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Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g Metal Gear Servo

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A good quality 12.4g digital metal gear servo suitable for the Weasel-Trek

The Dream Flight 12.4g Digital Servo fits the Ahi and the Weasel-Trek gliders perfectly and provides great performance and durability at an affordable price. Dream-Flight tested this servo rigorously in the air and on the bench and found that its speed, torque, and centering precision are excellent, giving a very fast and precise control response. Another nice feature is the output gear/shaft is supported by a bearing on top and bottom. So 2 ball bearings.

Dream Flight DFFA009 12.4g Specifications
Body dimensions 23.4 mm wide x 9.4 mm thick x 26.2 mm high 0.92" wide x 0.37" thick x 1.03" high
Max dimensions 32.1 mm wide x 9.4 mm thick x 31.5 mm high 1.26" wide x 0.37" thick x 1.24" high
Stall torque (4.8V) 2.40 33
Weight 11.5 g 0.41 oz
Lead length 15 cm 6.0 in
Operating voltage 4.8V to 6.0V
Bearings 2 Ball Bearings
Gear material Metal
Case material Plastic
Motor type DC motor
Digital Yes
Programmable No
Supplied accessories 2 Plastic output arms, 2 Arm retaining screws, 4 Mouning screws.

These servos are designed for 4.8V operation from a 4 cell NiMH battery. They are NOT okay on a 2S LiPo battery without a voltage regulator to drop the voltage to 6V or lower.

Reviews 4  

 Review by:

Not cheap, but excellent, accurate servos currently working very well in my Weasel. Hyperflight's service top notch, as always.

 Review by:

Excellent servos, but with some caveats.

A friend of mine and myself built Dreamflight Weasels and both of us bought these servos with it. My experience of the servos was excellent, they obviously fit into the weasel perfectly and offer excellent precision and centering and I had no problem using them with my Futaba FASST 2.4ghz system.

My friends experience was somewhat different, he uses FrSky TX/RX equipment and it seems that these servos are particularly vulnerable to interference from the FrSky RX’s telemetry transmissions, with the installation in the weasel (the proximity of the servos to the RX) seeming to exacerbate the problem. Said telemetry would cause the servos to constantly chatter and twitch back and forth and was not suitable for flying. Unfortunately due to TX Firmware reasons my friend wasn’t able to disable the telemetry on his RX so we tried a few other things like adding ferrite cores to the servo leads, twisting the servo leads and even shielding the servos and leads in tinfoil, this did reduce but not eliminate the interference. Out of options, my friend was forced to use another brand of servo (Corona) which while also being digital have exhibited no interference issues. He gave his servos to me. I’ve checked the servos out with my system and they work flawlessly.

Searching online this does seem to be an issue with FrSky telemetry and tends to effect JR servos, it might be worth adding a note onto the shop page for the servos that they can have problems with FrSky telemetry to avoid frustration for other FrSky users.

 Review by:

I bought these to complement my Weasel trek and they fit perfect . They worked great first time out and i expect to get lots of fun on the slopes using them.

 Review by:

Dream-Flight 12.4g - 9.4mm 11.5g servos.

Excellent bit of kit!

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