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Elf 1m DLG

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The Vladimir's Models Elf is a 1m lightweight mosquito class mini discus launched glider (DLG) that weighs only 95g ready to fly. Being so light no effort or rotation of the body is needed to throw it, and even an unfit and arthritic person like myself can launch it to 25m very easily (and with no aches the next day). After a brief dusk trimming session I caught a thermal and specced out on the very first launch on the first daytime flight - the feeling of accomplishment is really brilliant!

The Elf now includes wings bags, so these are now included in the base price. There is no need to order wings bags separately.

The model is an update of Dr Mark Drela's ground breaking Apogee design and performs wonderfully as a small field DLG model or even a micro slope soarer. Built to Vladimir's Models incredibly high standards, the kit is very highly prefabricated with the wing, fin, and tailplane finished. Only the simple pod and boom fuselage requires a little work. Assembling the Elf and fitting the RC shouldn’t take more than a couple of evenings.

The one piece wing uses free flight type construction techniques, to maximise strength and stiffness, and minimise weight. The wing’s front part is a beautifully molded carbon Dbox for good torsional strength and excellent aerodynamics. The substantial spar is made from carbon spar caps with vertical grain balsa shear webs. The balsa ribs are connected to the thin carbon trailing edge using carbon capstrips, and aft of the spar is covered with film. The Dbox is beautifully curved, and at the wingtips there is a slot for bonding in the launching winglet.

The pod and boom fuselage uses very neat transparent plastic moldings for the pod and sheath nosecone. These are an excellent fit and follow the wing underside contour for a gap free fit. The tailboom is a tapered wrapped carbon tube with a pre-cut slot for the fin, and a flattened front section for mounting the R/C equipment. The fin is made from rigid foam with carbon spars and has smooth vac-bagged glass covering, and incorporates the rudder with a very free living hinge. The all flying foam/carbon/glass tailplane is mounted above the boom using a tiny V mount to minimise drag and allow it to be pivoted for excellent control. All pushrods and accessories are included, only the R/C gear and minimal building equipment is required.

The Elf is supplied almost completely finished. The fuselage now comes with the V mount, pod and pushrods already fixed in place. All that is required to finish the model is to glue the fin, tailplane and launch peg in place and fit the RC.

Beginners, we highly recommend the Elf as a first hand launched glider - because it is easy to fly, is reasonably crash resistant if flown over long grass, and has superb performance. It doesn't require much assembly - just gluing on the tail, and fitting the radio control.

Download our Elf Assembly Guide (3Mb) to see how easily and quickly the Elf goes together. Note photo 6 on P6 is incorrect, the tailplane holder's horn should be on the left, as shown correctly below.

Elf tailplane mount correct orientation

For more info see the ongoing Elf build log and discussion on RCGroups. Our thanks to Camilo Posada, Leigh & Sheree for use of their photos.

Elf Specification
Wing span 1.0 m 39 in
Wing area 11.7 dm2 181 sq in
Length 68 cm 27 in
Typical flying weight 95 g 3.3 oz
Wing loading 8.1 g/dm2 2.6 oz/sq ft
Wing airfoil AG12, AG13, AG14
Dihedral 11 degrees
Aspect ratio 8.6
Centre of Gravity 74-76 mm from wing leading edge
Controls Elevator & rudder

Elf Typical Weights
Fuselage 16.5 g 0.58 oz
Wing 41.0 g 1.45 oz
Hoz tail 3.3 g 0.12 oz
Vert tail 2.8 g 0.10 oz
Accessories 4.0 g 0.14 oz
Total structure 69.6 g 2.46 oz
Battery 11.4 g 0.40 oz
RC gear 14.0 g 0.49 oz
Flying Weight 95 g 3.35oz

Recommended R/C-nano gear only
Elevator & rudder servos Ripmax SD100, Blue Bird BMS-101HV, Blue Bird BMS-101AMG*, Blue Bird BMS-101DMG*
Receiver (space approx 45 x 21 x 10 mm) FrSky G-RX6, Spektrum AR6260*, AR6100e, Futaba R6004FF*, Orange DSM2 compatible, Jeti Duplex R4 & R5, Multiplex Mlink RX-6-DR Light*, FrSky D4R II *case removed
Battery (space approx 45 x 21 x 12 mm) HyperLipo 2S 175 mAh LiPo, 150 mAh 4.8V

*These servos are good value and fit easily, but do not operate from a 2S LiPo,
so a 1S LiPo or a 4.8V NiMH battery is required.

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Quick delivery, quick assembly. Beautifully built. Cant wait to see how it flies.

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Insane ELF !

Returning to R/C flight after too may years I purchased the Elf DLG as something I could use in the local fields. The service from Hyperflight was exemplary with the kit delivered in 24 hours. On opening the box I was greeted with an equally impressive set of parts (barely enough call it a kit!) the most impressive of which is the beautifully finished wing. The quality of the carbon framework is topnotch,assembly was quick and simple all I needed was some decent weather ! Yesterday the conditions were fine enough for a test flight and the Elf certainly lived up to expectations, a small flick sent his little bird up 20 m ! goodness knows how high it will go when I get the opportunity to give the full heave !This model's frail looks and super light weight bely it's true strength,capabilities and performance and I am looking forward to many happy flights.
Highly recommended and whilst not cheap you certainly get what you pay for.

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Amazing little model. The way it hangs in the air is fantastic. Iíd heard from others the model appears too fragile and perhaps a bit too light but it isnít so.
The model appears strong and the wing has an amazing level of torsional rigidity.
My only modification was to wrap the upper nosecone with a double wrap bandage of .6oz/sq yd
glass cloth and epoxy with say 10% micro balloons.
This has made the edge of the nosecone much stronger and stops it getting chipped and damaged around the interface with the main cone/fuselage.
An excellent model that will be a mainstay of my collection for many years.
Excellent service as always from hyperflight.

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Elf Purchase

Easy to order, fast despatch, well packaged, a beautifully lightly built model which I look forward to completing and joining the DIscus Launch (DLG)world with.
Great Overall service thatís why I keep coming back.

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Elf Purchase

Easy to order, fast despatch, well packaged, a beautifully lightly built model which I look forward to completing and joining the DIscus Launch (DLG)world with.
Great Overall service thatís why I keep coming back.

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Beautifully built, reliable and prompt service. Great to fly - it is my second Elf as my first was damaged beyond repair after several years flying squashed by moving luggage in my car! The tail fitting could be slightly stiffer and exponential is needed for pitch control but a delight to fly in all sorts of sites where a heavier faster model would not be appropriated e.g. soaring tiny slopes on Plymouth Ho etc.

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love my Elf

Comment by:

Elf, perfecto

recibŪ mi elf hace dos semana,todo perfecto, mi primer DLG, ya lo he volado.
C.G. a 67 mm, perfecto, servos D47, rx jeti r7 nano.
lo lanzo directamente sin dar vueltas, vuela de maravilla.
una gran compra.

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Super fun small DLG! As has been said in many other reviews, service, packaging, and delivery time are superb. Having recently moved to Germany from Southern California and I was in need of something fun to fly at the nearby sloping pasture. I'm happy with the Elf. It can take some breeze, but not too much if the air becomes turbulent (although i think it's fun because of the Elf's maneuverability!). I've been flying RC sailplanes for about 40 years now (Slope and Thermal...mostly Slope) and can recommend the Elf to anyone looking for an easy to transport, great flying, affordable (comparatively speaking for what you get) and good looking DLG. Build quality is super and assembly is very straightforward. Glad I chose the Elf. Like George says (recent review)..."Everybody should have one"!...

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The Elf kit, delivered with Hyperflightís usual promptness in a very robust container, is beautifully built. My only criticism is that the threads for the wing mounting screws in the fuselage were not very cleanly cut and care is needed to avoid cross- threading. I used two Blue Bird 101HV servos, a FrSky RX4R and 2s 180mAh Nano-tech battery. First two flying sessions were outstanding in light winds. The model climbs easily in the slightest lift, but it has a wide speed range should you need to escape strong lift. Everybody should have one.

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Elf dlg

This is a perfect glider for a novice or more experienced flyer ,assembly is a breeze and the price doesn't reflect on the quality, this is by far one of the best simple gliders around

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Best glider ever

I can stay in the air for hours with the heat of a candle, best glider ever

 Review by:

It's May 15th 2020 and I'm lucky enough to have fields on my doorstep and a near windless morning. I've just had two hours of successful thermal catching with my Elf. This year I've upgraded my radio to a FrSky QX7 and bought a new RX4R receiver. I still consider myself a bit of a part time newbie and was just recollecting when I bought the Elf. As I replaced it in the box that it arrived in I noticed it was April 2014 according to Hyperflight's delivery sticker. . I have learnt to fly DLG on this model. It has had it's fair share of rough landings, I replaced a scuffed nose cone a few years ago and have repaired the tail boom a couple of times. The wings are unscathed and as perfect as they were new. I can honestly say that given the right conditions this model is absolutely perfect. I've just flown nearly out of range with warning beeps on the tx and the model a tiny spec accompanied by one of the local buzzards - fantastic. To any one considering one of these don't hesitate. I've had years of fun.

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I got my Elf as alternative to paragliding which I can't do under the lockdown at the moment, and as a nice way to get back to RC sailplanes which I haven't done for 10+ years now. It's a lovely model, with top quality finish, and the overall service from hypreflight has been great too. I've been flying it mainly in a big open space in a park nearby, and playing with a btit of turbulence or super light morning thermals has been great fun!

I'm flying mine on a 2S 180mAh LiPo, 2x Blue Bird BMS-101AMG and a Hitec Minima 6E without body. ~2g of ballast in the nose and 108g all up weight. I got the CG around 69-70mm, a bit further forward than he recommended 75mm - I found it a bit too twitchy in turbulence using the recommended CG position.

Definitely not a model for stronger wind and turbulence, so I might have to get another DLG for this (it's soooooo addictive!), but for an early morning or a late evening session before / after work, it's ideal.

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I ordered an Elf from Hyperflight, it was dispatched within 24 hours and arrived at my doorstep in Australia in about a week. The model was well packed and arrived undamaged. The Elf is a work of art and no doubt it will fly as good as it looks. The service that Neil provides is first class and my other purchases have all received the same attention. I will not hesitate to purchase from Hyperflight again in the future.

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ELF mini DLG

ELF ordered on Friday and received on Monday! Very well packaged in a strong cardboard box. Build (?) almost completed now, just need to set CoG, then await a suitable day. I have to say I have used Hyperflight in the past and have always found the service excellent.

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Elf mini DLG

Great little glider to put together , although manual could be updated as pointed by other purchases .
No missing parts and arrived in a very sturdy box and in good condition by ( parcelfarce )within a couple of days of ordering .
Nice to know the glider is well rated on RCGroups and Hyperflight as well ..

 Review by:

Elf to Slovenia

Very good service and swift response

 Review by:

Excellent service. Beautiful DLG

Received my ELF DLG from Hyperflight within a week delivered to Singapore. Service was outstanding. The ELF is a beautiful creation - not flown her yet, as I'm awaiting my new transmitter. Final weight will be around 94 g. Build is fairly straightforward. Complimentary wing bags are a nice touch. Packaging is excellent and ELF arrived undamaged. Bluebird servos are also of a superb quality.

 Review by:

A meter of brilliance

My second model from Hyp/flight. Elf finish
and fit is first class, build is easy, its all but finished. The instructions and accompanying photographs make final assembly easy. This coupled with an inspired design make this first DLG model a great choice. I'm very pleased. NOW ABOUT THE ENGLISH WEATHER #+Č&#:* !

 Review by:

ELF goes to Bavaria

The Elf seems hard to get a hold of so as soon as she was available, I did not hesitate to order :) The package arrived within 5 working days. The packaging was simple and effective, thus reasonably light. I will modify and use the box for transport purposes.

The model is nearly finished out of the box and took a few evenings to assemble. The quality of the parts seems very good. One issue I had, was that the rudder slot in the elevator was not dead center. Perhaps this intentional to allow for a greater gap on the side of the rudder push rod to prevent fouling?

My setup resulted in quite a heavy model that was also nose heavy requiring further weight. I taped a few old lead air rifle pellets to the boom in the tail section to get the desired 75 mm CoG position. My total flying weight is now 113 g. Hopefully this will rob too much flight time. Really looking forward to getting out for the first flight!

My setup:
Rx is a Graupner GR-12L
Servos are Dymond D47s
Battery is a Turnigy 2s 180 mAh (connects straight to Rx via extension lead)
Tx is a Graupner MZ-12 Pro

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ELF goes to Bavaria

The Elf seems hard to get a hold of so as soon as she was available, I did not hesitate to order :) The package arrived within 5 working days. The packaging was simple and effective, thus reasonably light. I will modify and use the box for transport purposes.

The model is nearly finished out of the box and took a few evenings to assemble. The quality of the parts seems very good. One issue I had, was that the rudder slot in the elevator was not dead center. Perhaps this intentional to allow for a greater gap on the side of the rudder push rod to prevent fouling?

My setup resulted in quite a heavy model that was also nose heavy requiring further weight. I taped a few old lead air rifle pellets to the boom in the tail section to get the desired 75 mm CoG position. My total flying weight is now 113 g. Hopefully this will rob too much flight time. Really looking forward to getting out for the first flight!

My setup:
Rx is a Graupner GR-12L
Servos are Dymond D47s
Battery is a Turnigy 2s 180 mAh (connects straight to Rx via extension lead)
Tx is a Graupner MZ-12 Pro

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Speedy delivery considering New Zealand is the other side of the globe. 4 days in
total, impressive.
As for the ELF, it arrived in perfect condition using just a strong cardboard box for packaging. Quality built DLG for an entry level ship and well worth every penny.
I plan to show it off to the team at one of our largest Hobby Stores in Auckland before i get started on building it.

 Review by:

Luvvly Jubbly!

The only disappointing thing about my newly acquired Elf is that after assembly ('build' is hardly appropriate for such a simple job) there was no suitable weather in the superbly packed box for me to fly it in! Still won't be long (ever the optimist) Can't wait.

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Luvverl Jubbly!

The only disappointing thing about my newly acquired Elf is that after assembly ('build' is hardly appropriate for such a simple job) is that there was no weather in the superbly packed box for me to fly it in! Still won't be long (ever the optimist) Can't wait.

 Review by:

Wonderful first dlg model

Really quick delivery to Switzerland, excellent packaging.
The build was straightforward, but not that easy, as space in the pod is minimal and everything is so light, thin and fragile. Found a 1s 300mAh that fits and gets the cg just right. The wing (blue) is a work of art.
First flights today. Wow, what a thorough enjoyment this model is. Steers exactly as you wish, climbs effortlessly after a throw and I am just getting used to throwing it. Reacts immediately to the smallest of thermals. Throwing and flying is kind of meditative... really relaxing and fun.

 Review by:

Very pleased with the purchase of my first DLG model. Fast delivery and well packaged with good instructions. It's a beautifully made little plane.
Having experience of powered electric model aircraft, I hadn't appreciated how tight the space for r/c equipment is however. I had hope to use the Rx from another model but it was too big and so I had to buy a new Orange Rx and new Tx to match. Just beware if you're new to DLG mini models. Although I fitted the Bluebird servos I found that the servo arms fouled on the nose cone , even having trimmed then as short as possible. Having said that i look forward to test flights when the weather is more suitable! Although the model is quite tough I've cracked the fin thanks to a strong wind gust piling the Elf into the ground after a gentle hand launch.

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A piece of art

"That thing is a piece of art" was the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw the wing. The quality of the whole kit is really top-notch. Everything fits perfectly, assembly is straightforward.

I run it straight from a 1S 250mAh LIPO, servos are Blue Bird BMS-101AMG (also purchased at Hyperflight), and the receiver is a stripped-down RSF06 (Futaba S-FHSS compatible). I stop flying after two hours, with battery voltage around the 3.80V mark.
Total weight is 96 grams.

Been flying 5 sorties / about 10 hours so far - in lousy Luxembourgish winter weather (temperatures around the freezing point, clouds, light rain...) - and that little ELF performs remarkably well even in those sub-optimal conditions. Typical flying times in "dead" air are around 40 seconds, and up to 2 minutes when helped by a few gusts of wind. I expect flying times to approach infinity in good thermalling weather ;-)

Delivery from Hyperflight was quick. The ELF kit came in a huge box, with everything carefully wrapped in bubble foil and taped securely to the inner box walls. The wing protection bags are a nice touch!

 Review by:

Great little glider

Really nice little glider. Build is not difficult, but I like to take my time and carefully plan each operation (cutting servo wires to correct length, trimming pushrods after locating right place for the servos for a 75 mm CG, depinning the Frsky X4R RX, inserting a bit of scrap balsa in tail tube to ensure better contact, checking/adjusting wing balance...). I think that this pays off in the end. All-up weight is 94 grams with 260 mAh 1S (3.7V) battery and bluebird servos.

From a couple of simple throws in a gentle slope, no trim was needed, but I did reduce elevator travel by half. Rudder travel can be kept large. I was a bit anxious about attempting my first ever discus-sytle launch (not trying to put too much energy) : success, the climb happens like it is on rails and the flight is very nice (30 seconds +), even though I didn't catch thermals, as this was too late in the evening. Returned the next day, around noon and catched a good thermal on my second launch. I kept it in the air for 5 minutes (including a loop) but it could easily have been more. It ended up in my hand. Pure joy!

If I had to change something, it would be replacing the X4R by the new stamp-sized RX4R to shave another couple of grams or perhaps the G-RX6 which is also lighter than the X4R and includes a vario. But then, who needs a vario for something that floats in silence like the ELF :)

 Review by:

Excellent Elf

I've been flying my Elf for over a year, so this review is rather overdue.

It's become possibly my favourite model ever! Beautifully made, simple to fly and excellent performance. I'm over 50 so I don't go mad launching it too hard, but on a thermic day I find I climb away 1 launch out of 3, and the other 2 end up in my hand ready to go straight away.

I set it up as per Neil's suggestions and it was spot on from the first flight.

Get one! I may get a spare as I can't imagine not having it for impromptu fun flying sessions.

 Review by:

elf dlg

i have been looking for an excuse to buy the elf for some time,so on my birthday when i was asked what i wanted, guess what!!elf arrived very quickly and in a huge bomb proof cardboard box.five sleeps later i was a year older and opened said box to find a superb little plane with very little work to assemble.had to wait three weeks for decent calm weather but was not disapointed when the long awaited day elf balanced perfectly with the smart lipo i bought from neil a couple of years ago i have just spent a brilliant first hour with MY elf, I have only managed a half rotation so far , and i have hooked it a few times but i still managed to find a little lift on my first outing.this little chap will be finding a home in my works van, because its perfik for lunch breaks.

 Review by:

Exquisite Elf

Superbly packaged by Hyperflight, the Elf inside was exquisitely made. Assembly was straightforward but made tricky by the tiny components (I needed a desk magnifier with integral LED lights for some of the work).

As an experienced sailplane builder, I found the included instructions mostly satisfactory. I placed the SD100 servos just forward of the wing leading edge to allow space for servo and battery wires to pass through. The servos could probably go slightly further aft to make room for a longer battery. The Cellevia 1S 250mAh battery proved to be ideal for the Elf and is small enough to permit fore/aft repositioning in order to finesse the CG position.

With control throws and balance as recommended in the instructions, the Elf flew perfectly from the first test glide. It is a delight to fly and 'sniffs' thermals very obviously. As others have said, this is a good choice as a first DLG.

My thanks to Neil at Hyperflight who generously gave time, sound advice and support when I needed it during construction.

 Review by:

This is my first purchase from hyperflight. The product are very nicly packed and secure and I have receive the product just after a couple of days in Singapore.
The Elf is a great model and is very light so it will be able to stay up for a long er time.

I would like to thanks Neil which helped to quickly swap the servo to the correct type as i have ordered by mistake.

Finally, my Elf come to around 103g, it is q bit of a challenge to get it below 100g for high voltage (2c lipo) setup without using the SmartLipo from Shread-RC and a light receiver.

 Review by:

Fantastic service as usual

I have purchased several models from hyperflight and each time the products are quickly dispatched and beautifully packed. Neil even changed the connectors on a battery for me - above and beyond the call of duty! Many thanks. The elf is a wonderful model, so well constructed it is mind blowing. It is incredibly light and perfect for calm summer evenings. Thank you again - it is good to find a supplier who is so helpful and has such a wide range of quality products.

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG.

Bought an Elf, to get insight in DLG Flying, without investing a lot of money.

A great choice since the Elf flies amazingly, I can slope-soar in 3-4 m/s wind without any troubles. In higher windforces no trouble flying just need to stay out in front of slope, so that you are not blown behind hill.
Easy penetration of the wind sofar.

Glider was received quickly and in a very robust package. The build was quite easy but unfortunately I destroyed the servos due to reversed polarity (Ripmax servos) when connecting them to receiver, my fault, stupid but these things happens... so double-check before powering!. Ordered new servos: Blue Bird BMS-101HV Servo - 0.06s 4.5g 7.6mm and they work excelllent.

Regarding battery, apparently it is not allowed to send lipos to a number of countries (I am from Denmark) from UK, so I could not get the desired battery, but had to
look around and found this battery that works well for me:

I think that I could even choose a bigger battery and still fly, so are still examining different 2S batteries.
The nose cone is pretty tight fit for the moment.
Battery: Length: 38.6 mm, Height: 11.5 mm, Width: 16,5 mm.
Length is not an issue, mostly height and width causing trouble.
Might design a new bigger nose cone version for 3D printing later on.

I have also bought a Matek Voltage booster card that will take a 1S battery as input and generate 5V/2A as output.
Need to test this setup more before I know how well it performs.

The flight characteristics for Elf is that it glides exceptionally well and easily finds lift, it is easy to fly and turns well.
Quite sensitive to pitch control, but guess it also depends on how you set-up your transmitter.

For a DLG-beginner, I think it is a nice startup solution, I would hate to buy an expensive top-of-line 1.5 m DLG and crash it on first flight,
better to get a gradual progression.

Battery: Dualsky 2S 220 mah, battery front is positioned 15 mm from absolute front tip of carbon rod.
Receiver: FrSky X4R
Transmitter: FrSky QX7
Total weight : 66.2 gr ! (including plane, battery, receiver, nose cone) on digital weight.

Easy to put in car, some care needs to be taken regarding the wings and tail. I have them wrapped in the supplied bubble plastics and it works for the moment,
might buy real wing bags later on.

Best regards

 Review by:

Spot on service

The delivery service from Hyperflight was excellent and the Elf was very well packed in a sturdy cardboard box. Unfortunatley one of the servos I ordered was faulty but this was returned and replaced by return post, you can't ask for better service than that! The Elf is beautifully made and well designed but I would only give it 9 out of 10 stars as there are a couple of issues. At present I am having to fly it with a basic transmitter and I find the pitch over sensitive as I have no expotential or travel adjustment available. Also the instructions leave something to be desired. Having now had three one hour flying sessions I am throughly enjoying this new experience of DLG. No luck with proper lift so far a few reduced sink rate flights offer much promise.
Thanks Hyperflight.

 Review by:


Shipping was fast and well packed.
Building was a bit complicated, if you're new in this world, but after a bit it was done perfectly.
Elf, flies very well, very simple and easy to fly.

 Review by:

Instructions need updating

Iíve been very busy recently and havenít yet had time to finish my Elf, but I have no reason to disagree with all the other positive reviews. The quality of the hardware and Hyperflightís service are both excellent.

However, Iím only going to award it four stars out of five because I think the Assembly Guide is overdue for revision. It really needs to have errors corrected and to reflect the state of build in which the kit is now delivered. And it could include some of the pearls of wisdom to be found in the RC Groups forum thread. Bear in mind that the Elf is being marketed as especially suitable for beginners, so itís reasonable to assume that some purchasers (like me) will have zero experience of RC installations. Indeed, I would have found it helpful if the kit (or website) had included a link to some sort of dummiesí guide to radio control. Then perhaps I wouldnít have been surprised that something called a ď1s lipoĒ and costing about a fiver requires a £45 charger!

Sorry to whinge, I hope Iím being constructive and Iím really looking forward to flying my Elf.

 Review by:

A simple but great flying DLG!

After a ten years hiatus from RC flying I recently used an Elf to relearn my skills and had a great time with it. The build is simple and straightforward. I used Ripmax SD100s, an MPX RX-5 light Rx and a Cellevia 250mA battery which works superbly for the Elf as it has the exact right shape to place it way forward, weighs almost nothing and has enough capacity for over 3h of flying. My build came out at 94 grams.

The Elf flies excellent, it's quite easy to control but still very nimble and can pick up some speed too. It's easy and uncritical to launch, I got it up to about 30m without using a lot of power. I preferred using a rearward CoG (78-79mm) and enlarged deflections on the rudder.

Minor issues: The throwing peg is at a somewhat sensitive spot that tends to break, if you plan on launching hard I'd recommend supporting the tip with carbon rovings or glass cloth. The elevator can get a bit loose/floppy over time, be careful it doesn't flutter or bends on launch. I used some thin CA in the hinge to remove most play but I couldn't remove all. Also be aware an Elf has more drag than a molded design so penetration against strong wind is limited and ballast doesn't do it much good. It really is a light wind plane and if treated as such it performs great.

Unfortunately I lost my Elf in a too strong thermal, I couldn't get it down to earth no matter what I did (+ and - loops, vrilles, inverted flying). So, be careful not to fly it too high or in too strong lift as it has no airbreak and very low weight.

Service from Neil and others at Hyperflight was excellent as well, both the plane and some spare parts arrived very quickly from the UK to NL.

 Review by:


I have been out of the RC hobby for about 10 years. My last plane was a woody gambler DLG. I thought it was the best thing ever. Fast forward 10 years, I started to get the itch again. After lots of research and reading the NINETY SIX reviews on hyperflight (Can't go wrong with the overwhelming reviews), it was an obvious choice that the elf DLG should be my reintro to RC. I don't regret the decision at all. Went together very fast and easy! my setup is 1 HS-35 servo and one HS-40 servo, 6ch lemon rx and 200mah lipo,
This plane flies great right out of the box(with the exception of CG preference)! The CG was exactly at the quoted 75mm without any adjustment. Although for me with it set at this CG, the elf was a roller coaster. Reading up on it again I added some weight to the nose to move the CG to 65mm, and BAM!!!! Flew so well didn't want to come home from the flying feild, but the sun was setting and the mosquitoes are ravenous here. With the added weight to shift the CG forward to 65mm, AUW of my elf is 98grams. Hands down this is the most well behaved docile flyer. It is so nice to have something easy and fast to put together and fly with little mods right out of the box!

The shipping service from hyperflight was excellent also. Received within a week.
Thank you Vladimirs models and hyperflight for supplying such a wonderful DLG :)

 Review by:

Elf Mini

Fast becoming my favorite glider.
As long as you appreciate this is designed for no wind or VERY low wind it floats like a feather.
It is so easy to fly, the glide slope is so shallow, very easy to launch (DX8 with a launch mode setup, but minimal offsets need for a straight launch), it just hangs in the sky, you can fly it further away than I would have believed possible and still get it back for a hand catch for something so light.
So onto the build etc, ordered the Ripmax servos and a 2S Lipo, unfortunately both servos and lemon receiver i had pulled out of an existing plane just fried in a puff of smoke, I have no idea why or which component was to blame so lets move on.
Ordered the 150MAh bat x 2 + bluebird digital servos (so far cant praise the Bluebird servos enough, use them in my Sprite hot and they work very well)
Fitting space is very tight, ie the servo arms almost rub against the bottom of the fuse.
That said I have cut the arms down and am using the second hole out from the pivot center and I am confident the first hole would give enough movement on the control surfaces, this plane really does need minimal input to fly unless you are into mad aerobatics.
But the battery space is so limited !
Solution was to Dremel a 3mm recess into the battery mount area of the boom so it could sit lower (epoxied a bit of 220 carbon cloth on the underside to reinforce, pics available of the mod if anyone is interested) now a perfect fit for the 150 NiMh bat.
The only other issue was the wire on the end of the control rod kept popping out of the rudder control horn, simple solution was to use an offcut piece of carbon rod and 2 tiny rings of heat shrink to effectivly form a clevis (again pics available if needed)
No nose weight needed or axcessive trim required. I use a bit of tape to secure the nose in place but that's it.
If I lost or trashed it tomorrow I would order another one immediately its that much fun to fly.
As an introduction to DLG for a competent flyer of any RC plane I cant recommend it enough.
For a complete beginner I would say i would be a pleasure to fly with no wind and an instructor with a trainer mode slave transmitter, remember it is very light and delicate.
Side note, for slope fun and toughness I love my Weasel Trek

Happy Flying
Richard from Cumbria

 Review by:

High quality (plane & service)

Ordered a kit during the weekend which was shipped to NL on monday and received it on wednesday. This delicate plane was packaged with great care.

Thank you!

 Review by:


Exceeded expectation, SD100 servos, FRSky 4 channel mini receiver without case and a 300 1S Lipo, perfect balance and flies a dream. Didn't think something this small could fly this well.

 Review by:

CA or not CA

A stunning 1m DLG.
Flies like a dream.
The only reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because of a bad batch of CA used by Vladimir Models.
Both z-bend to carbon pushrod joints at the tail, separated inside the heat shrink, due to bad CA.
Also the V-Tail mount did the same thing.
Once I sorted this.
I could not have wished for a better 1m dlg to fly.
Neil at Hyperflight was superb.

 Review by:

Fabulous DLG

The Elf is fabulous. I am a heli pilot and this is only my 2nd afternoon flying it and I love it. I had the mini topsky first, and the elf is so much better. I kept the weight down to about 95g using the bluebird 101 HV servos and soldering the servo to the receiver. I also use a 2s 120 mAh battery. Role on summer and more thermals

 Review by:

Elf DLG review by David

Great service by Hyperflight. The Elf arrived here in Melbourne, Australia after 5 business days. Packing & boxing was excellent.

The build of the Elf went well however you need to be aware that this plane is very small and the components are "fiddly" and very easy to damage. Reminded me of a time when I build a 250 sized heli.

I used Hitec HS-35HD servo's which work very well and fit nicely. I also used the Hyperflight 150 mAh 4.8v NiMH battery which fits well and finally the Picoswitch magnetic switch. I have a Futaba 10J transmitter and sourced and OrangeRX 4 channel S-FHSS receiver which works okay, however I should have tried to squeeze a genuine Futaba RX in the Elf as I rather genuine components.
I had to cut two windows in the sheath that slides over the front of the Elf to allow free movement of the servo arms. All up weight of the Elf in my case is 89 grams.

Maiden flight was just a simple "chuck" to make sure it was going to fly straight.
Yesterday I took the Elf to my local field and had a ball with it. In no time I was launching it with as much strength as I could manage, and the Elf delivered. It flies perfect and I found a few thermals which really made it enjoyable. I found my air speed dropping several times to a point where the rudder had little or no effect. Need to keep the little Elf moving in order to maintain control.

I would highly recommend the Elf as an entry level DLG and the service from Hyperflight was nothing short of perfect.

Five stars for the product and Hyperflight.

 Review by:

Vladimir Mini Elf

Purchased recently from HyperFlight.
Arrived next day in stout cardboard box with lots of air bubble protection thanks Neil & Staffmembers for that.
The model is beautifuly made as all of Vladimir models are. The kit is complete merely needing a mini rx & 2 micro servos. I fitted mine with an frsky x4r rx & 2 x bluebird digital servos. The rx was de cased & tucked at the rear recess under the wing hotglued in place. Servos are simply wrapped in masking tape & epoxied onto the pod do this with the wing on & snug the first right up to the wig leering edge. Do same with second glueing both to pod & 1st servo.
First flights were very lively at suggested cg of 75mm 😳
After many Centre of gravity adjustments it flew stunningly but at 60mm from front edge near wing root, only try 75mm if your truely an ace pilot 😎 this really was my only issue.
cg positioning is really a personal thing.
My friend also has an elf with cg at 75mm he tried mine & was really disappointed that it flew much better than his we adjusted his cg & he's now a very happy elf owner too.

 Review by:

A dream*****

 Review by:


The elf arrived quickly in perfect condition thanks to very good packing. I was blown away by the build quality. My only gripe is that the pod could be just a little bigger to make the placement of servos and battery a bit easier (just 1 mm wider and longer would do that). You could probably save a couple of grams to allow a longer nose by drilling the solid epoxy balloon fill in the end of the carbon tube. But in the end it all fitted together nicely and it float really well. My final weight was 101 g with the 2s 175 mAH lipo sold here, sd100 servos and ar6100e reciever

 Review by:

Beautiful little model

This will be more a review of the build as the weather has been uniformly wet for almost every day since I put it together. the model is beautifully built and all who've seen it remark on how nice it looks. I had a few problems fitting everything in but after a few days of muttering in my shed, got it all together. I used a Hitec Minima E rx and it just fits under the wing. It runs nicely off the 2S 175 Lipo which took a little work to shoehorn in under the nosecone. I ended up shortening the connector leads so I could get them to lie under the servos. The servos were glued in using Goop (son in law brings it back from the US) and I got the pushrods to fit by shortening the elevator servo arm (I found the details on the forum). My tentative few flights between dampness showed that the Elf was a good flyer with no vices. I just need to practise the launching technique more!

 Review by:

Video of lunch time fun with Elf

I have a film of some Elf lunch-time fun:

 Review by:


As I hadn't flown any RC for many years let alone a DLG glider I called Hyperflight for some advice. Neil was extremely helpful over the phone and I decided to go ahead with the Elf which arrived a couple of days later.The model was packed to a very high standard and arrived in perfect condition.

Read the clear instructions through carefully a couple of times to make sure I understood everything but most of the work is already done for you and assembly is straightforward. Everything is of very high quality, especially the wings which are almost like works of art.

C of G was set per the instructions, first test glide was surprisingly long and flat, only a small amount of rudder trim needed. Tried a few gentle launches at first and was surprised by the height achieved. The Elf is very easy and forgiving to fly but responds well to control inputs.

To sum up the service from Hyperflight is first rate as is the quality of the products they sell. Highly recommended !

 Review by:

Fantastic DLG

What a fantastic little DLG glider. I ordered the Elf with two Ripmax SD100 servos and was amazed how fast I received them.
There is not much work to do on this model to get it ready, but I would advise just taking your time and being careful as it is just small and fiddly, especially if you have big awkward fingers like mine! The wing is absolutely beautifully made and all complete apart from intalling the throwing peg into the wing tip. I put a peg in each tip (2 are supplied) just keep the wings balanced. I did get a small amount of cyano which ran inside the tip of the wing but it hardly shows, so just be careful here.
The most difficult thing is making sure all the radio gear fits neatly in the nose area so that the nose cone can slip on properly. I fiddled with this for a little while to get it in neatly. I used a 120 mah Turnigy 2s lipo that has an Eflite ultra micro plug fitted as this battery is just thin enough to fit in and only has the one connector lead which balances and charges. The RX I used is a Lemon feather light receiver that is dsm2 compatible and fits in neatly.
The fuselage now comes with all the tiny pushrod guides and the tailplane mount already fitted, which is a couple of fiddly jobs less to do. For connecting up the pushrods I used a small about 5mm long piece of heatshrink to hold the z bend and carbon rod together which allows you to slide the two about until it is in the right position and then apply a drop of cyano to hold it. The small piece of heat shrink can then be cut away and more cyano added. After that the proper length of heatshrink can be fitted over the joint ( make sure this was slid along the rod before you do all this).
My model came out with the correct CofG and was very light.
This model is definitely for a zero wind or almost zero wind day as it is so light it floats and floats. It is lovely and responsive to the controls an reacts to every air movement. I have a Blaster 2 DLG as well but this glider is so relxing and rewarding as you just have to chuck it and fly it, with no wing camber settings to worry about. I did mix in a small (10%) mix of down elevator on the throttle stick just for launch which is then taken off at the top of the climb.
I thoroughly recommend this model to anyone who fancies having a go at this sort of flying. You dont have to have a fantastic lanching technique to get useful height, so you dont need to go running and spinning along to get it airborne, it is easier and seems better to just stand there and fling it not too hard from your side.
You wont find many shops these days with a fantastic service like Hyperflight, so go on, take the plunge and give it a go!

 Review by:

Fast Delivery to NZ

I want to thank you for such fantastic service. I ordered an Elf four days ago and it has made it halfway around the world undamaged in no time at all. Well done and thank you.

 Review by:

I Cant stop flying it

Such a pleasure to fly - my first DLG and I just cant stop flying it....happy days

 Review by:


Everything ok. 4 days for the delivery in Italy.

 Review by:

Beautiful model

Not really a review, I suppose, as I haven't built it yet:

Before I bought the Elf, I thought it seemed a bit pricey comapared to my previous (similar size) DLGs from HK. But, now that I've seen the beautiful workmanship that has gone into this kit, I recon it's a bargain!



 Review by:

I've been flying DLGs for about eight years, mainly the Blaster 2 and what I call the Blaster 2.5, which is the 2 with the smaller tailplane of the Blaster 3. Terrific gliders; I love them.
But for a spot of extra fun, I decided to get an Elf. Fun? It's certainly that - and a whole lot more besides.
The stunning build quality is matched only by the sensational performance. The launch is fast, high and satisfying and things just go on getting better, the Elf reacting instantly to the slightest lift, while response to control inputs is immediate and precise.
It has a surprisingly wide speed range, and is very sensitive to set-up of the all-moving tailplane.
Things are a tight fit in the nose cone, and the Shread battery, although quite expensive, is the way to go, both for its user-friendly qualities and its on-off switching facility which can be accessed by cutting a small hole in the cone. You shouldn't need any extra nose weight.
The Elf performs way beyond its size and price, so is it a beginner's model? It could be, but it's so beautiful you wouldn't want to risk damaging it, so maybe better to go for something cheaper and more expendable as a first DLG.
For me, this lovely glider is a revelation and an absolute delight to fly.
Dealing with Hyperflight is always a pleasure, and if everyone gave the kind of service that Neil provides, the world would be a better place.

 Review by:


I live only a few miles from Hyperflight, so I was able to collect the ELF in person. Neil was very helpful, he showed me his ELF and gave me some building tips. I'm used to foamies, the ELF is in a totally different league. The quality of this model is exceptional. This model is not difficult to assemble as long as you take care and have patience. I added a Spektrum AR6115e (minus case) , two SD100 servos and a smart Lipo. The flying weight came out at 100g. It balanced perfectly at 75mm without any ballast. The morning after I finished the model turned out to be ideal for a first test flight, almost no wind. Initial test glide was uneventful, straight and level with no radio input. That must be a fluke I thought, so I tried a couple more. The subsequent flights were carbon copies of the first. I have never flown DLG's before so it was a learning experience for me. For the launch a little down elevator is helpful. This is quite easy to set up on a programmable radio. As well as no wind, there was no sun, so thermal activity was absent. The best unassisted flight I had was 29 secs. I was quite happy with that for a first attempt.

 Review by:

Not good value for money

For a model, that prior to assembly stands at close to £175, this is not good value for money. The instructions are appalling, and out of date (how much does it cost to update these?) when questions are asked you are referred to fellow owners or Utube. On Utube you will find a build that is in fact a repair. On the forum you will find little to help you put together this quite complicated and very intricate build. The basic product is good, but the time, skill and money needed to get this model in the air, outweighs its appeal.

HyperFlight Response
I am sorry you were not happy with the build. I am sure once you start flying it the difficulties you found will be forgotten and the performance will repay the cost and trouble.

I never refer customers to YouTube, I think I recommended you read or searched the Elf build log and discussion on
- it has many hundreds of posts, answering every conceivable question.

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG - Hyperflight

Quick delivery time and the Elf being well packaged for its delivery from Hyperflight.
Now in the process of improving the discuss launch technique !

 Review by:


Recently purchased the ELF. was very pleased at the amount of pre-fabrication. I have owned more large and expensive models than i care to remember (or confess to the wife) and i can honestly say that i have enjoyed messing about with this little plane more than any other model. It can take a fairly hard launch and squeezing several minutes out of one throw is so rewarding. Highly recommended.

 Review by:

Just got back from my first flight with the Elf, this thing is AMAZING!

I have been flying the Libelle as my first dlg but the Elf has put the Libelle on the back seat now. Goes up with the lightest flick and just floats around the sky, shows up the smallest bumps in the air and fly in for a hand catch every time.

I'm not even in any rush to put the Blaster 3 together that i ended up getting also, just wanna fly the Elf all the time now!

SD100 servos are a must, one click of trim on this thing makes a difference so you need good centering servos. 2 cell 180 pack is tight, maybe go 1s, and get the wing bags too.

If your just getting into dlg gliders then get one, amazing models.

 Review by:

elf dlg

This is my first dlg,build went together fine just be careful cutting the pushrods.Otherwise really pleased the wing is beautifully made and finished.Maiden flight amazing ,flys superb.Don't hestate just buy one you won't regret it.

 Review by:

Awesome little Elf

I almost chose the Libelle over this as my first model to start my DLG exploits with - I'm so glad I chose the Elf.
Its beautifully made, pretty simple to put together with a few hobby skills, some epoxy, CA and a couple tools.
I went with the suggested Ripmax SD100 servos, which are outstanding in size, and precision and threw in a Turnigy 230mAh Lipo. The weather hasnt been good enough yet to catch any decent thermals but I cant get enough of the Elf - its just so satisfying spinning around, do a couple curcuits, catching and repeat - my battery could easily last an hour.

Well recommended, and service/speed from Hyperflight was second to none.

 Review by:

Elf and safety

I'm very pleased with my elf. The build is simple but it is still worth taking your time if you are not an expert.

The plane flies beautifully. It has such low mass that it comes to a rest with little drama. I'm looking forward to finding some thermal action and taking the plane to some slopes.

Very pleased.

 Review by:


Very well made and perfectly finished ARTF. Not flown yet but on a different level to the HK DLG I bought to try. That's brilliant fun at 150g, This is 100g with a 250mA 1S and booster.

Servos. The smallest Gening digitals fit with some careful filing of the front shaft. They have to be angled.

The elevator control horn must be re-drilled close to the centre to get enough resolution on the all-moving tail.

I'm about 3mm ahead of the recommended CofG with the booster and relatively large servos. I'll fit a 150mA to adjust forward.

Buy the smallest, accurate servos you can to ease fitment. The is no room at all in the sheath. Almost any modern 4 or 6 channel receiver fits behind the wing though.

Tops :-)

 Review by:

This is my first product from Vladimir Models and my first purchase from Hyperflight.

I based my purchase on the large amounts of positive feedback for Hyperflight and I'm happy to report that Neil's service lives up to his well deserved reputation for excellent customer service. Everything from customer communication to the exemplary packaging of the models, reflect a level of service that is sadly missing from many rc suppliers.

As for the ELF, it is yet to fly but WOW, what a beautiful thing to behold. I was so impressed by the ELF and Hyperflight, I promptly ordered a Blaster 3 and I'm sure that won't be the last!

Thanks again Neil and Hyperflight.

 Review by:


Top quality...the service and product !

Superb, highly recommended.

 Review by:

Impulsive DLG Purchase

I came across the little ELF at a gliding club talk several weeks ago, Having owned several russian and chinese composite competition F3A airframes i immediately appreciated the quality of the wing and was amazed at the weight.
For some light entertainment and sunny summer evenings (when they arrive) i thought why not have a go.
I duly researched and ordered up the ELF, some padded wing bags to protect that lovely wing. I perhaps over analysed and spent ages working out servo sizes and weights in my attempt to make it as light as possible.
from my stock of kit i had some small JR servos that i thought would work and as these were 4.8v servos opted for the very clever SmartLipo battery pack that is recommended. On delivery - the box is massive compare to the model - i quickly trial fitted my servos but despite my best calculations they just would not fit - believe me its tight in that nose section.
Back to the drawing board on the servo front my option was then to order up some SD100's which do fit but at a greater hindsight i would probably have opted for the SD100's that will run off a 2s lipo safely and omitted the SmartLipo at £ it happened and with the smartlipo in place i opted for some inexpensive Hobbyking servos of similar proportion to the SD100's and costing just £3 each.
Once i had the parts together i set about an uneventful assembly, stuck the servos to each other and then a small amount of epoxy to the carbon 'fuselage'.
When i put the wing on i discovered that the servos were too far back so advise you to slip the wing in place before securing the servos...
aside from that i was delighted that my ELF came out balanced spot on weighing just 100g..
I am now waiting for some warmer thermal filled evening to chuck this little marvel aloft but on the few test launches so far the ELF has really been very pleasant don't need to be Geoff Capes to get a good height on and it slows up nicely in the glide and is a doddle to catch after each flight.
If the instructions had been a little better i may have given it 5stars but one cannot fault the quality of the kit..

 Review by:

I ordered an Elf a couple of weeks ago and it arrived the following day. Following Neil's advice I went for the SD100 servos and 240 smart lipo which all fitted perfectly.

Build was straightforward and Neil was really helpful over the phone when I needed a little advice.

Finally got the chance for a no wind trim flight last night and it flies like it is on rails and so light. Different class altogether from the HK versions but you get what you pay for.

Many thanks to Neil for his help and fully recommend this lovely glider. Just need some calm warm summer days now...

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

I have just built and test flown my Elf. Ther build was fairly straightforward, there is not a lot to do, but what there is needs to be done carefully and methodically. I collected my kit from Neil personally, he was very helpful, recommending parts to finish the model, and giving some useful advice.
The CofG came out exactly where it should without any weight. After an initial low level test glide, I was happy to go for my first ever discus launch, after a 180 throw I was relieved to see a reasonable height achieved. It was a bit too windy to trim it out properly, but I did manage to ridge soar along a 10' bank for a while and managed a few hand catches too. It really is a delightful little model to fly. I am looking forward to flying it in better conditions.

 Review by:

My first "real" DLG

I now own two ELF mini. It is a Perfect first DLG (the second one is to my son), and it is a Perfect DLG on calm days, mornings, or evenings - whenever it is light Wind or weak termals. It glides perfectly and stays up, and reacts to the slightest of lift. I have found termals on winterdays that I didn't even think there would be any lift.

It performs in strong termals, too. I have climbed it to almost out of sight, but because it is so light and flies at a low airspeed, it is vulnerable to wind. I once climed in a strong termal, and was caught in stronger winds at altitude. I could maintain the position into the Wind, but I could not penetrate into the wind. It descended vertically and landed a few 100 meters away from me. No harm done, but be careful not to follow a termal to far.

This is perhaps the limit of the ELF, but it is no problem, because then I have other DLGs that performs better in strong/windy conditions. The models therefore complements each other.

Have fun, buy one to Your kids for x-mas. That's my advice. That's what I did.

 Review by:

Great little DLG

I have been flying the Elf for the most of a year now, it's a great little glider. Easy to build and easy to fly. But it cant handle much wind, but that is as expected with this very light glider. Love it.

 Review by:


I had difficulty trying to attach the tailplane to its mount using the carbon pivot; the problem being lining every thing up to get the pivot in. Eventually I had to replace the carbon with a piece of wire. Cyano was used to remove all slack.

It seemed that the hole for the tailplane horn was fractionally undersize.

Friends who have flown the Elf recommend fixing the launch peg with slow set epoxy and microballoons to make the joint more damage proof.

Some directions on setting up launch phase (elevator and rudder) would be useful for newcomers to R/C discus launch like myself. The launch trajectory is very sensitive to these settings ie a few clicks on the trims.

I had to open up one of the holes for mounting the wing before it would fit, otherwise OK.

Another mod advised is to reinforce fin mount to fus with thin glass cloth and cyano to stop fin coming loose on landings (particularly bad ones).

May I also suggest updating the photos as necessary, particularly pushrod to fin.

I also have modified the launch peg to make it circular in cross section via 1/8" dowel and attaching some emery paper round peg to improve grip (from flying F/F discus launch a few years ago). The narrow carbon mount is a bit hard on the fingers!

May I suggest quoting in the instructions a range for CG position found from experience.

As regards switching Rx on and off, my method is to run an extra line from Rx under wing mount to over servos with bare pins shrouded with heatshrink to ensure no possible shorting out. Battery has a conventional connector which also serves for charger connection. Negative connector pin from Rx stays in place; to switch on and off requires only inserting and removing +ve pin.

Overall, an excellent kit and looks to be highly competitive.

 Review by:

The Elf is an impressive model. The construction is superb and everything fitted together well. I am new to RC, coming from a free-flight background, so fitting the RC gear in the pod was a challenge. I used the SD100 servos and the HyperLipo 2S 175 battery and arranged them as near as the wing as possible. The nose cone just fits! To achieve the recommended cg, 75mm from the wing LE I needed to add 2 grams to the tail. Finished weight 105g
The reviews on Hyperflight and various forms were a great help, but I can add one hint that may be useful. The screws to hold the wing on are different sizes. My kit had 2 bags, one contained the front fixing screw and a spare, the other the back fixing screw and a spare. By mistake I only opened one bag and used the short screws for both fixing!
I am now enjoying getting to grips with RC DLG!
Thanks Hyperflight for making this possible.

 Review by:

The model itself is lovely machine.
It arrived the next day well packaged.
The only problem I noticed is that the elevator mount hadn't been leveled the same as the wing mount when glued at the manufactures, its a shame really as the overall finish is excellent.
It fly's good, though I cant help feeling that if the elevator mount and wing mount had been left for me to fix in place it would fly better.

 Review by:

Finally managed to fly the Elf this weekend. CG smack bang on 76mm with the Smart Lipo. First flight attempted to trim off a small hill, the wind was up to 12mph. Not much use so just went for it, this is my first DLG and my first RC glider for years (RC anything actually for around 10 years!). Started off being cautious with only 60% throw on the elevator and 125% on the rudder. 30% expo on the elevator. I love this thing absolutely brilliant, after only one hour started throwing it all over the place. 100% throw on the elevator. Considering my lapse now happily landing it at my feet. My only mod will now be to drill a hole in the rudder horn and make a new pushrod, I have plenty of carbon, 20mm either way on the rudder isn't enough. I can see me spending a fortune with Neil now, totally hooked on DLG's!

 Review by:

Hi Neil,

Elf arrived as promised and securely packed.

The kit exudes quality throughout, but I experienced the same issue as another reviewer where the vertical stabiliser slot is too wide. With a bit of careful tacking, and eyeballing, I got it in the right place. I also added some winds of Kevlar thread just in front of the vertical stabiliser to strengthen the boom. No other modifications were needed. The wing is a thing of beauty!

I used the 175mAh battery which is a snug fit under the fuselage pod sleeve, and can cause strain marks to appear on the sleeve. It's a minor detail, but making the sleeve just a little bigger would help without adding weight. The SD100 servos are ideal, and I used an Orange R400 RX to save more weight. Something to note is that only end-terminal receivers fit under the wing.

Model balanced perfectly with no additional weight needed. I did add a little wing tip weight to account for the throwing peg and ensure lateral balance.

First flight was a simple glide test to setup the horizontal stabiliser, and the glide was so flat the little Elf covered several 10's of metres before landing itself. Once trimmed, I got brave with the disc launching can put some serious height on with minimal effort. Unfortunately, the wind got up a bit too much for such a light model, so flying stopped for that evening. Looking forward to some lunchtime flights at work as it is perfect to keep in the car.

This is my second Vladimir model, and it won't be my last. Enough said.

 Review by:



Haven't had the chance to fly her yet but a great bit of kit. The only problem I encountered, and I'm sure this was probably a one off, was that the boom had been cut slightly askew and slightly wider than needed for the vertical tail surfaces. Fortunately my main passion is building composite free flight models so I had all the tools and jigs to rectify. I also strengthened by a few turn of kevlar thread immediately in front

 Review by:

Wonderful intro to DLG and light-wind slope

Really chuffed with this little bird!

Although I'm a newcomer to R/C gliders (and R/C flying generally), I had my Elf achieving up to 3 minute light thermal flights in the first weekend. A few days later I was able to keep flying on a gentle slope in 8-12mph winds for up to 15mins before my concentration lapsed.

My build was a little heavy coming in at 107g with the CofG 10mm too far forward, but this actually served well for penetration on the slope. For flat field thermal hunting, I've now added a few g of Bluetack to fin-boom join area to bring the CofG to its design position and adjusted the trim accordingly. This makes the Elf a little twitchier, but helps to keep her aloft flying more slowly and signals rising air more visibly. I have no Expo on the sticks, as I prefer a linear response . Also, experimenting with a reduced (dual) rate on the elevator for launches, I've now removed this as I find I can hit level flight fine at the top of the launch on the normal rate without the height-loss I first experienced due to over-controlling and pitching.

I can get good height on a simple 360 degree launch turn, with no need to run or over-fling the Elf, and the wing no longer makes an audible but not structurally-damaging 'crack' sound on launch as I've stopped flicking my wrist as a final gesture - its not necessary.

What is so enjoyable is that the Elf can live in the back of the car (I bought the wing-bags for impact and sun-protection), ready for me to launch at any likely field, sports pitch, hill or micro-ridge!

Thanks to Neil for his excellent, clear website and his first-class service. Tomorrow the replacement 180mAh LiPo should arrive in time for the weekend (guess who wiped the original one by having so much fun he forgot to check its remaining capacity?!).

PS I'd recommend anyone new to gliding/soaring to get the superb PICASIM app for smartphone, iPad or PC. It gave me a brilliant introduction to and ongoing practice controlling various gliders in different scenarios of landscape and wind, which I'm sure has helped my enjoyment of the Elf considerably.

 Review by:

Elf first impressions

Have flown my new Elf for more than 4 hours over the weekend in my local (flat) park and can say I'm delighted with it and smitten by discus launch gliding; I was even able to catch it on it's maiden ! Have the SD100 servos, conventional nano tech Lipo (lasts ages) and a Futaba 6004FF receiver (fits without any issues). I have had to add a couple of coils of solder near the elevator to get the balance just right. I think this might be the start of something !

 Review by:

ELF is great !!

I flew the ELF this weekend for the first time and it was great !! After a few attempts I managed to keep the ELF for about 15 minutes in the air.

Great plane and a lot of fun.

Very good support from HyperFlight as well !!!!

Best regards, Frank

 Review by:

Nice DLG!

Awesome DLG, surely one of the best models you can get in this price range.

HyperFlight comment:

In our opinion, one the best for any price.

 Review by:

elf mini dlg

Really pleased. Prompt delivery. I had a few questions for hp, again quick to respond with clear info. Elf is extremely easy to fly with great performance. I opted for a 2s 180mah lipo, which I think made the model a little nose heavy. I gave four stars because with the 2s pod space is very tight, even after looking up what others had done for a layout, I ended up having to make some cuts to the pod. I would happily buy another one.

 Review by:


The Elf arrived the day after ordering; beautifully made and almost fully assembled. Despite a 10 year lapse from RC it was not a difficult task to assemble the elevator/rudder and install SD100 servos. I went for the recommended set up as the SD100s take 7.4v from a 2 cell Lipo. Converting my old JR388S with a FR-Sky module to work on 2.4ghx proved straightforward and enabled me to install the very small V8R4-II 2.4Ghz 4 Channel Receiver from FrSky weighing only 3.5g.

First flight was a little tricky after my long absence my heavy handed reactions produced extreme porpoising with a rapid stall, recovery and stall. Despite some abrupt landings everything remained intact. It was only after returning home and checking CG that I found it was 65mm back from LE and it should have been around 75mm. At this point I read some other feedback and realised that not only had I got CG too far forward but I hadnít limited the elevator travel the Elf is very sensitive to elevator.

I spoke with Neil who recommended CG at 73mm for my unskilled hands. I added a small amount of tail weight to achieve CG 73mm. I also programmed my old JR388 (fortunately I still had the manual). For elevator I set dual rate at about 50% and also 100% exponential to produce small initial movements. I chose a still day and very quickly had the Elf trimmed to a gentle glide with no elevator input. Eventually I plucked up courage to try a discus launch with a gentle throw (without rotation) and was surprised at how easy this was. 20 throws later I was getting some very gentle landings and some reasonable flights. A tiny amount of nose down produces speed and a little elevator slows the Elf down to a floaty flight - and of course a stall if too slow. As a newcomer to DLG I didnít find the shorter flights at all disappointing and canít wait to get out on a warmer day with some lift around. The Elf is a superbly well made model and I hope will give hours of entertainment.

Finally I should add that it is reassuring to know that Hyperflight are obviously very familiar with their products and not only provide a very prompt and efficient service but are able to provide advice as well. Thanks very much.

 Review by:

Vladimir's Models Elf Mini DLG

What can one say just a great model both to fly and look at. This is my first attempt at DLG flying and am now hooked and will definitely look to other more advanced models in this range in time. Things to look out for on the minimal build is be wary of the pushrods when trimming to suit servo position although strong for their use they are easily broken. I would also take the recommended radio components as read since room in the nose pod is limited. Overall a great product.

 Review by:

Great little DLG

This is a great little DLG with high quality. Assembly the model is easy in one evening.

There is an error in the build instruction, the picture of the elevator horn setup is wrong. It should be mounted with the horn on the other side. This is easy to see when holding the elevator above the boom.

Also the recommended SmartLipo 240 mAh is to large to fit this model. This might be due to a design change of the smartLipo that put the buzzer on the PCB instead of detached with a piece of wire as on the picture in the build PDF.

The model is flying great and is a lot of fun.

HyperFlight Comment:
Glad you are enjoying your Elf. Thanksa for the elevator horn comment, I agree the manual needs updating. The SmartLipo 240 can used with the Elf, it just needs to be mounted a few millimeters further back along the boom.

 Review by:

An exceptional experience

Wow. After having been introduced to gliders by my partner's father, this arrived as a chirstmas present. The build was exceptionally fast and easy to follow and the wing is a work of art. I'm running 35mhz and the suggested Losi battery works a treat. I also sourced a AA battery recharger unit so I can recharge in the field.

First few flights were definite learners having never flown a glider before and with very limited air time with planes and helis. 3rd flight ended up atop a tree and required some brutal tactics to retrieve. Fortunately with repairs done the Elf was back in the air tonight against the setting sun and I am loving the learning curve. I can already see why I want a 3ch version now.

 Review by:

Elevator horn setup in manual WRONG

Very frustrating. Figure 2 on page 5 of the PDF build manual clearly shows the elevator horn being installed on the RIGHT side of the model when right-way up. This is the SAME side as the rudder pushrod, meaning the elevator pushrod (which is on the left) has to be bent across to the right to get into the horn, interfering with the rudder and putting unacceptable friction into the elevator pushrod.

The picture is INCORRECT. It needs to go on the other side.

Now I have to do a messy repair job to fix. Disappointing !!

 Review by:

Fast delivery after a short email exchange with Neil. I had ordered an Elf before from another supplier, but this had too much tolerance in the wing attachment. The pod was glued twisted to the boom. Neil checked his stock and sent me an Elf which was straight. I didn't fly the model yet. I wait for better weather conditions. The model is ready for launching.

 Review by:

I have been away from RC Gliding for 30 years, but this model got me back. I was a bit surprised when what appeared to be a very large empty cardboard box turned up within a very short time, but held back my growing concerns that I had payed a lot of money for very little. The construction is very straight forward taking no more than an evening, and it balanced straight off. The first tentative flight was worth the cost and more. It floated so beautifully, reacted to all commands and soon was being launched at full swing to soar vertically to a height that I had not imagined would be possible. Maybe over confidence saw me hanging it on a tree, but after Neil's advice and some Sellotape she was flying just as well again.

Yesterday I found that she would fly inverted from a loop and was not too difficult to keep her there.. Great fun!

Verdict.... Buy it! Although it might appear to be a lot for relatively little knowing now what fun it is I would have willingly paid twice!

 Review by:

Very impressed with delivery of the Elf arriving the day after the order.

The kit was beautifully presented with nice touches like extra set of wing bolts.

I have used a Hyperion 2s 180 mAh lipo battery as recommeded but although I have kept the servos and the battery as far back as possible, I found that the nose cone is a very tight fit. I intend to try the slightly smaller 175 mAh battery (after removing the balancing lead) to see if that helps.

I have also bought an Eflite 2s 200mAh battery which although more expensive would give even better flight times. It is slimmer than the batteries mentioned above but slightly longer. I have therefore placed an order for a spare nose cone which I may adapt slightly.

The only criticism I can make on the Kit is that when I bolted on the wing to the pod I found that the centre of the "V" of the trailing edge appeared to be about 1 or 2 mil off centre of the boom. Either the rear hole in the wing or the rear bolt housing in the pod was slightly out of alignment. Not a difficult matter to correct but I will fly the model as it is before making any corrections. I will now just have to wait for some calm weather.

 Review by:

Tough Lesson Learned

I'm new to DLGs although I've been scratchbuilding foam planes (poorly) and re-wiring CD motors (with a little success) for a couple of years. I recently fell in love with DLGs having seen some videos on line and had been considering spending more than ever before on an entry level model. When I came across the ELF my mind was made up and I ordered the kit along with two SD100 servos, a Hyperion 180mah lipo, some kevlar thread and waited eagerly for its arrival.

The Elf was delivered the very next day and I started building it as soon as I got home from work that evening. My experience is mostly in cheap Depron scratch-builds including extensive use of barbecue skewers and hot glue so I was not used to the precision built into this beautiful model and which was required for the few steps of the assembly. There really shouldn't have been a problem but somehow I managed to glue everything on the wrong way round and upside down. My natural lack of dexterity was not aided by the pages of the instruction manual being stapled together in the wrong order nor by my only having thin super glue rather than the thick type recommended. Luckily, I had plenty of acetone handy so nothing was irreparable and by the next morning (yes I was up the whole night) I was happy with my slightly heavy build at 105 - 110 grams. The extra weight was partially the over-use of glue required by my rectification of silly mistakes. I later got the model down in weight by ditching the Hyperion battery in favour of two 1 cell 150mah batteries from an old V911 helicopter which I soldered together in series and my scales indicated a flying weight of 100-105gms after also removing the plastic case from my Orange receiver.

I had just booked a flight to the South of France for the weekend where my brother lives in the mountains about 40 miles north of Nice. This is a favourite spot for paragliding as the thermals and year-round sunshine in a beautiful setting make it one of the best places for flying in Europe. I decided to take my Elf with me to fly it there as nothing but rain and wind was forecast for London and I couldn't wait to get it in the air. The glider arrived undamaged off the plane as I had packed it carefully in the box it came in. I got up at dawn the next day and went to the nearest field on the edge of the little village and after mistaking a badly trimmed elevator for a problem with the CG giving rise initially to a tendency for the Elf to pitch up then stall and dive head first into the forgiving long grass, I eventually got the trim right on the very sensitive elevator and decreased the elevator throws by using the lower hole in the control horn and the glider was gliding straight and true. I should have left the field then as the wind was coming up and if the Elf achieved any height at all it climbed out of the shelter afforded by the low-lying field and was exposed to winds which were forecast to reach 30km/h higher up later in the day.

Stupidly I wanted to keep flying and launched it higher than I should have and the wind took the glider out of my control and away from the field where I lost sight of it over the roofs of the houses nearby. I spent the rest of the weekend looking everywhere for the Elf but couldn't find it and had to return yesterday minus my glider. To make things worse (if that was possible) when I got home, the wing bags I has ordered were there waiting but for which I now have no use. I think that maybe I should forget about DLG gliders and renounce the whole RC thing altogether.

Hyperflight Comment
We don't reccomend that new pilots should fly the Elf in wind speeds above 10 mph. When you have experience higher wind speeds are okay, especially if some ballast is installed.
To thank the modeller for sharing his experiences and to encourage him to try again we gave him a discount on a replacement Elf.

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

What can I say about the Elf that hasn't been said before?
It is a great plane and so much fun. I haven't had that many flights yet as the weather turned just after getting it but I have flown it enough to realise I'm going to really enjoy it. I bought it so I could fly in small places nearby without having to drive miles just to get my flying fix and it's going to be brilliant for that.
One cautionary event did happen on a dewy morning. I have used a FrSky D4R-II 4 Channel 2.4ghz Rx and had taken the protective cover off to reduce the size to shoehorn it under the wing. After a few flights landing on wet grass I found it not responding to radio signals after a launch and it performed a steady 30į descent heading straight towards an old couple walking across the grass. I had set it up with a neutral cg so it didn't level out but hit the ground ( not the old couple fortunately) but luckily no damage was done to the model. On close inspection the only reason for the lack of radio response was that the rx had got wet from ingress between the wing and pod and as soon as it had dried everything worked again. I have now shrink wrapped the rx........lesson learned.

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

Hyperflight did not disappoint with the service the package arrived one working day after order, well packed and parts secured from damage. Although this is my first glider I am not new to modeling and had high expectations given the excellent reviews posted for the Elf, I can only think that its popularity and increased production has caused quality to drop a little.

Wing - a fabulous piece of building and covering, unable to find any fault.
Fin - no fault found with this.
Horizontal stabiliser - here we had some problems, the slot for the fin was off center by 2mm and was not cut square to the hinge line. When on full deflection (down) the edge of the slot could catch on the rudder pushrod. After adjusting the slot for center and adding a couple of 4mm 45 deg chamfers the problem was solved.
Fuselage - the slot for the fin was too wide and made it difficult to ensure that the fin was parallel and in line with the center line of the fuselage, To solve this I had to pack each side with some tiny 1/64" ply spacers and use some pretty thick cyno and zapper.
Pod molding - a very cheap piece of plastic and was slightly distorted along the top edge which made fitting the recommended receiver difficult, also i could not tell if the wing mounting bosses were tapped or if the screws just tapped themselves, either way I can't imagine the threads holding out if you need to take the wings off and on to transport the glider around.
Nosecone - cheap plastic again and mine did not fit properly, either the fuselage was too long or the pod molding was set a little too far back as the male end female parts did not fully engage and I had to resort to taping them together.
These are just minor niggles but just detract from something that could have been perfect with a little more care and a better pod/nose material.
All said, it flies fantastically and is easy to launch. With all the recommended parts the total finished weight was 100 gms with 1 gm had to be added to the tail to achieve the required balance point.

 Review by:

Beautiful little DLG glider nicely wrapped, packed and safely shipped by Hyperflight. The glider is of great quality and easy to assemble. It flies superb and is easy to control. You don't need much spin to launch it high enough for some long thermal flights. Just the glueing of the wingtips was little uncomfortable as second glue got onto (my fault) but also even into the wings. Next time I'll use a different gle than what was recommended by the manual. All in all a very recommendable product and good quality/fun for the price.

 Review by:

Great delivery arrived day after ordering. Nicely designed compact glider although when trimming the wing covering the manufacturer has cut into the carbon D box by about 1cm in both axis and there is also a 3cm scratch on the bottom of the D box. None of this will have any structural impact and looking forward to getting the Elf in the air soon.

 Review by:


My first DLG and I'm smitten with it. Needs next to no wind and the merest of thermals to have some fun with it. My best flight so far is only 4 1/2 minutes in light evening lift but its so additive that you keep wanting to try another flight and another and before you know it you've been hurling it into the sky for a couple of hours. Highly recommended. Be prepared for lots of inquistive questions from other R/C flyers who marvel at its simplicity and strength.

 Review by:

elf dlg

A beautifully crafted model that flies as well as it looks. Professionally packaged and delivered on time. No complaints here.

 Review by:

Elf DLG,,,

My Elf arrived to-day in A1 condition,,,,expertly packed,,,build quality is superb. Can't wait to get it built, and in the air.
Will review later down the line when flown.
[worth every penny]!!!
Thanks for the advice.

 Review by:

Elf check

Model arrived in good health though had to be collected from courier owing to problem locating address. Built easily in one evening, looks really nice. To date flying has been in 10mph wind, slope soaring, can't wait to try thermaling when the weather improves.

Everyone who has seen my Elf wants one, trouble is they are all family members and want me to buy them!

This model is highly recommended.

 Review by:

Elf mini DLG

Received the Elf in pristine condition well boxed and packaged. The instructions are clear as long as you have a knowledge of RC construction . The only thing I find "wrong" if that's the word are the carbon control runs they are very very fragile (or maybe it's my ham fisted approach lol).

Very very pleased with my purchase and would be only to happy to recommend Hyper flight and the Elf to anyone.

When will it stop raining? lol

 Review by:

Elf reflections

This is a great little model. Just a couple of small suggestions for inclusion to improve the manual.
1. It seems best to assemble the t/p prior to positioning the fin. That way ensures a square setup. The fus. slot in my model was slightly too wide resulting in a skew fin which I had to correct later.
2. I was advised to stitch a few turns of kevlar or poly thread around the rear of the fus. This ensures that the fus. will not spring apart and loosen the fin. It certainly greatly strengthens the rear end at negligible weight penalty.
3.If like me you fly mode 2, a great idea is to mix a small amount of down trim in the throttle stick. Fully fwd for launch, fully back for normal flight. As a bonus you get a very fine in-flight trim adjustment.

I still admire that efficient wing with its beautiful carbon moulded leading edge, all very satisfying.

 Review by:

Great service and advice from Neil. Elf arrived very quickly and beautifully packaged, all parts being of a very high standard, finish and fit.

I have now flown the model several times and it is a delight - just finishing my lunch hour with this review, after catching some unlikely slope lift in the field next to work - perfect!

One word of advice - be very careful with wiring polarity, especially if using a MPX light RX with the case removed, I learned the hard way, how easy it is to toast all your lovely new radio equipment!

 Review by:

Simplicity is perfection !!

Simple, perfectly crafted DLG !!! A joy in every way, to build, to fly and to just look at !!!
Every time I launched this model I was was a blip in the sky within minutes !!! Flies like a dream !!!
If you're thinking of buying an Elf don't hesitate at all !!! It's worth every penny !!!!

 Review by:

Beautiful piece of work

I'm not going to review the flight characteristics of the ELF as a) I haven't built it yet and b) I'm a newb to DLG so I wouldn't know what I'm talking about! I can say that the build quality appears excellent right out of the box, the fits are nice and tight, edges are clean and well finished. Covering on the wing is perfect. I'm looking forward to building this one.

Hyperflight's service was great. Quick turn around on the order and the model was very well packaged.

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

Test flew mine today in almost still cold air, and even with no lift, it is obviously going to be fun when things warm up! Got to practice the dicuss launch though!

I used SD100 servos and Losi 150mAh battery and with this arrangement, the nose cone fits fine. Needed a little Blutac tail weight and the model came out at 106grams.

A tip - I tack-glued the fin in place, then fitted the all-moving tailplane. Good job I did, as the fin / tail was out of square. This is because it's easy to get miss-alignment of the fin within the fuz fin slot - be careful!

Lovely quality bit of kit, especially the wing. Highly recommended.

 Review by:

Beautifull model

I recently received an ELF to Norway. Due to low temperatures, -10C, I have not started the build or flying, but would like to comment on the model and shipping. First the ELF is a beautifully crafted model, light and apparently strong for its weight. It is apparent that a lot of thought and experience has gone into the model. I love the wing, I got it in red, it is gracious and purposeful. The space under the wing will in my case be filled with the tiny 4 channel Orange receiver. But you could probably fit quite large units there. Also I like that the carbon fiber tail tube continues all the way into the nose, it should provide extra crash resistance, The downside is that you have to create your own servo attachments. The manual is clear on haw to do this though.

I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging, there is plenty of room for crushing, but the fact that the fuselage is taped to the side of the box does put it in an exposed position. Every thing arrived quickly and in perfect shape though, so no problems.
I an looking forward to warmer weather and a chance to try the ELF!

HyperFlight comment:
We are no longer taping Elf fuselages to the side of the box, to reduce the chance of shipping damage.

 Review by:

My second elf, after my first was accidentally squashed!!!!#%........And I'm still totally intoxicated!! Simply beautiful to fly, fly almost anywhere for instant gratification. If you've not tried DLG Before, this is the perfect introduction!

 Review by:

Brilliant Model - Looks Great in the air

The Elf Mini is a beautifully manufactured model. My first wing arrived slightly damaged but Neil was excellent in organising a new delivery. This is my first DLG and Iím still spending time practicing my technique. The model seems alarmingly delicate when building (Iím used to chunky foamies) but is very sturdy out in the field. Iíve had a few tough landings with very little or no damage. I removed the covering of the recommended smart-lipo and found it fits at the front of the nose cone much better. I also replaced the carbon pushrods which have a glued steel horn with a one piece steel wire. This removes any chance of failure on a really hard throw. I definitely recommend this model to anyone new to RC flying or DLGs. Thanks Neil for the great service. Iíll be looking at a Blaster 2e when the summer comes!

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

Wow. Pure simple fun, easy to launch, to catch with a bit of practice and wil stay up for about 30 seconds in zero lift January conditions. Keep it light. Mine was nose heavy!! The 175 mAh 2 cell just fits, I would fit a 120 if doing again. The 6 channel orange also fits fine, again a 4 channel will save a few grams. Very easy to build, Be very careful with glue on the all moving stab. I glued mine solid!! Worth every penny, Go for it! Excellent comms from Neil at Hyperflight as well.

 Review by:

Beauty in the air

Beautifull modell and great service. Cant wait to put it together...!!!

 Review by:

ELF Mini dlg

Although I'm experienced RC modeller, I had no experience in DLG gliders. The idea came from some videos on YouTube. After some research in RCGoups, the Elf came up and so the site of Hyperflight. After the initial contact with Neil, I decided to try it out. Neil's support was EXCELLENT! He provided all the info that I needed (Lots of e-mails - Thanks again Neil)! The pack arrived in Greece in 7 days perfectly packed without any damage!

The assembly took about 3-4 days. The manual is really straightforward and I enjoyed every step of the building process...a few measurements, a careful use of glue and that's it. Now, flying this baby is just amazing! The first throws were without running, just a gentle swing, but it worked just fine! It took me about 70 throws to learn how to throw it right! So far in dead air, with a strong throw and careful flying I can fly for 1 minute and 15 seconds! The longest flight I've managed so far is 15 minutes...But I think that everyone can do better than that. The Elf can loop, fly inverted, make (very) tight turns, make square loops, it can even ROLL!!! I flew it with a Blaster II and gained more altitude in less time! The only setback of this plane is that it can't fly with a lot of wind.

The Elf is simple, it's easy, it's fun, it's cheap, it is brilliant!!!

None of these wouldn't have been realized without Neil's support! This site is excellent! My next model (Blaster 3 or FW5) will also be from HyperFlight!

Thanks Neil.

 Review by:

Like flying an Angel..... Couldn't be more delighted!!

 Review by:

Great Service

Very nice DLG, well designed, light and strong.

I had a problem with shipping damage, but this was dealt with quickly and professionally - great customer service, I would recommend and will be using 'Hyperflight' again

 Review by:

elf mini dlg

Spedizione velocissima. Imballo robusto. Modello splendido. Estremamente divertente, Un ottimo acquisto. GREAT !!

 Review by:

tres bon service

bonjour,rťception du colis aujourd'hui . tres bon service ,tres beau materiel .

 Review by:


Great service from hyperflight, beautiful little model - as good as they get. A couple of comments - I tried to build it as light as possible, but found that I had to add 6g ballast to get the CG right - result 95g exactly!

Being slightly behind the curve (and making the mistake of using reduced servo throws to de-tune the responsiveness) I occasionally stalled it in - resulting in a cracked boom just forward of the front wing mount. This is a weak point as the foam filler doesn't extend back to the mount. A layer of carbon uni (laid longitudinally) laminated with epoxy sorted that out with very little weight penalty - probably worth doing during the build..

When I eventually total it - I'll have another!

 Review by:

Back to HLG after 30 years -now it's ELF mini DLG!

My last so-called HLG was built 30 years ago - Raven 1M span built up wing, balsa fuse, flew well but impossible to get decent launch without a mini bungee. A discus launch would have ripped the wings off!

How things have moved on - bought a Mini Elf DLG from Hyperflight, arrived very quickly well boxed - built in an evening, went flying the next. Trim about right with stab parallel to the boom. CofG started off about 70mm back with Hyperlipo 2S 175mAh, Orange DSM RX and 2x SD100 servos.

Never tried DLG before yet within a few tries was soon geting a good height and able to sniff out almost non-existent lift. Tiny weight at rear end bought CofG to recommended 75mm and behaviour definitely more 'buoyant'. A few hundred launches later, a few hard arrivals, mis-catches and encounter with tree yet no sign of damage - it's strong! 2S 175mAh Hyperlipo about half discharged after 1.5 hours so should last well over 2 hours with reasonable safety margin.

Great fun DLG from a highly recommended supplier. Can't wait for some decent lift days! So what next ? Blaster3 or ???

 Review by:

Stress buster

I love this little glider!

I ordered the red wing version, and Neil provided the kind of customer service that is frequently mentioned in these reviews as exceptional - giving lots of helpful advice and support.

The build was very straightforward, even for someone like myself with limited building experience. I used Ripmax SD100s, an old spektrum AR6100e receiver I had lying around at home. As Neil had no SmartLipos in stock I used a 1s 260mah lipo from my mCPx heli. At first I also used a small step-up regulator given to me by Neil FOC from his own personal hangar (did I mention that excellent customer service?), but later found that in practice there really was no need for that, the 1S 260 mah lipo alone was fine. I also sprayed a little fluorescent yellow foam safe paint on the tail feathers for extra visibility and a little personalisation.

I get around 2 hours use from the lipo and put back in around 160mah, so still loads of capacity in there!

But the real joy of this model is the flying. I use it as my stress buster. I fly a fairly typical flat field (Heart of England Aeromodelers - Hampton-inArden) that's often cold, damp and windy. The Elf doesn't much care, and even handles the wind much better than I thought it would - of course its best with a little sunshine and I cant wait for those summer evenings. Its a doddle to find lift, the Elf bobs up about a foot as soon it finds a wind ridge, small thermal, etc. I have been flying her most evenings (except when its raining) since then and its great way to ease the stresses of the day.

It looks like a delicate model, but its very tough - one evening after having to fish it out of a bush (oooops!) I failed to notice that the elevator mount had come unglued from the boom in the crash - I gave the sticks a perfunctory wiggle and everything moved as expected, so I gave her a big launch. Well that elevator that looked fine in my pre-launch stick wiggle couldn't handle the launch pressure, and the Elf executed a perfect 20ft tall parabola, and crashed into the edge of the farmers crop under full launch power. I was sure she would be a write-off, but no! There she was nosecone embedded 4 inches into the clay - standing vertical. There was no other damage. I applied some cyano to the offending stab mount, and she was back in the air again in 5 minutes. OK, probably I was a bit lucky, but I think the main thing is that with such a low weight there is very little inertia so damage is limited, and that carbon D box in the wing is very resilient. A great design.

This is a cracking little glider and I would heartily recommend it to anyone.


 Review by:

Thanks for another brilliant shipment to France. The supra parts and Elf arrived in perfect condition, much due to your meticulous packaging.

The timing was perfect, as I just got the flu and managed to have the Elf ready built and balanced in a couple of hours after I received the parcel... Weight is 98g, cg at 75mm with no ballast. Supra fuselage is currently curing the epoxy joint as we speak.

Your turnaround and service is something other online vendors can only aspire to approach!!

Thanks and all the best, Daan.

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

Well I took the plunge and purchased this model. So far the experience has been really good. The service from Neil at Hyperflight is superb! Very quick delivery, and responses to my emails have been just as quick! Even when I have asked stupid questions like what radio setup do you recommend? He replied promptly he was gracious enough not to point out that all the info I was asking for, was listed on the Elf web page!! Sorry Neil you always get one!! I've now ordered a Blaster as I'm hooked after flying the Elf. I'm going to get another glider soon from Neil. So thank you for your professionalism and great customer service.

 Review by:

Elf build

After a chat with Neil I ordered the Elf with a smart lipo to boot.
It was a lovely build and I can't wait for the weather to allow me to fly it!!
My full build is on RCGroups, see

My only comment is that my Elf was heavy at 5.1g over its typical weight the wing and fuz being the culprits. Luckily I managed to lose the excess and build it to 95.6g.
Thanks to Neil for his fast and customer friendly service.

 Review by:

The Elf is a dream machine!

The Elf is an amazing glider with only two axes. The construction is light weight and the details are absolutely perfect. The wing is extremely rigid and light.

It's so exciting to fly!

 Review by:

My second Elf - latest version!

Having owned a Elf before - I pretty much knew what a fantastic service I would get from Hyperflight.
This is my second Elf that I have purchased from here, the first is getting passed about my aeromodelling friends so I got another one :)

I received the latest Elf which has the Pod, Boom and control rods already pre-installed and am running one of the newer 180mah cells from Hyperflight.

Over all the build process is obviously much shorter due to the boom,pod and control rods pre-installed but the quality of this pre production is as you would except from an Vladimir's DLG but I have to say I miss this part as it gives you more options (without modifications) but for a first DLG/Pilot its perfect.

Modding for pull spring is very much doable but you will have to take time to remove the lugs on the boom to which the control rods pass.

Another very happy customer!

 Review by:

ELF mini DLG

I bought an ELF when I first heard about them in the UK. The service from Hyperflight was fantastic, quick delivery, well packaged and a good price too.

The build was pretty easy really, just a few points to keep an eye on to make sure that everything lines up perfectly. Take your time, and double check everything before getting the glue out, and all will be well. I've since been told that the pod and stab mount come pre assembled now, which makes it even easier to build!

I used a Jeti Duplex R4 receiver, and there was loads of room for it under the wing seat. Two sd100 servos and a smart lipo, and it was good to go.

When it came to flying, the Elf is a little cracker, so easy to fly on rudder/elevator only, and capable of astonishing airtime from a launch in dead air. Add the slightest bit of thermal lift, and it will stay aloft for ages! Due to it's very low wingloading, it can get a bit bumpy when the wind picks up, but it is by no means a flat calm model only. In fact it is awesome for impromptu sloping on ridiculously small slopes! I have had a five minute flight using a small sea defence wall as my slope in a 5mph blow! Don't expect this model to be sluggish because of the low wingloading too. Put the nose down, and it will zip around nicely. R/E aerobatics are good fun too, it can pull the most amusing tight loops consecutively!

I can only think of one thing that I could ask further of this model, and that is to ask if it can be produced inmore colours! That is purely because it would look great with some checkerboard covering onthe underside, and some fluorescent yellow onthe upper wing!

 Review by:

Next generation Elf

A brilliant and beautiful featherweight model!

Mine was the newest version where pushrod guides, tailplane yoke and pod and boom come pre assembled and glued; this means the fiddliest bits are done for you. I was however worried, without cause, that the tail/fin/wing relied on accurate factory setting but my only actual problem was that the fin and stabiliser were not quite square. I sorted this by careful surgery and as a result I suggest you only glue the fin on one side of the boom, tape it square and then glue the other side.
Overall it is a superb piece of work but fitting everything inside calls for care as it's not a job for the ham-fisted!
Love it to bits and even my wife thinks it's a work of art!

 Review by:

Flying poetry

I bought the purple ELF but I've just ordered the white one because I love this model and one isn't enough for me!
Someone says......"only rudder and elevator....naaa"
When they see ELF flying ......."oooooohhhhhh".

Extremly light , extremely rigid , minimalist , beautiful , can catch big high and little lower thermals or play with wind just in front of you.
You can throw ELF in the sky with discus or simply with a light shot without effort.
Lands in your hand or like a plume on the grass.
Suggested electronics components are perfect.
New pre-building is great!

 Review by:

Beautiful Elf

Great next day service from hyperflight, highly recommended shop.

The Elf itself is stunning. Possibly the most beautiful build I have ever seen. Most of the work is done for you on the latest version and only requires 2 or 3 evenings to complete.

Everything fitted perfectly. I used 2 SD100 servos in mine with a 2s LiPo I ordered with the model.

Don't hesitate, just get one.

 Review by:

nimh battery for the elf

I purchesed my Elf a couple of weeks ago and must say what a lovely model to fly and build.

If you dont what to go down the LiPo battery route and to want save some money on dearer servos Losi do a 4.8v 150mah nimh battery for their Micro T cars that fits perfecty in the Flf the part number is LOSB0848

 Review by:

Elf Mini DLG

I received my glider the next day after ordering, great service. The wing, especially is a work of art and everything fits together perfectly.But woe is me because I'm awaiting confirmation the Lipo/chargers are in stock, before I can complete my model and go and fly!!

HyperFlight comment: If you use the recommended SD100 servos and a 2.4GHz receiver you can fly now with our Elf 140 or Elf 180 batteries, as the servos and receiver will operate fine from the 2S LiPo, no regulator is required.

 Review by:

Thought I'd drop you a line with some feedback on the instructions.

Nothing major, but if I were to build the ELF again, I would fit the V-mount horn the other way round to how your picture shows and the rudder horn a little higher. This would allow the pushrods to run down the side of the boom parallel, with the rudder control probably going through the V-mount. It would make the finished result look a lot neater, if no more functional.

I've seen this on JetPlaneFlyer's ELF, in his video, looks neat, here's the link.

All in all, really happy with my Elf as a first DLG, think I'm going to have to save up for a Blaster 3 next!

HyperFlight reply: Thanks for the feedback Ben. In fact the fuselages are coming finished now, with the control runs ready installed. I think Vladimir is doing it the way you suggest.

 Review by:

1 Week on.

I have now owned the Elf for a few days and yesterday I finaly got a window in the weather to get out and see how well this DLG floated. After I threw a few javlin style throws just to check C of G I built up the courage to do my first ever discus launch, I hardly put any force in to the throw and the Elf few up to about 25m!

This little model has given me lots of confidence, I spent an hour out at our local field this morning - throwing harder and higher, the Elf signals the slightest lift conditions - all I have to do now is to learn how to exploit the lift :)

For a first timer in this sailplane activity, I'm glad that I went with the Elf mini as my first plane.

 Review by:

Beautiful little DLG!

I have only just started out in the world of discus launched gliders and this is my first retail DLG glider and can honestly say that its a beautiful little sailplane.

The wing is extreamly well built, it could not get any better and looks stunning. The boom and tail feathers are of high quality and a joy to set up. I used 2x SD100 servo's and a AR6110e Rx - I also purchased on of the small Lipo batteries as sugested which also works a treat.

Well worth the purchase if your intrested in DLG or if you just want a small sailplane that you can pretty much fly anywhere. Thanks Hyperflight!

 Review by:

Superb quality

Superb service from Hyperflight. My elf arrived well packed and pristine. Comes with good build instructions with plenty of clear photos though there is really very building little to do as everything is well finished.

I managed to fit an AR6255 Rx without removing the case. All that was needed was a little sanding of the inside rib faces that form the battery compartment.

Looking forward to flying it once I get my SmartLipo.

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