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Elf Pro Electric Upgrade Kit including powertrain

Product Code: ELF-PRO-EL-UPG
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Price: $150.95

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We now stock an Elf Pro El Upgrade Kit. This consists of everything required for an electric powered Elf except for the wing (and RC of course). It a great way of getting a new lease of low stress/high performance fun without the difficulties of a discus launch.

This Elf Pro Electric Upgrade Kit includes all the items necessary to upgrade Elf DLG to an Elf Pro El. The kit consists of:

  • Elf Pro El fuselage (grey)
  • Elf Pro El fin
  • Elf Pro El tailplane
  • Elf Pro & Spin Electric Powerset

The pod molding in the current fuselages is grey, not blue. The only thing required from the Elf DLG is the wing, which is not modified, and can still be used on the Elf DLG.

The Elf Pro Electric Upgrade Kit comes with a complete accessory pack and servo trays designed for KST X06, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Ripmax SD100, Hepf H47 or Dymond D47 servos. No other servo will fit easily.

The highly regarded Elf Pro & Spin Electric Powerset is supplied with the upgrade kit and included in the price shown. A 2S 300 mAh LiPo battery is recommended.

The speed control has been modified to optionally output 5V or unregulated 2S LiPo battery voltage to the receiver and thus servos. As supplied the ESC outputs the unregulated 2S Lipo battery voltage (approx 8.2V initially unloaded). This is good when using high voltage servos, and especially if using receiver voltage telemetry, as you can see/hear the battery voltage on the transmitter. On the other hand if you are using normal voltage servos you will need to extricate the wire marked 8.4V and insert the wire marked 5V into the RC plug.

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Highly recommended

Easy to upgrade or build up as an electric Elf. Beautiful little thing - the way the prop sits back and comes to life under power is wonderful. CG was spot on from the start with a Turnigy 2s under the wing and a miniature Flysky Rx under the canopy. I put an on/off switch and charge lead in there so the plane can stay built up. New horizons opened up as the constant DL of the standard Elf was taking its toll.

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