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Glassfibre 28mm Firewall for Many Motors

Product Code: FIREWALL-UNIV-28MM
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A good quality 28 mm diameter CNC cut firwall made from strong 2 mm thick glass epoxy sheet, ready cut for Speed 400/ Speed 480/ Speed 600/ Universal type gearboxes/motors.

Available in various diameters, though it is easy to reduce the size if necessary. To attach this firwall to carbon/Kevlar/glass fuselages we recommend JB Weld as it does not soften with temperature.

28 mm Firewall for Speed 400/ Speed 480/ Speed 600/ Universal Gearboxes
Diameter 28 mm 1.10"
Centre hole 11 mm 0.43"
Material 2 mm glass epoxy sheet 0.08" epoxy glass sheet
Gearbox holes 3 mm diameter 0.12" diameter
Gearbox hole pattern 2 holes on 16 mm plus 2 holes on 19 mm diameter circle

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