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Stick-on Trim Sheets - BLACK

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Black trim sheets. As used on Dream Flight products.

Add personal style to your EPO airframes! This trim material is sold as sheets, which allow you to create your own shapes and contours. It can be gently stretched around compound curves without heat.

Size: 155x460mm, 2 sheets per set

Reviews 7  

 Review by:

Very effective and sticky but has its limits

Bought this to decorate and personalise my Weasel Trek slope soarer and it did a great job. Itís very sticky and it had no problem sticking to the smooth shiny foam surface of the Weasel.

It doesnít have much stretch to it though, so if your model has anything more than the slightest compound curve youíll need to cut darts into the film to get it to follow the surface. Unfortunately, the colour of the film appears to be applied to its upper, non-sticky surface, and where the darts end Iíve found the colour will quickly wear / flake off. Itís no big deal though, and is obviously only visible up close.

Given you obviously canít use heat-shrink film on a foamie (or you wonít have a flyable foamie afterwards!), this does a good job. Bear in mind you donít get a lot in each pack (check those measurements), so make sure you order enough for your needs.

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Works well on Oratex

Iíve used this trim several times before with great results on glassed balsa wings, also to make my Sapphire less invisible against sky however I was unsure how well it would stick to the texture finish of Oratex. Glad to say it sticks well and can be repositioned easily before final grab occurs and without lifting the woven surface. It isnít cheap but you get what you pay for, in this case an excellent product.
Very efficient speedy delivery.

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Trim for Dreamflight Weasel Trek

Neil ensured a next-day delivery and the trim arrived securely packed and undamaged. Applying same to the wingtips of the Weasel was easy.It conformed to the wing section and was sufficiently sticky. Better than Profilm on this occasion.

 Review by:

The usual fast, efficient service from Neil. The product is easy to use and can be repositioned on EPP foam

 Review by:

used it again

I've used this product a few times and whilst it's relatively expensive it is far superior to other stick on trims I have used
This is because you get a chance to reposition it and pull it back to smooth out air bubbles and it has a bit of elasticity so copes with moderate compound curves. Other trims give no second chances before delamination leaves coloured difficult to remove gunge behind.

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PS should have added I used it as trim to make my Sapphire more visible and suggest it's really only intended or practical as a trim not to highlight the whole underside of a wing

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black trim

Quick delivery. Easily and smoothlyrics applied with some flexibility to mould to minor curves. Reason for 4 stars is cost. To cover a wing requireso bank loan! Excellent product but at a price.

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