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Prandtl Wing V3 1.2m

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The AngelWing Designs FVT3 is a unique Prandtl 1200mm span finless flying wing using a bell shaped lift distribution to maintain stability.

The Original FVT has given many hours of fun, bemused looks, comments and banter. Most people who see these unique wings fly for the first time are amazed by the sheer fact that it does fly. No vertical stabiliser, no wing fences, no gyro, no drag rudders, just a simple set of elevons. When Marko originally conceived the FVT3 the design goal was from an aerodynamics perspective. The goal being to achieve a self stabilising "Nurflugel" all wing aircraft with minimal sweep and a straight trailing edge. This was in part because if these ideas were translated to full sized applications it is far easier to build a rigid structure that does not have the traditional sweep of a "Horten" wing, amd also to improve performance. His design goals were met with a very successful flying model which is inherently stable. After many hours of flying the inherent stability would sometimes been a little too stable where over control would induce Dutch Roll

This V3 version has any improvements to tune the design with a greater focus on being a simple slope soarer. The key goals being.
  • Easier to build
  • Sub 250g
  • Reduce / eliminate Dutch roll
  • Give the RC pilot a more hands on feel
Well these goals have all been achieved. The prototype weighed in a just 228g some 100g lighter than my own previous model. Its easier to build (beware some of the tips ribs are still very small) I have not been able to induce the Dutch Roll and you do have to fly the model more "that hands on feel" In fact it is now much easier to perform continuous loops and even rolls "the rolls aren't pretty"

This comprehensive kit contains
High quality Laser cut balsa parts
Selected 1.5mm Balsa wing sheet
Preformed weighted nose block (approx 50g weight)
Carbon Fibre Rod trailing edge
32awg Servo extension wire
Servo covers and Hatch
Feather hinge elevons hinge material

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