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Falcon 1.5m DLG

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The new Falcon DLG is here now. The Falcon is high aspect ratio winged DLG with many innovations, a good quality structure and excellent value.

The designer Oleg Golovidov shared that the Falcon's design was inspired the fabled XX-Lite from Kristof. Since flying that plane Oleg wanted to design and build a plane with a slim wing, a huge launch, and fast legs, but more 'floaty' and not quite as extreme as XX-Lite. This meant a slightly larger wing chord than XX-Lite, but smaller than the NXT. The fuselage was designed with a four servos in the pod layout as that allowed for a thinner wing without compromising the airfoil or the structure of the wing. This also makes installing the RC a lot easier and quicker.

The flight tests confirmed the primary design goals. The plane launches straight and very high. The flight speed is relatively fast, as it should be for a narrow wing plane. But when cambered up the plane 'grabs' the air extremely well and circles tight without any hesitation. The Falcon DLG is super friendly and allows even pilots with low experience levels to extract maximum performance.

The model is fabricated by HQ Composites to an good standard. The quality of the parts is excellent. The fit and finish are superb. You have to see the plane to really appreciate how nice and shiny the surfaces are.

The model is all spread carbon composite construction. The fuselage is a very nice design with a good sized pod for easy instillation of the RC. Additionally underneath a ballast tunnel is built-in, to allow weights to be added easily when flying in windy conditions. The fuselage also features recesses to partially fair in the aileron horns. This ia a great innovation, featuring the simplicity of external aileron horns together with most of the drag saving of internal horns and pushrods.

The wing is beautifully molded from spread carbon with solid core construction, and a good surface finish. The wing aerodynamics are based on the Gerald Taylor's Synergy airfloil family modified to work at the lower wing chords of this high aspect ratio design.

The fin and tailplane are substantial and again nicely finished.

The very complete accessory bag contains a very strong launch blade, all control horns, torque springs for the tail surfaces, pull cord wire and two servo trays, for four KST X08 or four MKS DS75K or HV75K servos. Also some inastallations have used BMS 101 servos.

Please see the RCGroups Falcon thread for lots more info and photos.

Falcon DLG Specifications
Wing span 1.5 m 59 in
Wing area 19.0 dm2 295 sq in
Length 104 cm 40.7 in
Flying weight from 218 g 7.7 oz
Wing loading 11.5 g/dm2 3.8 oz/sq ft
Aspect ratio 11.8
Wing airfoil GT Synergy2 mod
Dihedral angle 6.0º
Centre of Gravity 63 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Rudder, elevator, ailerons

Falcon DLG Typical Weights
Fuselage 37.0 g 1.31 oz
Wing (light) 88.0 g 3.10 oz
Fin 6.5 g 0.23 oz
Tailplane 5.5 g 0.19 oz
Accessories 15.0 g 0.53 oz
Total structure 152.0 g 5.36 oz
Glue mounts etc 2.0 g 0.07 oz
Receiver 5.0 g 0.18 oz
Tail servos 17.0 g 0.60 oz
Wing servos 17.0 g 0.60 oz
Battery 20.0 g 0.71 oz
Noseweight 5.0 g 0.18 oz
Flying weight approx 218 g 7.7 oz
The above weights can be improved on wirth careful equipment selection. See the photo of the 204g Falcon taken from the RCGroups thread. The builder believes he could have got it down to 200g.

Recommended RC
All servos KST X08, MKS DS75K, MKS HV75K
Receiver (max size approx 60mm x 25mm x 12mm) 4/5 channel rx to match your transmitter, eg FrSky X4R, Spectrum AR6610T, Lemon LM0034, Futaba 6008HS*, Futaba R6106HFC *case removed
Power Tatu 1S 350 mAh, HyperLiPo 2S 300 mAh LiPo, Radient 1S 600 mAh

Sorry, this model is not availailable to US & Canada buyers, please buy from Oleg Golovidov.

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Best DLG I've Ever Owned

I've been flying DLGs on and off for maybe the past 10-12 years and the Falcon is far and away the best flying of them all. The build is incredibly straightforward and most of the hard work is already done for you. As far as thermaling performance goes, I'll just say that the Falcon doesn't want to come down. If there's any lift at all, the plane will tell you where it is, and go up, up, up.

 Review by:

Excellent DLG

A quick and safe arrival to Australia, my thanks to Neil Stainton, the quality of this kit is very impressive. I know there is not much to build but as I've not assembled a DLG before (or anything else for a very long time) I read RC Groups Falcon thread which was very helpful and I took my time and overall I'm very pleased with the result. Only a couple of flights so far but so rewarding, it adds another dimension to nearly 40 years of my RC glider experiences!

 Review by:

Excellent product

Very good quality plane, good price. This plane is competitive with CX5. Out launches CX5. Easy to fly. I'll take 2.

 Review by:

Nice DLG

Itís awesome for turning with energy saving, and sensitive to thermal upwind. I assembled both light and regular versions. Light version weighs 204g with two KSTs and two BMSs.
Wide range can be covered through many conditions. Penetration is excellent relatively with other slow DLGs.
Nice quality and customer respect.
Ukraine did one more miracle!

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