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1S LiPo to 5V Step Up Regulator

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This 2A step up power supply module has a fixed output voltage of 5V with input voltages from 2V to 5V max.

This is ideal for powering DLGs and other small gliders using a 1S LiPo when the servos do not work reliably or provide acceptable performance at lower voltages. The 2A current capability is enough for a four servo 1.5m DLG.

These regulators can also be used with small 1S LiPos as backup power supplies for larger model aircraft.

1S LiPo to 5V Step Up Regulator Specifications
Input voltage range 2 - 5 VDC
Fixed output voltage 5 VDC
Output accuracy ± 0.1 V
Maximum output current 2A
Ripple at full load Vpp less than 70mV
Operating temperatures -40ºC to + 85ºC
PCB size 17x13mm
Weight 1.3g

Below is a copy of an RCGoups post I wrote:

BEC = battery elimination circuit = converts usually a higher voltage to a lower voltage so you can run your RC from the main battery used to power the electric model. It uses a linear step down regulator and dissipates the lost energy as heat, and can/will fail if the current is drawn for too long. A BEC is not designed for gliders, and is usually an extra circuit in an Electronic motor Speed Controller (ESC).

SBEC = Switching Battery Eliminator Circuit = same as above but uses a switching circuit to convert the voltage. This is more efficient and can supply the specified current for longer, maybe indefinitely.

UBEC = Same as SBEC. UBEC is a marketing term and the U can stand for anything.

The Matek and other regulators can be step up or step down and are usually designed for other purposes, but can be used by glider fliers.

A step down circuit can be used for running 5V servos off a 2S LiPo or other high voltage source.

A step up circuit can be used for running 5V servos off a 1S LiPo.

See these links for more info

The benefits of a step up regulator is (a) that servos will run a lot better at 5V than at 3.7V or whatever the 1S LiPo is putting out and (b) that the full capacity of the battery can be used. Without a step up regulator it is only safe to half discharge the 1S LiPo down to 3.7V as most servos and receivers will fail at lower voltages.

The big disadvantage of all regulators is that the receiver voltage telemetry will see the regulated voltage and not the battery voltage, and so you cannot tell the charge state of the battery while flying.


Reviews 2  

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Works great, small and light

Works as described, super small and light, makes it easy to fit into small planes like 1m DLG's.

 Review by:

Clever little device that takes up very little space. Works well in my dlg

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