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HyperFlight 150 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery

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Small four cell 4.8V battery suitable for the Elf and other small gliders. This is the only NiMH battery we have found that fits in the tiny Elf pod.

The battery comes with a proprietary plug. This will have to be replaced with a standard servo plug (not included).

This battery should be trickle charged at 15mA for approx 14 hrs. You can make up a charge lead using a 470 ohm 0.1W (or larger) resistor. Charge from a 12V DC voltage source.

Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Number of cells 4
Voltage 4.8V nominal
Capacity 150 mAh
Charge current range 15 mA - 50 mA
Trickle charge 15 mA for 14 hrs
Weight 17.5 g
Length 31 mm
Width 22 mm
Height 11 mm

Reviews 7  

 Review by:

Elf Battery

Following the instructions on charging this battery with direct 12v dc with a resistor to drop it down to 15mh I got about 5 minutes of radio time. So I swapped over to a 1 cell Lipo which also only gave about 5 minutes on my Lemon rx. The lemon rx should run on 3.45v so not sure what happened. Anyway I have got it solved by adding a 3.7v to 5v booster to my Lipo. May be my rx is more volts hungry than it should be but a 1 cell and voltage booster might be a better bet for the Elf. Sorry to be negative but there is no point in reviews if they are not honest.

 Review by:

The usual great service from Hyperflight. Nice little battery.

 Review by:

150ma Nimh RX Pack

Perfect small and lightweight packs. I have a few now and have used them successfully in my X-Res, Elf and Snipe. I charge at 100ma on a multi charger.

 Review by:

RX Battery used in the Elf

I purchased one of these batteries together in the same order as an Elf.

Service from HyperFlight is excellent. Can certainly recommend them, no matter what country you're in.

This battery fits nicely in the Elf. I mounted mine to the Elf with a little hot glue and it feels rock solid. if you use it in the Elf, you'll need to mount it 15mm to 20mm back from the front of the nose, otherwise the cone will foul on the battery.

I followed the charging instructions, using a 12v charger and adding a 470 ohm resistor in series. Works perfectly. I monitor my battery voltage and disconnected from the charger when the pack reaches 5.8V. I had over 45 minutes of flight time and the battery had been depleted to only around 60%. Servo's used in my Elf were Hitec nano servo's, so current draw is minimal.

Certainly use one of these packs if you're buying an Elf.

 Review by:

150 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery

Excellent little Battery for my Elf DLG !

 Review by:

Nice little battery although I would have liked some charging instructions to come in the pocketed. I ordered two and I've blown one up charging it at 0.1A. I think

 Review by:

150 mah nimh

Super tiny NiMH pack suitable for the smallest DLG, recieved the next day after ordering, brilliantly!

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