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Hyperion DS09-AMD Servo - 9mm 10.7g

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All Hyperion DS09-xxx servos are in short supply due to logistics problems. Please consider the KST X08 or Corona DS843MG as respectively improved, or cheaper, alternatives.

The Hyperion Atlas DS09 range is an excellent 9 mm thick servo. The AMD variant has metal gears, and a very good 2.4 torque. The speed is good enough for 95% of glider and electric model installations. Despite the metal gears there is no slop in the geartrain, and with the very small deadband, the servo is ideal for all control surfaces.

At only 9 mm thick this superb wing-servo can easily fit in very thin wings. With 2.4 torque and a reasonably good 0.18s/60° speed it is excellent for flaps, ailerons, elevator and rudder on many high performance gliders, DLGs, electric gliders, and faster sport slopers.

Hyperion DS09-AMD Specifications
Body dimensions 23.0 mm wide x 9.1 mm thick x 23.7 mm high 0.91" wide x 0.36" thick x 0.93" high
Max dimensions 31.9 mm wide x 9.1 mm thick x 32.7 mm high 1.26" wide x 0.36" thick x 1.29" high
Stall torque (4.8V) 2.00 28
Stall torque (6V) 2.40 33
Weight 10.7 g 0.383 oz
Lead length 18.0 cm 7.1 in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.18 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.15 sec/60°
Operating voltage 3.5V to 5.5V
Bearings 2 ball bearings
Gear material Bronze alloy Gears
Motor type Brushed
Dead band 0µs to 16µs (2µs default)
Driver type FET
Digital Yes
Programmable Yes
Operating temperature -20º to +60º
Supplied accessories 5 plastic output arms, 1 output disk, 2 arm retaining screw, mounting screws, bushes, 2 plasic side mounting tabs
Optional accessories Frame for Corona DS843

Reviews 11  

 Review by:

Ottimo servizio, ottimo confezionamento e, naturalmente ottimi prodotti.

saluti G. Antoni

 Review by:

Amazing little servo, no gear slop at all.

 Review by:

Hyperion DS09-AMD Servo

Excellent servos, small, light, powerful and accurate, my favourite brand of servo.

 Review by:

Hyperion DS09 AMD

With Hyperion servos you cannot go wrong. I bought two for my ailerons. Both are working perfectly.Thank you again Neil for superfast delivery..Daniel

 Review by:

I use these servos in the wings of my dlgs.
2 points of attention:
- cutting of the servo tabs needs to be done carefully, as not to damage the housing.
- had one problem with a servo connected to a Graupner Hott receiver; servo going crazy. Reconnected to Futaba with no problem. So probably need to program them to the right receiver brand through the usb interface.

All in all a great servo for the price.

 Review by:

Very impressed with the zero slop in the gear train, and the general performance of this little servo.

 Review by:

Hyperion DS09-AMD Servo

I use these on all my DLg gliders. Never had a problem with them and they will be in all my gliders for the F3k world championships in Denmark July 2013
regards Nick Chitty
UK F3k Team pilot

 Review by:

Purchased this servo on its reputation for rudder operation as a replacement for a cheaper one which had stripped gears.

Tested and installed on receipt and found to be ok but on arrival at the field would not centre and moved about with no stick input.

Returned to Hyperflight who couldn't reproduce the fault but supplied a replacement by return which seems ok over 6 or 7 trimming flights.

I have to assume at the moment that I damaged the original by knocking the rudder perhaps although I dont remember this but it has a very short link to the rudder horn.
I now store my models with keepers on to stop large rudders being moved accidentaly and will see what happens from here.

 Review by:

I used one of these in an e converted Dynaflite Bird of Time, to drive the large all moving tailplane.
(MVVS 4.6 840 sport,14x8 Aeronaut).

Works perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!

 Review by:

Fully satisfied. Exceptional servos having very few competitors.

 Review by:

Hyperion DS09-AMD

I think it is a good servo and i decided to use it in my Supra tail . I am not sure if it is the okay for elevator but most of my friends use this servo in their Supras.

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