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Dream-Flight 300 mAh 4.8V NiMH Battery

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Small four cell 4.8V battery suitable for the Dream Flight Libelle. The battery comes with a universal (JR type) RC plug.

This battery should be trickle charged at 30 mA for approx 14 hrs. You can make up a charge lead using a 220 ohm 0.25W (or larger) resistor. Charge from a 12V DC voltage source.

Dream-Flight 300 mAh NiMH Libelle Battery Specification
Chemistry Nickel Metal Hydride
Number of cells 4
Voltage 4.8V nominal
Capacity 300 mAh
Charge current range 25 mA - 100 mA
Trickle charge 30 mA for 14 hrs
Weight 31 g
Length 56 mm
Width 18 mm
Height 14 mm

Reviews 16  

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brilliant needed a spare

brilliant needed a spare

 Review by:

Using in Alula-Trek

See also my Alula-Trek review. I am using this battery, and charging at 200mA rate on a smart charger (Sigma II Touch), although the first couple of charges I did at 100mA rate. All fine so far. With a couple of these batteries with me, it means I can get a good "days" flying.

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alula spare battery

Getting a safe 30 minutes from one battery and having a 30% charge showing on my ancient rx bat tester after flying my dsmx and 6g digital servo Alula for 60 mins, I ordered a second battery. Came next day post. I charged it at 100mA (higher rate than recommended) until charger nudged 5.9V. With two bats I had a fine two hours of scratching around flights on an almost breathless day in good company (f3j) at the slope. And packed for Chile.

 Review by:

300mA/H receiver battery

Good quality item at a reasonable price that is perfect for the Alula Trek & the fastest delivery that is second to none.

 Review by:

Thought I would buy a factory made pack instead of making my own,this pack is made for the Alula Trek and it fits perfectly.cycled it a couple of times and it gave me a reading of 298 mah good enough for me.

 Review by:

Excellent service order on one day arrived next day
Order other items from this company and the service has always been the same First Class

 Review by:

good fit

The battery you need for the Libelle. I did order a 2s LiPo- but the KS HD47MG servos are NOT (despite being sold as) high voltage. This is actually a better bet, as you need weight in the nose anyway, so the fact it is heavier than LiPo is not important.

 Review by:

Bought to go in my Alula Trek and a couple of other gliders as Rx power.
All 3 have performed as per the expectations.

 Review by:

Perfect for the Libelle in terms of shape.... BUT

What's there to say about a battery? Well, since the one sent to me won't hold a charge, I thought I'd tell you.
I 'm in the process of cycling the battery a good few times to see if that puts some lead back in its pencil. This issue hasn't stopped me from ordering another from Dreamflight.
And, out of caution one of each of the other recommended sorts. Why ruin 100 worth of kit for the sake of a bit of care and about 20?
Just test your battery TWICE before flying with it.

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Dream Flight 300 NiMH

Ordered this for my Alula as the previous battery, seemingly fully charged was at the root of oddly behaving servos, sudden dives into the ground when left aileron selected.
Isolated the problem cause as the battery but not sure why it was happening but a full down elevator glitch was happening intermittently.
Anyway the new battery came quickly and the on-line service service is excellent. No further problems so looking forward to flinging the Alula again. It's a pity the model is seemingly no longer available.

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Dream-Flight 300 mAh NiMH Libelle Battery

Nice product, good price
Quick delivery

 Review by:

perfect fit in the libelle,

 Review by:

Surprisingly good

Gives around 3 hours of flying on Libelle. Not bad!
No problem with charging either.

 Review by:

Fits perfect - fast delivery

Fits like a glove and lasts at least 2hrs flying. It was delivered to Sweden in three days. Great service!

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Dream Flight 300mAh battery

The perfect battery for the libelle, fits beautifully with plenty of duration.
Just fix with a couple of dabs of hot glue to make sure that it doesn't depart during your most enthusiastic launching.
Highly recommended.

 Review by:

Great little battery

Great little battery arrived in a day after it was in stock. It fits the Libelle perfectly and charges quickly, bought two so always have a spare! great service as always

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