoiler has been replaced by two smaller spoilers, these don't interfere with the flow over the tailplane, reducing the pitch change and making accurate landings child's play.

- The Hyper AVA Pro-e's tailplane has an improved planform and carbon D-box construction, increasing strength and reducing trim drag.

- The new fin has also been changed to use a molded fixed portion, with a lower drag tailboom attachment that incorporates a very clever quick release mechanism, to make the Hyper AVA Pro-e more transportable.

- The tailboom has been lengthened and stiffened. The longer tail moment improves stability and turning performance.

- The long pod allows large propellers to be fitted, and the rigid structure allows kilowatt class powertrains to be installed giving ultra fast climbs. The low wing loading ensures a very low min sink, and the ability to climb away in the weakest of thermals.

Hyper AVA Pro-e Pro Parts View
Hyper AVA Pro-e Pro Parts View

On the construction side, Vladimir has taken the build to a new level of completeness, so the Hyper AVA Pro-e can be assembled in only a few hours. New work done by Vladimir to speed Hyper AVA Pro-e final assembly:

- The wing spoiler horns have been fitted, and the spoiler servo wires threaded into place.

- All pushrods and horns have been fabricated, wires bent, etc.

- Fitting the servos in the fin has been simplified.

The only work required to compete the model is to glue the boom to the pod, attach the V mount and fin quick release clip, and install the powertrain & RC gear.

The Hyper AVA Pro-e is a stable thermal duration eSoaring model suitable for discerning modellers wanting the ultimate electric soaring experience. The simple rudder, elevator, spoiler controls make it supremely easy to fly, allowing you to concentrate on reading the air and the other gliders. Its light weight, prodigious strength, and state of the art design result in unparalleled performance.

The Hyper AVA Pro-e is an evolutionary improvement of the Super AVA-e, which was itself a stretched and electrified version of Dr Mark Drela's revolutionary Bubble Dancer. The AVA-e series was an implementation of Drela’s design using the free flight type construction techniques invented in Eastern Europe, and perfected by Vladimir. The Hyper AVA Pro-e is a stretched and improved version of this model. Like the Simply the Best and Organic ranges the Hyper AVA Pro-e wing has carbon capped ribs and a Kevlar D-Box. Allied to a substantial Kevlar wrapped carbon spar this results in a very rigid and almost unbreakable structure.

The aerodynamics are outstanding, utilising specially designed airfoils (no doubt in Xfoil, written by Mark Drela himself when he was a student), and a low drag V mounted tail plane, the AVA has a measured sink rate of 0.3m/s (60 ft per minute). The Hyper AVA Pro-e can be built down to 60 oz, however despite the low wing loading the plane can cope with 15mph winds with ease.

Many have asked about the underslung fin. There is no need to worry, in all the years we have been selling the AVA and the AVA Pro ranges not a single person has reported a broken fin or boom.

Hyper AVA Pro-e Specification
Wing span 3.95m 156 in
Wing area 86.1dm2 1335 sq in
Length 1.85m 73 in
Typical flying weight 1699g 60.1 oz
Wing loading 19.7g/dm2 6.5 oz/sq ft
EDA 11.9 degrees
Aspect ratio 18.1
Wing airfoil AG24/25/26
Tail airfoil HT14-HT15
Fin airfoil HT13-HT12
Spinner diameter 38mm
Centre of Gravity 100-108mm from wing leading edge
Controls Elevator, rudder, spoilers x 2

Hyper AVA Pro-e Typical Weights
Fuselage 211g 7.4 oz
Wing 784g 27.7 oz
Hoz tail 25g 0.9 oz
Vert tail 39g 1.4 oz
Accessories 20g 0.7 oz
Total structure 1079g 38.1 oz

Recommended Servos
Elevator & rudder* KST X06, KST X08, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, Blue Bird BMS-125WV
Spoilers MKS DS6100, KST DS113MG, KST DS135MG, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100, Blue Bird BMS-125WV
*In order to balance the model without using a heavy motor we highly recommend that the lightest servos are used for the elevator and rudder controls.

AVA Pro Powertrain Recommendations
Powerline Micro 1015 3S 700mAh LiPo, 15x8 prop
Powerline Micro 1025/10 3S 1Ah LiPo, 16x8 prop
Leomotion L3013-4550 3S 1Ah LiPo, 15x9 prop
Leomotion L3025-4550 3S 1Ah LiPo, 15x8 prop
XPower F2925/8 Windy 3S 1Ah LiPo, 12x6 prop
Hacker A20-6XL geared 4.4:1 3S 1Ah LiPo, 16x9 Aeronaut prop
Mega 16/25/3 direct drive, 3S 1Ah LiPo, 11x6 prop
Axi 2220/12 V2 direct drive, 3S 1Ah LiPi, 12x6 prop

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 Review by:

Order arrived unbelievably quickly and really well packed .The contents have really been well built ...never seen a model so well built ! Looking forward to the next stage of finding out what motor and associated electronics to find...

 Review by:

Still flying the Orginal AVA Pro over 4 years old

When I first bought this glider in 2016, I never realized how much enjoyment it would give me and how well it last. . I got another after a couple years for backup but have never unboxed it. It flies just like it did the first flight. Going to enter a couple RES contest (Tangerine and Toys for Tots) here in the fall for old times sake. Best glider I ever owned for the pure joy of flying!

 Review by:

What a great product!!

I purchased a Ava Pro-e 4m by email order and was somewhat worried that it would not get to Far North Australia, undamaged, but I was wrong. It arrived in very quick time, very well packed and the plane is a joy to assemble. Cannot wait to get out and fly it after CV19. This feels like it is going to be the best floater yet.
The wing bags were a far better quality to what I expected.
Thank you for your prompt service and packing. I will be back to shop some more.

 Review by:

Good as ever!

Still flying my Hyper AVA. Flies like the first day I flew it. I no longer fly it in contests, more me getting older, now just fly for fun! Watch the video from a year ago. I have knocked the tips off, repaired, broke the tail mount, got a new one, Still looks good, flys great. I have a back up of exactly the same that I will build up if and when this one ever bites the dust! Most fun I ever had with a super floater! It's perfect! Pure satisfaction!

 Review by:

The Best Glider!

I have been flying this glider for over a year now! I can say without reservation that it is the best flying RES glider I have ever had! It has no bad habits, thermals on a flea fart, handles a wide CG range, lands with precision. Sure there are beautiful more expensive full house gliders out there but "bang for the buck" there is none better. I am seriously considering getting another for a backup.
It takes 5 min to put together. Hyperflight packed and shipped it flawlessly, it went together like a charm and it just "LOOKS" right. I just think it is a work of art! It would be great if they made a center section with the spoilers and flaps to slow it down sometimes, it would allow for more precision on landings but why mess with perfection!

 Review by:


This is my third model ordered from HyperFlight - and it was delivered fast and very well packaged. I have just started the build, so I can't comment on the flying qualities - but for sure the kit looks very, very nice. The finish is superb, the composite parts looks great and the kit is complete to the point where even the links is pre bent!
This model will for shure be a blast to fly, and finish vise it is up among the very best.

 Review by:

Good model! Recommended.

 Review by:

Arrived yesterday, 20,000km without any damage whatso ever. All parts wrapped and suspended in the box by tape.Well done.

The standard of construction is first class.

Tony Ruddlesden.
New Zealand

 Review by:

Fantastic Sailplane and service from Neil

Finally maiden my new Hyper AVA Pro-E from Neil and all I can say is "fantastic !"

This is my second AVA-E that I've built and decided to go the non conventional route and put the servos in the nose of the fuselage instead of the tail. My setup is:
1. Motor (light weight with planetary gearbox)
2. Servo's
3. ESC
4. Lipo
I then put the receiver in the wing, theirs room in the center section were the wing mounts to the fuselage and I ran 2 small tubes into the 1st 2 ribs for the 2.4 whiskers (JR DMSS). I just heated and pealed back the covering and reapplied a small amount of covering.
Ended up with a very light weight, easy to balance, electric sailplane that is just a joy to fly.

Thanks Neil


 Review by:

Good Service

Once again received everything in great shape, not a mark on the box and you did an excellent job packing.

I wish there was a prize for top service because you one win hands down. Look forward to doing lots more business with you.


 Review by:

From delivery to maiden

I fully agree with others about the packing care taken. My Hyper AVA was sent in a very strong box with lots of environmentally friendly protective packaging inside. Received safely even if someone tried to walk over the box.

I tried the MKS DS450 servos but despite the power they seems not good for rudder movement. So I have installed some Hyperion DS095-FMD servos despite their weight.
I don't like gears so I have installed the Hyperion GS3032 motor: this fits tightly, but you have to manage the leads that run inside but in the upper part of the fuselage.
The engine is limited to 35A with a 14x8 propeller. The Battery is a 2.6 Ah 35C. Flying weight is above 1800 g.

Maiden with no trimming climbing at 45 degrees. At sunset the Hyper AVA Pro is flying so flat the Multiplex telemetry cannot detect the descent rate.

 Review by:

Hyper AVA Pro-e Ultimate F5J

First flight of my AVA Pro E on Sunday 24.7.11 at the Johannesburg Flying Club, South Africa. Launched at half throttle the plane reached thermal height very quickly. Dive tests showed plane to be slightly nose heavy, tested spoilers at 90 degrees deployment, landed perfectly. Moved battery pack back 20mm and launched again, still a little nose heavy. Landed and moved battery pack back another 30mm, launched at full throttle. Unbelievable climb rate to thermal height, very, very stable, and turning vastly improved by CG adjustment. The aircraft picked up the faintest thermal and rose to almost "out of sight" height. Deployed spoilers and brought the aircraft back to visible height, very quickly. This aircraft is incredible to fly. Very stable, slow flight or faster with down trim.

Building tips include wrapping boom with masking tape before gluing with 24 hour epoxy. Alignment of elevator and wing done by eye and checked by measurement. Perfect!
Servos for rudder & elevator glued with "shoe" adhesive, direct to surface and covers fixed with clear tape. Push rod to elevator fastened with ball joint and to servo arm with a normal fastner for quick removal and adjustment. Did not bother with fixing clamp for tail assembly but used small set screw into boom. Easilly removable if required. Glued two hardwood blocks adjacent to servo arms for spoilers, with cyno. Fashioned two straps from tin and screwed servo down with the two small servo screws supplied with Hyperion servos. Set servo's to 90 degrees on switch. You only require this one 90 degree position, forget variable positions. Fitted balsa platform to pod base to give level surface. Covered platform with velcro for battery fore and aft CG adjustment.

Have been flying for some twenty years, mainly five meter, air towed scale fibre glass gliders, the AVA is one of easiest and pleasureable to fly.

 Review by:

The safety of a shipment

At this time I cannot make a model review because I have not started assembling the Hyper Ava Pro yet, but I would like to asses a different subject, the safety of the shipments from HyperFlight.

This is the second glider that I have bought from HyperFlight, the first one was the DLG Blaster 2 around one year ago. Last week I took the decision to order a Hyper Ava Pro, but I have to confess my big worries and doubts about the condition or possible damage that could be done during the transportation from England to Spain to such a big and delicate glider.

After keeping my breath, two days ago I received it and I have to say now that everything was perfectly packaged, the card box that was containing the glider could be considered as a first class quality at the same level as the masterpiece that it was containing, It is even worth to keep it for future transportation needs (plane etc.). All the glider parts are perfectly wrapped and protected one from the other and fixed to the solid box in a way that prevents inside displacements and self damage.

I consider this a very important point to know and talk about according to two bad experiences I had ordering model overseas. Three months ago I received another glider ARTF (Bird of time) from an USA major store and the fiberglass fuselage was broken almost in two pieces due to the bad quality of the box that was compressed during the shipment, fortunately after sending photos and explanations I received a new one fuselage from them. The same happened with a 2.5m J3 Cub, both wing tips were compressed about 2 cm , and that time I had to repair them myself.

All that extra work and effort could be avoided using a high quality box that really protects its content and this is what Hyperflight does.

After this short brief of some bad experiences you can imagine all the worries when you order a plane like the Hyper Ava, that is why I wanted to point out this important characteristic that Hyperflight has when they ship their valuable models in strong and safe parcels.

Thanks very much


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