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HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC

Product Code: HF-BLHELI-40HV
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The HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 HV SBEC ESC is a lightweight brushless speed control with a high voltage 7.4V 3A SBEC running the renowned BLHeli32 firmware. The ESC has been setup for glider operation with the brake on and a XT60 connector ready fitted.

This ESC is possibly unique in being a modern lightweight efficient drone type ESC and having a 3A high voltage 7.4V switching battery eliminator circuit (SBEC). This makes it ideal for all high performance aircraft with modern HV servos. Servos running on 7.4V will be approx 33% more powerful and faster than when running on a 5V power source.

Ready programmed with brake set. No programming required (or possible without an Arduino).

HyperFlight BLHeli32 40A ESC with HV SBEC Specification
Continuous Current 40A
Peak Current 44A for 10 seconds
Battery 2S - 4S LiPo
SBEC 7.4V @ 3A
Weight inc leads and XT60 plug 11.3g
Weight ex leads 4.8g
Firmware BLHeli_32
Programmable Yes, with an Arduino or our BLHELI-USBprog interface
PCB Size 33mm * 14mm
Battery connector 5 cm wires, XT60 plug/socket fitted
Motor connector lands on PCB
RC wire length 15 cm

Reviews 7  

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Using for E-RES / F5L

Great lightweight and small HV BEC controller - so it is possible to use HV servos (including CHAServo HV06) and take advantage of their benefits.

 Review by:

HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC with HV SBEC.

Small compact and light, shame there are no instructions

 Review by:

XPower F2915/12 XLight 1600 RPM/V 72g Cased Outrun

Small compact item that does not take up real estate in a small F5J.

 Review by:

It worked

What more can you ask for than a product that works straight out of the box . No need to get some obscure download or funky programming it just goes .

 Review by:

Tiny little power house

Normally I'm uing the YGE ESC - but in smaller F5J400 planes for what? This one can cope with the same load, is ready to run out of the box, can handle all type of motors. It will fit in any plane and the price/perfomance index is awesome. So far - best bang for the buck, the one and only drwback is - I have to pay a tariff on this one here in Europe. Brexit was not the best idea .......

 Review by:

Super compact and lightweight ESC, great having 7.4v SBEC for fast HV servos.
Running on a small pylon racer, 2500kV, 2306 14P quad motor on 4S. About 10 flights so far, had no issues with RPM being limited...

 Review by:

Temperature Protect limits RPM even when ESC cool

I bought this ESC for a foam 3D trainer with HV servos. It works just fine. But I did have to disable the Temperature Protection parameter using the BLHeli_32 Configurator as the motor would not run beyond some lower RPM limit with the protection enabled (enabled by default and set to 140 Celsius). This is with the ESC cool, right from power-up, with and without prop load.

My guess is that the ESC has an Artery Tek F4 MCU (corroborated by the ATF4 designation reported by BLHeli_32 Configurator) which apparently does not have a properly functioning temperature sensor.

So if you are having problems with RPM being limited, disabling the Temperature Protection parameter will likely fix the issue.

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