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Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Blade

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A replacement Vladimir's Models throwing blade, as supplied with the Blaster 3 DLG. This throwing blade/peg is beautifully molded from carbon fibre, and finished with a smooth surface to maximise launch height and comfort.

Symmetrical, so it can be used for right handed and left handed throwers. One supplied per order.

Glue the horizontal mounts over the tip of the wing with epoxy or good quality thick CA. To eliminate the chance of it coming loose drill a 3 mm hole all through the mount and wing and peg it in place with some 3mm carbon rod.

Reviews 16  

 Review by:

Fits Blaster 2

I needed a throwing blade as i bought a blaster 2 second hand and im left handed. This did the job nicely.

 Review by:

This blade is designed for a THIN wing!

The blade design and construction looks excellent, and it was shipped from Europe to Canada in record time! However from the comments & reviews it would seem that it can be retrofitted into a variety of other DLG models. In my case, the wingtip of the Predator 2 is too thick for the spacing of the blade. I am at a loss as to how to modify it (or my pristine wing) in order to make it work. I suggest that the description for this blade include something like,

"This blade is specifically designed to integrate into the v e r y thin Blaster 3 wingtip shape. It will not work with all DGL tip designs, especially those with thicker airfoils at the tip. If the thickest part of your mounting location is greater than 2.7mm, our blade may not fit."

Or words to that effect.

So sorry that I can't give a more thorough, or more positive review - but it is looking like mine is destined to be a non-functioning piece of carbon art.


 Review by:

Blaster 3

I was lookin into diy after an insert type left my wing until I found this. It seems a reasonable shape and massive enough to sand in some ajustments. It will be good to get the load on the skins! I have not flown it yet, but feel confident it will suit just fine on my 150cm dlg

 Review by:

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg

Dieser Wurfpin wurde an meinem Highlight SAL montiert als Tuning zu dem 6mm Kohlerohr.
Der Pin ist einwandfrei verarbeitet und mit kleinen Anpassungen an meinen HLC geklebt. Beim werfen ein ganz neues Gefühl, da die Kraft besser auf die Finger verteilt wird.
Sehr zu empfehlen.

This throwing pin was mounted on my highlight SAL as tuning to the 6mm carbon tube.
The pin is impeccably processed and glued with small adjustments to my HLC. When throwing a whole new feeling, since the force is distributed better on the fingers.
I recommend.

 Review by:

Great peg - Solved my issue with the Strike 2

When the peg of my Strike 2 broke (my fault, I made it too small and it broke and got lost on a dodgy landing) I wasn't really looking forward to trying to get the remainder of the previous peg out of the wing. This peg proved to be an easy fix.

While the finish is pretty good as is I sanded it a bit to diminish drag and loose a bit of weight (it's a bit large for a 1m DLG of course). It fits great over the wing tip and is solid as a rock. I now actually prefer it to the standard contoured blade of the Strike 2.

 Review by:

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg.

Good for generic use.

 Review by:

Waited 3 months from somewhere else and still didn't get them, ordered here and had them in no time. VERY happy. I'll be back again and again. :)

 Review by:

Placing a finger comfortable, durable, but requires a hard place.

 Review by:

Great quality, as described on website. Used it as an alternative to a broken Snipe peg by slipping it over the old. Worked beautifully well!

Quick shipping, great customer service!

 Review by:

Throwing Peg

Using this peg on my snipes, I had problems hooking the throw with the snipe supplied curve blades. Seems to be doing the business.

 Review by:

Practicing for an upcoming club competition, the peg on my Blaster 3 parted company with the wing and whilst I concentrated on landing the model, the peg went and hid in the long grass. A quick call to Neil on Monday morning and a new peg arrived on my doorstep Tuesday morning.

I followed the advice this time and added a 3mm carbon pin to lock peg to the tip more permanently.

 Review by:

I am usually left handed, & bought my Blaster 2nd hand but unflown with a RH peg. Have had 2 years of great flying, but now suffering from a shoulder injury. Decided to fit a LH peg so ordered one from Neil. Arrived promptly. Fitted with epoxy, but came off on 1st throw! Flatted down the wing tip and fitted with thick cyano. No more problems, & the shoulder is getting a rest!

 Review by:

Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg

The Blaster 3 DLG Throwing Peg was delivered very promptly and was exactly as described on the website. Excellent service.

 Review by:

Blaster 3 Peg

Finally took the plunge and fixed this with a 3mm
carbon rod.

I can now give the Blaster a hefty throw without worrying.
Just lightly sand the wing end top and bottom with a metal modelling file.

Clean off dust with an alcohol wipe then ightly coat the wing and slide the peg over the CA glue. Allow to set in place.

Then carefully drill through the centre of the peg with a good 3mm bit. Vac off the residue.

Trim a 3mm carbon rod to length and slide in through the peg and wing in a light gel of CA through the hole you have made. Finally sand any raised areas smooth.

Then go out throw with all you have to 60m+!

 Review by:

Great service got product within 2 days.
Neil does a great service as always,
regards Trevor.

 Review by:

Blaster 3 Throwing Peg

This was ordered as a replacement for the supplied item which came off during a throw and was lost (plane still floated away just fine albeit not quite as high as normal !)

I suggest sanding the inner contact surface of the peg as well as the wing in the peg area only with a flat modelling file to improve bonding. Clean surfaces of dust with an alcohol wipe before rebonding.

Others also suggest a 3mm drill and carbon rod fitted through the peg and wing and flush with outer face of peg but I am reluctant to do this to a perfectly formed wing like the Blaster's. Bond appears fine now after sanding.

As supplied, the wing and peg are finished to the very highest quality - light,careful sanding provides the additional bond needed.

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