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Geronimo 2 F5J 2.5m

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Geronimo 2 is new version of the original Geronimo. It is sometimes called the Geronimo II X.

The wing airfoil was changed. Instead of the AD series airfoils the new MID line are used.
The fuselage pod was changed. Its shape in front of the wing differs. Also, the fuselage under the wing saddle is higher. Now it can accept both tail servos. The pushrods are shorter. The common 1 meter pushrods can be used.
The space in the fuselage in front of the wing was increased and it can easily accept the parts of the power unit.
The tailboom is lighter, what decreased overall weight of the model.

The wing and tail cores are produced of fine-grade styrofoam. It is covered with double layer of glasscloth 25 grams/m2.
The spar consists of carbon stips.

The fuselage is of classical design: carbon/Kevlar pod and carbon/glass boom.

The power unit setup is designed so that the model could climb 200 meters within 30 seconds. The power train consists of the Dualsky motor XM2208ECO V2 KV1800, 2S battery and prop Aeronaut 9,5x5 - 10x6.

The info below and the photos are of the original Geronimo, not the Geronimo 2 (AKA Geronimo II X). We confirm we have the Geronimo 2 (AKA Geronimo II X) in stock now. We will update the page when we have time.

The Geronimo is a lightweight electric thermal soarer designed for the Czech/Slovak 2.5m F5J electric glider class. Like the smaller model it borrows many design and technology refinements from discus launched gliders, and the aerodynamic design is well thought out and fault-free.

The nicely finished smooth glass skinned foam core wing has a substantial carbon spar. Each wing half is molded with the polyhedral in place, ensuring a very smooth and low drag surface, and good stability. The small lightweight fuselage pod is of kevlar/carbon construction and can accommodate folding props up to 20" diameter, allowing good climb rates. The convenient canopy hatch allows access to the electric motor and battery. The rear fuselage is made of a lightweight but long carbon boom, giving excellent flight stability.

The tail feathers have a similar construction to the wings and are in a conventional cross tail configuration, with a fin and tailplane. The tailplane is removable for easy transport. The control surfaces are actuated by servos in the pod using the supplied pushrods. This helps the CG to be correctly positioned even when using a lightweight powertrain.

The light weight, high aspect ratio, generous dihedral and tail moments, make the Geronimo a high performance and easy to fly thermal soarer that flies like a much more expensive design. The modern thin airfoil and four servo wing gives the model a wide speed range. The tough construction and excellent price point make it a very good first competition model.

The kit includes minimal English instructions, but a good set of build photos can be found here. Also see this excellent German build log for lots of useful info. It is for the 2m version but the 2.5m Geronimo uses an almost identical contruction methodology.

Geronimo F5J Specifications
Wing span 2.5 m 100 in
Wing area 43.0 dm2 667 sq in
Length inc spinner 141 cm 55.5 in
Flying weight from 750 g 26.5 oz
Wing loading 17.4 g/dm2 5.7 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 15.0
Wing airfoil AG40, 41, 42, 43
EDA (dihedral)
Spinner Diameter 32 mm
Centre of Gravity 90 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons, flap, throttle

Recommended RC
Rudder & Elevator Blue Bird BMS-126WV, KST X08, MKS DS65, MKS DS75, MKS DS6100, MKS HV6100
Ailerons Blue Bird BMS-125WV*, CHA DS06, KST X08N, MKS DS65, MKS DS75, MKS DS6100*, MKS HV6100*, MKS HV6110*
Flaps Blue Bird BMS-125WV*, CHA DS09, KST X08N, MKS DS75, MKS DS6100*, MKS HV6100*, MKS HV6110*
Receiver 7+ channel rx to match your transmitter
Power 30A ESC with 3A uBEC, HyperFlight 30A BLHELI-32 ESC, HyperFlight 40A BLHELI-32 ESC

* These servos are a little too big for the pockets and also a lttle too thick for the aileron pockets.

Geronimo Powertrain Recommendations
Powerline Micro 1010 3S 650mAh LiPo, 12x8 prop
XPower F2915/12 XLight 3S 750mAh LiPo, 9x6, 10x5 prop
Mega 16/15/4 2S 600mAh LiPo, 10x5 prop
Mega 16/15/5 7x5 folding prop, 3S 600mAh LiPo (8.2 m/s, 1640 fpm, 29A)

Geronimo F5J Typical Weights
Total structure 490 g 17.3 oz
Wiring 20 g 0.7 oz
Pushrods 11 g 0.4 oz
Receiver 10 g 0.4 oz
Rudder servo 9 g 0.3 oz
Elevator servo 9 g 0.3 oz
Wing servos (4) 36 g 1.3 oz
Speed control 30 g 1.1 oz
Motor 50 g 1.8 oz
Prop & spinner 25 g 0.9 oz
Battery 60 g 2.1 oz
Flying weight 750 g 26.5 oz

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 Review by:

Great step in model to F5J

I bought this models to our club for use as thermal traning models and to be able to fly with tranier transmitter.
Tested the first one this morning and I was really positive supriced that it flies extreamly good. Im use to highend models as NAN Q4 and Q5, i can only say that Geranimo 2 is a great step in model and best bang for your buck, so if you looking for step in model that will flies great and will not drain you wallet, this might be it :)
The bulid leavs e bit to yur ovn excperience to handle but just take you time ang you will sort it out.
I fly it with a CG of 89mm and the total weight is about 810g.

 Review by:

Geronimo 2

This is a beautifully manufactured kit with great emphasis on lightweight materials. Its intended for the 2.5m (F5J) class flown in Europe. The instructions are rather basic and you may need to refer to construction pictures on the manufactures site. I fitted the machine with 6 x bluebird BMS10 metal servos which looked rather small in the wing servo cut-outs but do the job as well as KST x08s. A wing wiring loom needs to be made to suit the narrow conduits. Lightweight twisted cable from hyperflight is recommended. I powered the model with an XPower 2915/12 Xlight (72g) , an old YGE 40amp ESC and an Overlander 900mAh 3S lipo . Its little OTT but the climb out is sparkling. I can recommend this motor over the Dual sky out-runner mentioned by the manufacturer as the Xpower avoids any issues with finding clear space for the motor cables. This model has a long fuselage and needs the all this power pack weight up of up front to get the C of G in the range 90 -95mm from the leading edge. The model is easy to fly and is nice a stable for competition work. The flaps are very effective and make spot landings a joy to practice. It would be worth investing in a small battery screw driver to help secure the wings and tailplane to the fuzelage as a standard driver becomes tedious by the time you have fitted all the nylon screws.

 Review by:

Receive my Geronimo 2 rapidly instead of the covid 19 embargo , thanks to Neil
Make the assembly this winter ,
Power train : motor Axi 2217/20 V2 , ESC Mantis 25 A ,
Servos H stab _ V stab : KST X08 , wihg servos , Corona DS 843
Batterie pack : 3S 650 Mh , 60 gm
Weight RTF : 790 gm
With the stab servos under the wing the CG is at 92 mm of the leading edge
After the Maiden flight we just have to add a small throttle _ elevator mix
and sligtly ajust the flap _ elevator mix .This bird glide like a dream
Since I am new to full house gliders( fly mainly Radian and RES gliders before ) ,
I had to implement speed and thermal flight modes
also being an aged pilot I had to improve the visibility of the model
Made a field box with the shipping box ..
Will put some pics on Rc Groups

 Review by:

Super service

Place an order of Geronimo 2 from Neil.
As expected the kit arrived in two weeks time in good condition.
Another super service from Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Great Performance

This is an excellent thermalling glider. It penetrates well for a light machine and can fly tight circles to work small patches of light lift. With strong thermals around, it needs to be flown faster to avoid pitch upsets and stalls - this is something I am learning! It is, however, quite fragile and the surfaces are easily damaged if you are not careful. You need to be particularly careful of landing with flaps down! I had to move the servos from the pod to under the wing to achieve the required CG, even with the a very light flight pack - the tail is very light.

 Review by:

Lovely model. Really nice quality & a lovely gentle flyer.

 Review by:

A very good glider. Like a big DLG. Optimal size, light, full house and cheap. One of the best you can choose.

 Review by:

Geronimo Glider/EGlider

I bought a Geronimo EGlider a few weeks ago now. My intention was to use it as a lightweight floater for calm weather sloping/thermalling at Burton Dassett Country Park. It is a larger version of the Saphire, which I have built as an E-Glider and have been very pleased with.

I would like to give the model 5 stars, and if my review was on performance alone it would get 5 stars in a heartbeat. Probably the best way to summarise my experiences are to write a set of 'good points and 'not so good points', so here goes:

Good Points
Fabulously lightweight, and aerodynamic airframe
Converts to a pure glider easily with little noseweight required
Flies beautifully
Stays airborne in the slightest hint of lift when just about all other models give up.

Not so good points
Incomplete parts packs. A bag of 2mm threaded rods was completely empty and the clevices for the wing linkages was one short.
Scant instructions, so definitely not for the novice builder.
The control horns for the flaps were way too short making it difficult to make the linkages slop free.

The model is perfect as a light wind glider for the slopes, but it isn't strong enough to take a bungee launch, so don't try!

I have taken a series of constructional photographs of varying quality and posted them with a share by share alike licence on Wikimedia Commons under the category Geronimo Glider/EGlider.

Overall, this is a truly fab model, and I am considering buying another to use as an EGlider.

 Review by:

I ordered a Geronimo and associated parts just after Christmas. The box arrived in Australia in perfect condition a week later and after another week of building and tinkering I've successfully flown it today. As the instructions say, with the CG in the specified position the Geronimo flies first try without problems. Flying conditions weren't that great so not much to report on performance other than that it seems to float as well as I'd hoped.

The build is not difficult but is a bit tricky in places, and the instructions are a little sparse. The photos on the web help. The supplied parts don't quite match the instructions eg the supplied 2 mm aluminium rods for aileron and flap pushrods don't have threads and I don't have tools to make threads. I ended up using the left over 2 mm carbon rod instead with short wire ends to the servo horns. My all up weight is 810 g including 40 g nose weight to get the CG correct (I think I chose an overly-light motor and it lacks power, but that's my fault!).

Overall a very satisfying experience - quick delivery, excellent quality model.

 Review by:


 Review by:


 Review by:

The plane looks well made, especially nice wings. I have not started building it yet but there should be no problems. It arrived in a very nice stout outer box which protected the contents very well. The delivery took less than a week, which is outstanding.

 Review by:

I have had the Geronimo for a month or so. I bought it after being very impressed with my Sapphire. The Geronimo is the same style and manufacture in a larger size. Same high quality, beautiful fuselage molding, nice light boom, and flying surfaces are vac bagged glass skins on fine grain white foam. Not molded quality, the LE and spar skin reinforcements can be felt, but not molded model price either. Very light.

My initial plan was to extend the model to over 3m. I built an extra centre wing panel and larger tail surfaces, as well as moving the tail surfaces as far aft on the boom as possible, with a slightly larger motor this brought the weight up from 860g to 1.2kg. I flew the model this way several times, trying different tail combinations with the new and kit surfaces, but was not really happy. So I reassembled it with the original kit wing and tail panels and flew it again. I was so impressed that the model will now remain in this configuration. I have now put in a smaller motor and weight is down to the advertised number.

Very impressive model. It flies almost as well as my larger molded Kappa 35, at half the price.

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