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Carbon Pod suitable for 3m-3.7m F5J Electric Gliders

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Electric glider lightweight carbon pod suitable for 3m-3.7m F5J Electric Gliders. This very light pod is expertly constructed from carbon-epoxy composites. Suitable for use is F5J type home designed electric RC gliders. For pure gliders a wooden nosecone can easily be glued in place.

A large 24 cm long carbon canopy is supplied for good access to the motor and RC. On the fuselages initially supplied to HyperFlight the opening for these is approx 125 mm x 32mm, leaving a shelf to the rear for mounting the rudder and elevator servos, as shown in one of the photos. However the hanopy hatch access opening could be increased in size to approx 210 mm x 35 mm if preferred.

The pod front as suplied is approx 35 mm diameter however no firewall has been attached and only approx 3 mm needs to be trimmed from the front to fit a 38 mm firwewall.

Supplied with a removable carbon canopy. The spigot fits our 25 mm boom and our 26 mm boom. Note these are not included in the price and one should be purchased separately. The AVA V mount fits these boom to make a complete Drela type pod-boom-tail mount fuselage.

F5J Pod Specification
Electric pod length inc spigot 62 cm 24.4 in
Electric pod length ex spigot 55 cm 21.6 in
Nose to wing LE 33.3 cm 13.0 in
Boom spigot diameter 24.3 mm 0.96 in
Wing root chord approx 18.5 cm 7.3 in
Max wing chord No limit
Weight 74 g 2.6 oz
Spinner diameter 35 mm -38 mm

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Excellent product! The 26mm boom fits well. The 25 mm is to small, there is not enough material to sand away to make it fit.

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Piece of art

When I unwrapped this carbon fuseí, I didnít know whether to use it for Itís intended purpose or hang it in the wall. It is beautiful. Logic finally won out. Although I hesitated to make the first cut in it, the pod/boom is now the replacement for my original ďInside F5JĒ fuselage.( Please donít ask.) It is very strong and perfectly rigid while being very light in weight. I like the molded-in servo mounting tray and the perfect fit of the canopy. With plenty of space in the nose and under to wing, balancing at the CG is easy.

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