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GM 14x7 Folding prop blades

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A pair of very high quality GM 14 x 7 folding prop blades, suitable for HyperFlight's and other makes of folding prop yokes and spinners.

These blades are thinner (they have a higher aspect ratio) than normal folding propeller blades, allowing larger diameter blades to be fitted without pulling too much current. This increases the propulsive efficiency of the powertrain. They are also engineered to fold closer to the fuselage, and cause less drag when folded than other props. See photos 3 and 4 for a visual comparison of GM, RF and Aeronaut props, kindly produced by Andre Jeber Demetrio.

Note this product consists of two carbon propeller blades only. The central spinner/yoke assembly is not included. Also it is common for prop blades to not fit all spinner/yokes perfectly as supplied. It is often necessary to reduce the width the blade root slightly to ensure free folding movement. Also the cut out in the spinner cone often needs to be increased to allow the blades to fully extend. The root of the blade should not touch the spinner cone when the prop is fully opened.

GM 14x7 Folding Propeller Blade Specifications
Prop diameter 36 cm 14 in
Prop pitch 18 cm 7 in
Weight of 2 blades 10 g 0.35 oz
Width of blade root 7.95 mm 0.313 in
Hinge pin hole dia 3.0 mm 0.118 in
Max power 2000 W

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Great blades worth the money

 Review by:

GM Prop

What differentiates Hyperflight for me is that Neil is always happy to give advice over the phone and to do his best to ensure that I get the most appropriate products for my needs, in this instance a set of 14 x 7 GM blades. This coupled with outstandingly quick delivery makes Hyperflight my goto place for quality gliders and accessories.

 Review by:

I have bought this GM 14x7 prop as a replacement to my AeroNaut 13x8 on a Hacker A10-7L with 4.4:1 gearbox which is built into a Picares Langohr F5j model. It is absolutely amazing. It performs well and the fit is just so much better to the fuselage resulting in less drag while gliding. The only reason I gave 4stars and not 5 is the fact, that I would like to see some brass insert at the turning point of the folding prop blade as it is carbon only.. see how it will hold up. Neilís service was great as one would expect by looking at the positive reviews! :)

 Review by:

As usual, excellent products and service from Neil. From order placed to door step in 15 hours.

 Review by:

This 14x7 screw with the AXI 2220/16 motor, li-po 3s gives 1540 grams of thrust and 30.4 amh. Current Ideal for Xplorer 3 f5j.

 Review by:

wonderful product.

It is a wonderful product.
Although the current value fell, it became powerful.
Thank you

 Review by:

Very Nice

Purchased the GM 14-7 to replace a Aeronaut 14-6. Bench tests show a slight increase in thrust and a two amp lower draw. Non-scientific flight tests with a recording variometer indicates a better climb. They fold very flat against the fuselage.

 Review by:

Good prop

Good prop.Light and pretty design. Mounted on an SK3 35-58 840 Kv, on a Graphite 2 El.
Pulls 36 A on 3S, 425 W...PErhaps in a future, i'll buy an 15*8 for this same model.
In comparison with an 14 *8 Aeronaut, the 14*7 GM same tarcts the model, but with less current.
Unfortunetaly, there is actually no current measures for this prop, or other GM props.

 Review by:

Perfect blades!!! Best i have ever had. Less current, but performance feels the same. Nice fit!!! Reduced drag.

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GM 14x7 folding prop blades

Beautifully made, superb blades - but waiting to test in the air!

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GM 14x7 Folding prop blades

Test carried out.
Plane Ather3700 2500 grams appx ,1120kv out runner lipo 5000mah 3s 20-30c. First run with 13x6:5(Aero naut prop drew 60amps appx. with the gm14x7 50-45amps. To say the least I was impressed and recommend them

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