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Hyper 2.3me

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The Hyper 2.3me is an ultra lightweight 93" span electric soarer that excels in light air. It is beautifully made using the latest high tech composite construction techniques in Ukraine. The large ailerons and flaps give the model a very good feel in the air, and allow camber changing to optimise the wing section to the current task, whether it is maximising the lift by increasing camber to stay in the core of the thermal, or decreasing camber to allow the model to be flown back upwind with minimal height loss.

The lightweight three piece wing is very rigid and strong. It is built with a substantial Kevlar wrapped carbon spar, a Kevlar/carbon D-box, carbon capped ribs and a carbon trailing edge. The ailerons, flaps and rudder are pre-hinged, making crow braking very effective, and ensuring accurate landings. The removable tailplane and compact dimensions allow the model to be transported easily. The fuselage incorporates a large canopy hatch to give good access to the powertrain. The rudder servo is designed to be housed in the fin, with the elevator servo fitted in the rear of the pod. Control horns are supplied, but pushrods will need to be supplied by the builder.

See this RCGroups Hyper 2.3 Build Thread for a lot of useful info. However the fin and rudder servos are now at the rear, so the early balance difficulties are now fixed.

Recommended powertrains:
Hacker A20-26M* 9x6 prop, 3S 500mAh LiPo
Hacker A20-20L* 13x9 prop, 2S 500mAh LiPo
Hacker A10-7L geared 4.4:1, 3S 500mAh LiPo, 12x10 folding prop, 12A, 7.5m/s
Hacker A10-7L geared 4.4:1, 3S 500mAh LiPo, 13x8 folding prop, 13A, 8.5 m/s
*these will need the motor wires exiting the front of the pod to clear the rotating can.

Hyper 2.3 Specifications
Wing span 2.3 m 92 in
Wing area 44.9 dm2 696 sq in
Length 116 cm 45.5 in
Flying weight from 630 g 22.2 oz
Wing loading 14.0 g/dm2 4.6 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 12.3
Wing airfoil AG04
EDA (dihedral) 5.7º
Spinner Diameter 30 mm
Centre of Gravity 80-84 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flap

Hyper 2.3 Typical Weights
Fuselage 52 g 1.8 oz
Boom 22 g 0.8 oz
Wing C/S 128 g 4.5 oz
Wing Tips 162 g 5.7 oz
Tailplane 22 g 0.8 oz
Fin 13 g 0.5 oz
Accessories 20 g 0.7 oz
Total structure 419 g 14.8 oz
Wiring 10 g 0.4 oz
Pushrods 5 g 0.2 oz
Receiver 6 g 0.2 oz
Tail servos 10 g 0.4 oz
Wing servos 20 g 0.7 oz
Speed control 20 g 0.7 oz
Motor 45 g 1.6 oz
Prop & spinner 25 g 0.9 oz
Battery 70 g 2.5 oz
Flying weight 630 g 22.2 oz

Recommended Control Throws
Rudder 22 mm each way
Tailplane 10 mm up / 10 mm down
Flaps 3 mm up / 50 mm down
Ailerons 20 mm up / 15 mm down
Recommended flight mode settings
Speed mode flap 1.5 mm up, ailerons aligned with flap
Thermal mode flap 3 mm down, ailerons aligned with flap
Crow brake mix 10 mm up aileron with full down flap

Recommended Servos
Rudder & elevator (2 servos) Ripmax SD100, Power HD DSM44, KST X08
Ailerons (2 servos) Ripmax SD100, Ripmax SD150, Corona DS843MG, Hyperion DS09-SCD, Power HD DSM44, KST X08
Flap (1 servo only) Ripmax SD150, Corona DS843MG, Hyperion DS09-SCD, Hyperion DS09-AMD, KST X08, MKS DS6100

The canopy is held in place by two carbon tabs at the rear, and a tongue at the front. To release it unclip the rear tabs and ease it back.
The tailplane mount is already installed as part of the tailplane assembly, but is supplied pushed back into the void in the underside of the tailplane and isn't obviously articulated. To see it gently pull out the carbon mount, it rotates around the tubular spar.

The info below was written by Sal of NESail, and despite being a bit dated and OTT it does provide some useful info.

New Hyper 2.3ME!!!! From the Ukraine where all the best and lightest synergistic composite sailplanes are made comes newest Hyper the Hyper 2.3ME! Like the Hyper 2 ME the Hyper 2.3ME combines the technology from the Hyper DLG Sailplane with newer airfoils and longer wingspan, three piece wings with flaps(optional) and the ability to fly as an electric sailplane! Like all sailplanes form the Ukraine, the Hyper 2.3 ME is a technological breakthrough. A light, strong wing with a molded Carbon fiber leading edge and a blend of carefully machined ribs reinforced with carbon fiber and Kevlar, the Hyper 2.3 ME achieves strength and torsional rigidity reserved only for fully molded wings at literally half the weight.

This new Hyper has the lowest wingloading of any electric sailplane we have seen to date! The airframe is only 13.5 ounces! And that is with a wingspan of 92.5"! The span loading on the Hyper 2.3 ME is fantastic! The Hyper 2.3 ME is built very much like the Hyper 2 ME but with some pretty important changes! First the wingspan has been increased with very little addition of weight which results in a much improved L/D and better sinkrate. Second, the boom has been increased in length, with a larger horizontal tail to accommodate the increased wingspan. Third, the wings outer panels have been increased in length and the tips has built in twist to decrease drag at the tips while increasing stability. The overall effect ins dramatically increased performance with improved L/D and decreased sinkrate. Best of all you can use the same motor systems used on the Hyper 2.3ME and the Renny 2M

Like the Hyper 2ME here is the general description:

The workmanship on the Hyper 2.3ME is simply amazing! The tapered, spiral wrapped carbon fiber tail boom fits perfectly into the rear fitting on the fiberglass and carbon pod with fitted canopy. The interior of the fuselage is spacious enough to handle a Speed 400 geared motor or any brushless (up to speed 400 in size) that you wish to use. The ailerons and flaps are accurately built and pre-hinged to the wing. The trailing edges are a thin piece of carbon fiber for rigidity and strength. The tails are completely built up with carbon fiber at the trailing edges. The newest version sports a separate horizontal fin and elevator mounted on a small pylon with the vertical fin and rudder going through a slot at the back of the boom. As with all parts on the Hyper 2.3ME, what is evident is the attention to detail. A really beautiful setup that is light and very strong.

Portability is one of the strong points with the Hyper 2.3ME. The wing is three piece with hollow aluminum wing rods. The outer tips have the ailerons and the center section has the flap. Only one servo is needed for flap actuation making setup very easy. The horizontal stab is removable with one bolt so you can break down the Hyper to a flat package for shipping and transport. A perfect sailplane for taking on a vacation!

Similar to the Hyper DLG, the Hyper 2.3ME is a ship fully built and ready for radio installation. Only 5 servos are needed for the Hyper 2.3ME. We have used the S3110, DS285, HS-56B or the HS-55 servos with good results. Two are needed for the ailerons, one for the flaps, one each for the rudder and elevator. The ailerons are separately built and pre-hinged for you (Flaps too!). The ailerons are inboard of the wingtip by seven inches, allowing greater throw while still maintaining good control and airflow over the tips. The tips are fully curved and are angled upward from the outer tips, increasing overall dihedral. This makes for excellent fast response with no fear of a possible tip stall. The handling is very easy going on the Hyper 2.3ME. The tail has some very cool and unique features. First of all, the tail surfaces have fully curved leading edges and are built from balsa reinforced with carbon fiber with carbon fiber trailing edges. The stabilizer is full flying and is unique to the Hyper 2.3ME. The horizontal tail simply bolts onto a fitting on the back of the tailboom. The tail is hinged at this point so that it pivots right at the back of the boom resulting in a full flying stabilator. This gives the Hyper 2.3ME very smooth and positive pitch response with an absolute minimum of drag. The vertical fin mounts in front of the stabilizer assembly. The quality and fit of parts is the highest and installation of radio equipment should only take an evening. Overall perfect parts fit and good looks are already a given in Hyper 2.3ME.

We find that the Hyper is one of the lightest European production sailplanes and consequently will fly in very light lift. New airfoils that are currently being developed in Europe are easily becoming a match for some of the best American designed airfoils, but this one is better. The Hyper 2.3ME incorporates the drela designed airfoil and tweaked by some of the best in Eastern Europe. The result is a sailplane that is absolutely competitive in F5J competition. This is what the Hyper 2.3ME was made for! The airframe of the Hyper 2.3ME is only 13.5 ounces! This the lightest and still the strongest airframe of its size and type found anywhere! With the proper motor system the Hyper 2.3ME will climb rapidly to thermal height. The high aspect ratio, clean, and well-designed airframe/planform and the excellent choice of airfoils will result in a high L/D, low sinkrate, wide speed range,. This sailplane is perfectly balanced in design for thermal flying, because the wing will produce lift and low speeds and the shape and dihedral of this wing is ideally suited for thermal turns. The low drag design further enhances the ability of the Hyper 2.3ME to move from one thermal area to another. Due to the structure the handling is very light and immediate and this really becomes useful in working light lift or small strong thermals. Of all the competition ships that we have flown the Hyper is by far the easiest to fly and get the maximum performance with the least amount of tweaking. It seems to be very forgiving and once it enters it tends to stay in a thermal with very little persuading. We have been surprised by both the performance of this sailplane and just how easy it is to fly and thermal well.

This is a high performance thermalling sailplane and and needs the pro-per radio equipment to get the best out of this amazing sailplane. We suggest using a radio that is capable of handling flaps. For example, a JR 9303, Stylus, Futaba 9C Super will all work fine. Since the Hyper 2.3ME has only one flap servo for the center section, only one flap channel is needed, so for the more economy minded the Eclipse 7 or even the Optic 6 will work fine.

Servos are an important decision for any performance sailplane and the Hyper 2.3ME is no different in this respect. We suggest using S3114 servos for the ailerons, elevator and rudder and using one HS-65MG for the flaps. This gives you the best combination of performance, lightest weight and are still very economical. If using a standard 72Mhz system we highly recommend the Berg 7 channel receiver as it is very small and light.

We suggest the Hacker B20-15L with 4-1 Planetary geardrive as the best motor for this sailplane. It will give you very low weight but amazing performance. The Mini Axi system is a acceptable low cost alternative.

Note: The Hyper 2.3ME is ideal for many of the new brushless F5J competitions happening all over the Country. The flying weight is very low but with this large wingspan you not only be able to thermal in the lightest lift but you be able to range farther than any of the typical 1.8 - 2 Meter designs

Please see our motor system below:

Mini Axi Motor System-Li-Poly!

Mini Axi Extreme Brushless motor with 6-1 inline reduction drive, Phoenix 25 Brushless speed control, folding prop system with hub, adapter and spinner), 3-cell 1320 mah Li-poly Battery pack and all hardware. This system is one of the lightest ways to go and have excellent performance and climb!

Hacker B20L Motor System-Li-Poly!

Ultimate in lightweight performance, this motor system simply rocks! We use the Hacker B20-15L with Maxon 4.4-1 Planetary Geardrive, Phoenix 25 Brushless Sensorless speed Control, aluminum 30mm spinner, Graupner Cam Folding prop, 3-cell 1320 mah ThunderPower 20C battery pack, and all hardware and connectors. This is the ultimate in lightweight, thermal and motor performance.

Sal Says:
Quite a bit of testing and research went into this new Hyper 2.3ME and the results have been amazing. This the lightest, highest performance electric sailplane in our series of "ultralights" to date! The extremely low sinkrate has to be experienced to be believed and the dramatically improved L/D makes this a ship that can easily keep up with much larger sailplanes. We have found that you can work the lightest lift from below tree top level and still the longer span makes the Hyper 2.3ME easier to see and longer distanmces giving you the ability to reach those far away thermals. I have found that if you can't find lift with the Hyper 2.3ME there isn't any!

Hyper 2.3M soaring from 320 pilot on Vimeo.

Go Pro HD on my Hyper 2.3 from 320 pilot on Vimeo.

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Hello. Here is and I brought together my Hyper 2.3 . On ruder I put MKS DS65K , on ailerons, flaps and Elevator put MKS DS75K. Motor put AXI Long 2220/16 together with Vitaprop 12 x 7 Folding prop blades and 30mm Hyper Spinner for 4mm shafts. Flight weight with the battery Hyperion 1100 MAh turned 860 grams, it is very easy.The center of gravity turned out exactly as instructions. Glider very much in flight. I had a hard time learning to fly Hyper 2.3 , because before that I had a glider wingspan of 1800mm and weight of 1100 grams. I really like Hyper 2.3, very good build ! Advise !

 Review by:

Hyper 2.3 Review

The attention to detail shows that this is a model made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The fantastic quality of workmanship is what has now come to be expected from Vladimir's Models. My model did finish up quite a bit heavier than quoted but I did manage to fit in a 3 cell 1300mAh LiPo with a C.C. voltage regulator, a C.C. 25amp esc., and a voltage sensor, all pulled up smartly with a tiny Hacker A20-L-20 motor diving a 10x6 prop.
It still finished at approx. 6oz/ft² which is a new experience for me. My first few flights were in quite gusty conditions and although I was a little surprised how well the model coped it did demand quite a bit of concentration. Then I managed to squeeze in several flights in calm conditions which allowed me to start some fine tuning of the setup. All I can say is that the model was a delight to fly. Even I could gain height in the lightest of lift. This will be my first model of choice for pleasure flying in light conditions.

 Review by:

HYPER 2.3me

Fantastic peice of work! The best model I have owned so far. I have an aging Vladimir models Graphite(D box) 3.2e which I adored and still love, but the wingspan and the weight of Hyper 2.3me is just right for me!

I know this model is not for beginners but it would have been nice if the carbon control horns came with holes already drilled.Also carbon fibre pushrods and snakes would have been very helpful. and instructions on how to install in the boom.

Overall I am very pleased to own this model and waiting to see it in the air soon!
Thank you Neil and Hyperflight!

 Review by:

Hyper 2.3 me

I bought this model a few months ago and this is the only model I have flown ever since.
It is a fantastic plane. It circles wonderfully and if there is thermals it finds it.
It is a great experience to be the only pilot on the field, who is finding thermals.
You land when you are tired and not because of no more power in the battery.
I only charge the battery once for a whole days flying.
I can really recommend this plane. It has given me great soaring experiences.

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