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32mm GM F5J Spinner (No Collet)

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The GM F5J Carbon 32mm Spinner Assembly for 8 mm root folding propeller blades is suitable for all electric gliders requiring a 32 mm diameter spinner. The spinner assembly consists of a very nicely molded carbon fibre spinner cone, a 7075 alloy CNC yoke (centre piece), two polished steel hinge pins for mounting the prop blades and a hex end conical spinner retailing screw. The end of the hinge pins are threaded for securing them into the yoke. The spinner and prop assembly attach to the motor shaft using a conical split collet (purchased separately) which is clamped to the shaft by tightening the front clamping screw.

The GM F5J Carbon 32mm Spinner Assembly does not include the collet to attach the assembly to the motor or gearbox output shaft. This must be purchased separately, according to the diameter of the output shaft.

Benefits of the GM F5J Carbon 32mm Spinner Assembly include:

  • The accurately CNC machined 7075 aluminium yoke is generously proportioned, for maximum safety and power handling.
  • The straight yoke design reduces the force on the root of the prop blades, and is safer for high power/high RPM setups.
  • Supplied with a beautiful moulded carbon spinner cone.
  • Split collet mounting reduced vibration and avoids the need for flats on the motor shaft.
  • By switching collets it can be used on most powertrains.

See the last two photos to see how well the spinner works, especially when fitted with GM pro blades, and how closely the blades fold to the fuselage on this Infinity F5J model. Also please read this great customer review to see how well people like these spinners in real life.

To fit the folding propeller blades unscrew the retaining/clamping bolt completely with a 3mm Allen key (not included). Remove the nosecone, easing it over the yoke, then unscrew the threaded hinge pins, and fit prop blades. If they don't hinge freely it is okay to remove a small amount of material from the blade root. Finally reassemble the spinner and secure the head of the bolt with Loctite Threadlocker Blue 242.

To fit the prop/spinner assembly to the gearbox output shaft (or to the motor shaft in direct drive installations) unscrew the retaining/clamping bolt a few turns with a 3mm Allen key (not included). This will loosen the collet and allow it to slide over the shaft. Then tighten the retaining/clamping bolt until the prop assembly is firmly attached. Up to 4.5 Nm of torque can be safely used when tightening the Allen key.

GM F5J 32mm/28mm Spinner Assembly Specification
Diameter 32 mm
Distance across hinge pins 28 mm
Prop hinge pin diameter 3 mm
Prop blade root width 8 mm
Weight 13 g

Reviews 10  

 Review by:

Gm spinner

Try to use these as much as possible good sinner

 Review by:

GM F5J 32mm Spinner

Very well made, does what it says on the box but very expensive.

 Review by:

Beautifully made and very tough, the spinner and associated parts (yoke, collet and blades) fit perfectly and performed flawlessly.

 Review by:

Spinner and blades

Beautifully made and very tactile spinner and collet plus blades assembly. Very accurate fit onto motor shaft. The prop blade root bosses needed a little filing down (as expected) to achieve a free fold but the spinner itself required no alteration. Lovely pieces of kit.

 Review by:

Great Product

I have converted my Vladimir Models Glider to EP. I installed an XPower2925/8 Windy motor with an 11x8 prop and this spinner. Great combination and looks great n the front end of the supra.

 Review by:

God product

Good product, good service as came the next day.

 Review by:

Spinner and all associated parts look great. Delivery and service/info
We’re awesome.

 Review by:

Delphin F5J

Bought with a 17 x 8 GM prop. Unfortunately the yoke is not quite long enough to fold flat against the Delphin's roomy nose. Bought a GM 36mm spinner and swapped the yokes for a now perfect fit. Shame I had to buy 2 spinners, but more a problem of my model than the spinners

 Review by:

GM 32mm spinner

Top notch looking spinner!!!...Fits the front of my 4m Enigma beautifully!!...Top hole service, as usual!!!!

 Review by:

Good product

Good product and quality. Always good service from Hyperflight :-)

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