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36mm GM CL F5J Spinner (No Collet)

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THESE SPINNERS MUST BE USED WITH GM CL BLADES. They are not compatible with any other propeller blades. Standard GM blades will have 10 degrees too much pitch and will not work correctly.

This GM CL Competition Line 36 mm spinner is extremely light and compact, and when used with matching GM CL prop blades facilitate an incredibly streamlined and low drag folding propeller installation. They also come with special rubber bands that ensure that the blades fold strongly against the fuselage sides. The carbon cones have openings cut in to keep these bands nicely in place.

The special yoke (also called hub or centre piece) used in the GM CL Spinner incorporates a design idea that originated with F5B hubs. An additional 10 degrees angle is added to the yoke and subtracted in the prop. This has no effect when the prop is open but results in the blades being twisted 10 degrees and lying flatter to the fuselage when folded. Also by using specially designed less twisted propeller blades any gaps between the folded prop and the fuselage are further reduced, minimising drag when gliding.

The blades are attached to the yokes with polished steel pins which have loose fit inside the yoke and slightly tighter fit inside the blade. To disassemble the set just use a rod or a hex screwdriver with diameter bellow 3mm and push the pins out. When reassembling the set GM advise applying small amount of oil to the bores of the yoke to prevent the pins from sticking. The spinner cone has milled slots to keep the blade folding rubber bands in place. The yokes are completely hidden inside the spinner cone and cannot be interchanged as clearance between yoke and cone is very tight.

GM CL 36mm Spinner Specification
Diameter 36 mm
Prop hinge pin diameter 3 mm
Prop blade root width 8 mm
Weight 11 g
Collet not included - select one to suit your motor or gearbox.

THESE SPINNERS MUST BE USED WITH GM CL *COMPETITION LINE* BLADES. They are not compatible with any other prop blades. Not even other GM blades.

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36mm GM CL F5J Spinner

Top quality Spinner to compliment and finish my new E-Typhoon, coupled with GM competition line blades it's just perfect
Service.....Well that's second to none, honestly, my go to shop every time

 Review by:

Does the manufacturer specify the maximum drive power for CL spiners and blades?

HyperFlight Reply: Yes, 800W. It is given on all the CL prop blade pages.

 Review by:

Lovely looking kit. Very GM with all that carbon. I bought this to upgrade an older style model. Arthobby Adventure. The fuse is oval in shape, this setup sits snug for 3/4, but for 1/4 of it blades sit out quite far. Better for round fuses at the nose by the looks of it. I would have been better to have gone with the original GM prop. Spinner combo. Ah well.

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