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Feather Cover (Satin)

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Feather Cover is a lightweight iron-on covering material weighing just 20 g/m2. It is ideal for lightweight and small models. What makes this material especially suitable for lightweight structures is its moderate shrink compared to traditional iron on coverings. This makes it easier to cover delicate built-up structures whilst minimizing the chance of inducing warps.

The satin finish translucent white colour gives the appearance of doped tissue with an attractive satin finish that can easily be decorated with self adhesive trim or paint. The rear of the film has a heat-activated glue coating, allowing it to be applied with a modeling iron set to to 120°C for tacking the sheet in place, and 160°C for shrinking. There is no backing film.

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Low Shrink
  • Self Adhesive
  • Iron on

Feather Cover Satin Film Specifications
Colour Translucent White
Length 5 m 16' 5"
Width 33.5 cm 13.2"
Weight 20 g/m2 0.07 oz/ft2
Thickness 0.028 mm
Tacking temperature 110 °C
Sealing temperature 125 °C
Shrinking temperature 150 °C
Packaging Supplied in a fattened roll

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6/2 ➙ 6/11 日本へ 梱包もキッチリでフィルムもしっかり護られていた。 為替が↗

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Great for small models

This stuff is great. Easy to apply and adhesive bonds well. Gives a classic look if left unpainted. Will be ordering more.

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Just right for the job...

Easy to apply, good, but not too strong a shrinkage to distort - currently using to covering a KK Senator. Excellent material, highly recommended for lightweight structures. Can we have some colour?
Just miss the smell of dope and tissue :-)

 Review by:

Feather Cover

I am just 'patch repairing' a ModelHob Escuella I built in 1984. To maintain it's visual hustory I have just patched in panels as punctured (dope/tissue) but now, having built a Pug and covered it and got familiar with the temperatures required, I have some panels on the Escuella in satin Feather Cover. I love the feather cover it looks fabulous and I will order more. I have learnt though, on slim aerofoil sections not to let heated covering touch the other side! BTW the Escuella was built about 25 years into my aeromodelling!

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A very good covering material, an alternative to litespan. I will be using it on a lazy bee that I am about to build.

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I purchased this product to recover a Keil Kraft Ladybird originally covered in Litespan. This had become torn so I striped it off and have applied the Feather Cover. This has gone on beautifully and is so easy to use providing one is careful with temperature settings on the iron. I am very pleased with the finish.

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Big Weight Saving

I removed no-name no-brand Chinese covering from my 1m glider and put on this new one today. I have successfully been able to save 20grams in weight!!!

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Very nice ultralight covering, almost disappears on sheeting. Great alternative to tissue and dope.

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Feather cover instructions

This is an addition to my first review. Don't panic Neil nothing negative...
Your Feathercover is accompanied by a note of temps for tack, sealing and shrinking.. (thanks Neil). Burn it.! Or at least disregard the temperature aspect the iron you use is king establish your own glue/tack, seal and shrink temperature with just a very small square or so, a set of temperature s for the iron in use can be found. Also allow iron to cycle a time or two
First heat it tends to run high...
I have tried three irons,all work well, all claim different temps doing the same job. Instructions say just a guide. It should read irons are a law unto themselves.
Feathercover is great and strong. Just don't believe your iron,its out to get you. 😁

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Covering with feather cover

Feather cover, well it certainly lives up to its name, because of this it is a little tricky to work with at first. It is very light but after a trial or three (in the main to establish correct settings on the iron.irvine iron the dial is imprecise and worth setting up the thing before covering in anger.) covering has a good tack and shrinkage is adequate. Overall feathercover is good and on the model much stronger than I at first thought.Final finish is good and I had no trouble in getting wrinkles out and a tight faultless cover... And colouring with permanent marker for a stripe or two works well. Overall I am very happy with it and would recommend. colours next please feathsrcover.

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