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Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g

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The Power HD DSM44 servo is an good budget priced 8.5mm thick servo, suitable for all small models, especially DLG gliders. The speed of this servo is excellent, and the torque is enough for DLG wings. The good quality aluminium and plastic gears are well made, with only a small amount of slop detectable.

At only 8.5 mm thick this servo can easily fit in very thin wings. With good 1.6 torque and an excellent 0.09s/60° speed it is excellent for DLG flaperons, ailerons, elevator and rudder on many high performance models, DLGs, electric gliders, and smaller sport slopers.

Power HD DSM44 Specifications
Body dimensions 20.0 mm wide x 8.5 mm thick x 19.5 mm high 0.79" wide x 0.33" thick x 0.77" high
Max dimensions 27.0 mm wide x 8.5 mm thick x 27.8 mm high 1.06" wide x 0.33" thick x 1.09" high
Stall torque (4.8V) 1.20 17
Stall torque (6V) 1.60 22
Weight 5.9 g 0.21 oz
Lead length 16 cm 6.3 in
Operating speed (4.8V) 0.09 sec/60°
Operating speed (6V) 0.07 sec/60°
Operating voltage 4.8V to 6.0V
Bearings 1 ball bearing
Gear material Aluminium alloy / plastic
Motor type Coreless motor
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Supplied accessories 4 plastic output arms, 1 plastic output disk, 1 arm retaining screw, 2 mounting screws

Reviews 14  

 Review by:

great servo for wings on my acacia 60"

 Review by:

Centering is excellent, speed is excellent, power is excellent in this tiny servo. There is a minimal amount of slop in the gear train, not enough ro make any difference to the kind of model aircraft that would use this servo. I am so impressed with this servo that so far I have bought 8 of them and have decided to make the DSM44 my standard choice for small gliders and electro gliders. I cannot find a better servo at the price. I decided to mark harshly and give 4 stars, dropping a star for the slop.

 Review by:

erratic performance

Erratic performance. Intially fine but soon went awol. Bearings seem to have slight play which causes chattering at full deflection when their is slight load on the arms.

I thoroughly tested them in other models with the same result.

 Review by:

Replaced my Gening servos in the wing of my Dreamflight Libelle after one failed. They are much crisper and feel more accurate than the Genings - but they are more expensive. I've left the Genings for rudder and elevator for the time being. The servos were ordered one day and arrived the next so excellent service from Hyperflight.

 Review by:

DO NOT BUY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I have been flying model planes helis and quads since I was 14 im 37 now. So not a noobie. I ordered these servos and for the price expected some kind of quality. NO none at all. They glitch if a aerial is near by. Slight wing load they go mental. Had 6 and they are RUBBISH!!!! Wont stay centered at all. I hate them,MG90 would be better for half the price. AVOID AT ALL COSTS UNLESS YOU ENJOY HASSLE!!!!!!!

Comment by:

Excellent so far

Using these in my Libelle. As a total newbie I cant be definitive but they have survived some very rough treatment and come through without a murmur. Great to be able to talk through options with Neil at Hyperflight, who couldn't have been more helpful to a novice asking daft questions.

 Review by:

Great little Servo

The servos are accurate and quick. The servo noise is a little uncomfortable, but the function is perfect. In a servo suddenly set one servo jitter. The problem: the servo output shaft has axial play. If one servo output to something pulls does the servo back to normal. Remedy is a supplement for the servo output. Then the problem is fixed, and the function is ok again
In normal operation, the servo is very accurate and does not require trim after loading or heat or break.

 Review by:

Power HD DSM44 servo

Arrived next day, excellent product and great communication with 1st class service

 Review by:

servo power hd dsm44

Thank you Neil for this litlle great servo. I ordered two for my Longshot 3 and I used them for rudder and elevator with no problems. Centering is fine....also thank you for very fast delivery..will definitely order again from your shop with no worries..Daniel

 Review by:

Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g

I have used these servos before and since they work soo well I ordered more. Service from Hyperflight is super fast and servo fits inside DLG wing very easily, Recommended !!!

 Review by:

Nice little servo

I bought 4 of these fine little servos, and had expected several weeks delivery time. Luckily for me Hyperflight made me dissapointed. I had a small package delivered in only some few days, and I live en Denmark. I was very possitively impressed, and it is certainly not the last time i'm a customer here. The servos are excellent for DLG use. They fit into even very thin wings. The power is awsome considered the very small size it has. Highly recommendable.

 Review by:

Power HD DSM44 Servo - 8.5mm 5.9g

Ordered 2off these for my Blaster wing. Very fast delivery, servos are real small and very easy to fit into wing. Sufficient torque to fly my DLG and great price!

 Review by:

Very impressed with this very small servo. It is quite fast and powerfull just the job for e gliders and DLG flying. Will not break the bank, very satisfied customer.

 Review by:

Great value servo

I bought two of these for the wing servos for a Super Mini Topsky DLG.

Great servo for the money, ample torque and speed for the job, with negligible slop.

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